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Oct 1, 2019


FOXNews: Barr Asked Trump to Speak to Other Countries in Durham Probe, Official Says; Source Pushes Back on NYT Reporting
Daily Wire: Trump Talked To Australia About Origins Of Russia Probe. Media Tries To Frame It As A Scandal, It’s Not
New York Times: Trump Pressed Australian Leader to Help Barr Investigate Mueller Inquiry’s Origins
FOXNews: Graham Calls Out NY Times Report Saying Trump ‘Pressed’ Aussie PM
GatewayPundit: Australian Ambassador’s May 2019 Letter to AG Bill Barr Destroys, DebunksLatest NY Times Smear Job on President Trump
NewsBusters: 35 Straight Months: Even Before Trump Took Office, Media Began Impeachment Obsession
Breitbart: Photo: Joe, Hunter Biden Golf with Ukraine Energy Company Board Member in 2014
Townhall: What An Idiot: Dems Want to Impeach Trump But Schumer Expects Him to Work With Them On Gun Control
Inside Sources: Granite State GOP’ers Are Shrugging Off The Ukraine Story–For Now
HotAir: Biden 2018: You’re Damn Right I Ordered The US-Aid-Money Code Red On Ukraine Prosecutor Going After Son’s Company
Breitbart: Schiff Staffer Made August Visit for Think Tank Backed by Hunter Biden’s Old Employer
WGN: ‘I May Lose It’: Police Tesla Runs Low on Battery During High-Speed California Chase
New York Times: Eat Less Red Meat, Scientists Said. Now Some Believe That Was Bad Advice
Charlotte Observer: How Cam Newton’s Vegan Diet May Be Hurting Panthers QB’s Play and Injury Recovery
CNN: The Beyond Meat Burger is Coming to McDonald’s in a Canadian Test
FOXNews: Former Democratic Senator: ‘Hard to Imagine’ Voters Choosing Biden as Nominee Amid ‘Unseemly’ Ukraine Allegations


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