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RUSH: Let me get started on the phones. We have Joy here in Erie, Colorado. Welcome. Great to have you. You are up first today. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Love your program. I just wanted to bring up why are Senate Republicans not doing anything to investigate Adam Schiff, who suspiciously tweeted out just a few weeks ago something very sneakily close to what this whole situation is, and then he says he found out about it last week? Why don’t Senate Republicans start giving some of the same treatment to these guys that they’re giving to us?

They hauled Corey Lewandowski up there simply to embarrass him last week. Unfortunately, he got the last laugh. But I’m getting super ticked off that Republicans won’t try and turn this around in any way and say, “All right, Schiff. What’s your story? What did you know and when?” It’s turning into a complete circus.

RUSH: Well, the Senate cannot investigate the House.

CALLER: But couldn’t Graham or somebody say, you know, where did you end up with your information?

RUSH: Well, yeah, Graham, you can go to the media and ask the question indirectly, but you can’t call Schiff in as a witness. I mean, the Senate can’t do that to members of the House and vice-versa.

CALLER: It’s completely ticking me off now. I’m to the point where I want to start calling my state senator and say I am not gonna vote for you unless you promise to do this to the next Democratic president, because I’m done with what’s happening to Trump on a chronic basis. Every day they go after him, I feel like they’re going after me because they hate me, they hate Trump and I’m just completely ticked off.

RUSH: Now, wait. You have just served into a larger truth that I think we — I need to stop you so we don’t gloss over this, because I actually think, Joy, that the ultimate targets, what the Democrats are doing, happen to be us.

CALLER: Oh, absolutely.

RUSH: Happen to be those of us who supported, support, or voted for Trump. They hate us and by extension they hate Trump. Without us, there wouldn’t be Trump. Without us and without all the other Trump supporters Trump would not have been elected. So here’s the thing. You’re really onto something here.

If they get away with — and I’m gonna go back to your Senate House thing and Schiff in a minute ’cause there’s news about that. If they get away with four years, this constant outside-the-law harassment and at the same time — and I know this irritates — if Hillary, if Obama, if Biden get a pass for what they are trying to nail Trump to the wall for, then, folks, we’re near the end, if they get away with this.

This is no longer just about Trump’s fate. It is about our collective future. It is about the future of this country and about us having the ability to vote in freedom and having the freedom to win and not be punished for it. We’re kind of in sort of a French Revolution circumstance here, and they’re not stopping. If they win this, they’re not gonna stop at getting rid of Trump. We’re next. However they’re gonna punish us, however they’re gonna make sure we’re unable to do this again, that’s what they’re gonna do.

Look. We’re only now learning the full extent to which Obama wrecked the FBI, the CIA, the DOJ, the IRS. Look at the corruption. They love to run around, Obama and Biden love to run around saying that they had a scandal free administration. What a crock! The corruption of the DOJ alone, the corruption of the FBI.

Look what the FBI has been doing the past three years, investigating, planting spies, making up stories, traveling around the world trying to dig up dirt on an event that did not happen, trying to convince the American people that it did happen, with a willing accomplice Democrat media. The IRS we know, Lois Lerner, what Obama did to corrupt government for the express purpose of being able to use unilateral Oval Office power. Everything they’re accusing Trump of doing, they did, and they continue to want to do. They are against us.

Joy, you are so right about this. And all these Never Trumpers, they are falling into it like the biggest useful idiots. If these so-called conservative media outlets continue to publish all of these unhinged Trump’s gotta go pieces, Trump’s gotta get impeached, we need to get rid of Trump, all they’re doing is accelerating the left-wing takeover of the whole country.

It’s not just about getting rid of Trump. It’s about getting rid of us, this show, talk radio, Fox News, and our freedom to vote. They are fed up with having opposition. They are fed up with having opponents. They’re fed up with having to win or debate in the arena of ideas. That is beneath them. They shouldn’t have to do that. We are a gigantic irritation to them and their objectivity here by taking out Trump is taking out everybody associated with him, including those who voted for him and put him into office.

And I congratulate you for zeroing in on that because that’s exactly right, and that’s why you’re mad. Where are the Republicans? Why don’t they see that this is ultimately gonna sweep them out, too? You know, you talk about Schiff, and I understand that, but for crying out loud, what is Charles Grassley saying? Grassley: I’m worried the Democrats are not letting the Republicans participate in the impeachment process in the House.

What? And Mitch McConnell going out of his way to assure everybody that if they vote it, we’re gonna do a trial, we’ve got no choice. There doesn’t even appear to be any unified support for Trump and opposition to the left. I understand your frustration, believe me. I feel it exactly as you do, Joy.

CALLER: It just ticks me off entirely because it does feel like a direct attack on me. I feel like every time this is going on — and where are the Republicans surrounding him to support him? The Democrats jump right up and fall into line every single time, and the Republicans fail every time.

RUSH: Well, look. In fairness, and this is not meant as a full-throated defense, but it’s relevant. There’s a big difference between Republicans and Democrats. Big, big, big difference. The Democrats want, they demand, they crave the total power to run everybody’s life. They crave, they have to have the power of the government to be able to use it to affect the outcomes they want. They are genuine power mad Stalinist types.

The Republicans have no desire for that kind of power. Republicans, for the most part, like to win elections and run things, but they don’t want to control your life. They don’t look at people as enemies simply because they disagree with ’em and then target them for being wiped out. But the Democrats do! So the Republican objectives are not even the same as the Democrats. So you’re not gonna get similar behavior.

Republicans have no desire to wipe out the Democrats.

Democrats totally exist to wipe us out — I mean, in a political sense.

So you’re never gonna get Republicans behaving as Democrats do. That’s forever gonna frustrate you. Our option is to keep defeating them in elections — which they know, which is why they don’t want to get anywhere near debating or discussing issues. Their agenda does not appear to a majority of Americans when a majority of Americans learns what it really is. I don’t believe a majority of Americans want to live in an autocratic, socialist, command-control economy and country.

But not enough people know that that’s what the Democrat Party is right now. I gotta take a break. Joy, I’m glad you called. I know a lot of other people are as ticked off, as you say, as you are. Now… Oh, there is a little story here about Schiff. It’s from Breitbart. The headline: “Schiff Staffer Made August Visit for Think Tank Backed by Hunter Biden’s Old Employer — “A staffer for [Pencil Neck]’s House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence took a trip to Ukraine last month sponsored and organized by the Atlantic Council think tank.

“The Atlantic Council is funded by and routinely works in partnership with Burisma, the natural gas company” that hired Plugs’ kid, even though Plugs’ kid doesn’t know where to go to get natural gas, much less what it is. It’s not farts, which is what Biden’s kid thinks it is. “The Schiff staffer, Thomas Eager, is also currently one of 19 fellows at the Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Congressional Fellowship…

“[Schiff’s staffer]’s trip to Ukraine last month was part of the fellowship program and included nine other House employees.” In other words, Schiff has known about the whistleblower complaint since August, by the way, and they sat it on. Schiff is up to his neck — which is a long, thin one — on all of this Ukraine stuff, and they continue to manufacture, create this illusion here that this is all about Trump, when it isn’t


RUSH: Art in Chicago. Great to have you. You’re next on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Rush, thank you for being our voice. The question I have, though, is with all this hard evidence that we have, that Barr has… I mean, we’ve got all the facts. We’ve got all the evidence. But every day, they’ve got nothing but accusations, and they’re making us look like fools on a daily basis. I am so sick and tired of this. Somebody needs to be made an example of on their side.

RUSH: Now, you know what he’s talking about here is a difference of offense and defense, and we just never seem to go on offense. We always seem to be getting… Well, not us. That’s your point. Them!

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Our so-called representatives are constantly on defense, never advancing the ball, never trying. Look, I share your frustration. What you have to realize… That’s the wrong way to put it. I think if you can take any comfort from it, you should realize that Trump is ultimately going to take this, and he’s got his people looking into this with the Barr investigation. Barr hired a guy named Huber. This is ongoing. The question about it is… You know, they’re trying to discredit Barr now. They know full well what they did. They know full well it can be discovered. They’re now trying to discredit Barr so that anything Barr produces as the result of his investigation will be not believed by anyone.


RUSH: Folks, many of the people that you think are on our side in Washington don’t see things the way you and I do, and they haven’t for a long time. They don’t think the country’s in crisis because of immigration or because of this civil war, Cold Civil War we’re having. They think we’re exaggerating all this. They think we’re unreasonable. And look, where they you live everything’s fine. Unemployment’s rate down. They don’t have any problems at all with these issues that you and I do. They make more money where they live than most people do. They just don’t see it the way we do. In fact, they think that we’re not very bright and are nuts, if you want to get down to it.

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