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RUSH: Kamala Harris wants Trump kicked off of Twitter because what he says is irresponsible and untrue. It’s classic leftist stuff: Control what people can say, who can say what, who can’t say what. That’s what she wants to do. Oh, have you heard about Zuckerberg? Zuckerberg had a meeting with Facebook employees and execs — Mark Zuckerberg, chairman/founder of Facebook. He said… I mean, he ripped into Elizabeth Warren. He just shredded Elizabeth Warren as the absolute worst thing that could happen to Facebook and tech.

So now you’ve got the tech guys opposed to her; you got the Wall Street guys opposed to her. You got Plugs reeling out there. But, I mean, you would think that any of these leftist tech guys would embrace any of these Democrats. But Elizabeth Warren has been out there promising to break up all these tech giants on the basis that they’re monopolies and that as long as they’re these gigantic entities (impression), “We’ll never be able to fix the Russians meddling in the election, and only until Facebook and Google and Amazon are busted up, can we stop the Russians from meddling in our elections!”

You know, when you stop and think of the poison that the Democrats have injected into the American system, way of life… I mean, they’ve corrupted elections, they have convinced millions of Americans that no election is fair — except, you watch. When the Democrats win one, there’s not gonna be a shred of concern about anybody meddling. Then the problem will have been fixed. But they still… They’ve got everybody thinking that no American election, particularly presidential election, is legitimate. The only reason you would do that is if you don’t think you can win them legitimately. That’s the only reason you would do it. Don’t doubt me.

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