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RUSH: I asked yesterday a couple of callers, in general, what are you hearing people say about this? And I’ve heard from across the gamut. I’ve had people say that they’re running into people that didn’t vote for Trump, Democrats who did vote for Trump, Democrats that didn’t, independents, all of this, and they’re livid. I’ve got that angle. People are outraged by this.

Then I’m running into people that don’t even ask me about it, they don’t even talk about it. I ask them, “Why? Why haven’t you brought this up?”

They say, “It’s nothing. It’s just the next Democrat attempt here at getting rid of Trump.”

I said, “It’s impeachment.”

“Ah, it’s not impeachment.” The group I’m talking to, it doesn’t even register, it doesn’t even get their dander up aside from the substance of what it is. And then I had some callers say that the people they’re talking to are livid. And I think both things are probably true. I think there are people outraged by it. The media’s not gonna find those people. They’re not gonna report on those people.

And I think there’s a great group of people, great in size, that is just kind of, not yawning about it, but thinking that it isn’t serious, it’s not really impeachment, it’s just the Democrats continuing their lame effort. And people are wearing out on it. You know, people’s emotional reservoirs empty fairly rapidly. They don’t stay full.

And I think one of greatest indications — it’s always been one of my operating theories, by the way. You can’t keep going back and recycling things and expect to maintain the same level of outrage among normal people because their emotional reservoirs eventually empty. And especially on this! For two years people have been primed to believe that Trump stole the election.

For two years, 2-1/2 years, they’ve been told all kinds of horrible things about Trump, and not a single one of them has been true, come true, or has any evidence backing it up. So you can’t blame people after this amount of time for kind of greeting it all with a ho-hum. Not good for the Democrats. When you begin impeachment proceedings — which the Democrats haven’t really done yet. That’s another point. It’s not a technicality.

They haven’t really started impeachment. All they’re doing is keeping their lunatic base placated right now. They haven’t really started this. And, you know, folks, it is a legitimate question to ask if they ever really will do this or if they’re just going to trying to get away with making people think they are doing it. It requires a formal vote on the House of Representatives floor to get an official impeachment proceeding underway, and they haven’t done that.

They haven’t come close to doing that. Pelosi has just made the “inquiry” official, which is akin to convening a grand jury. What do you do to a grand jury? You present evidence. They don’t have any! They haven’t moved this ball forward. Now they’re talking about having this vote in December. How serious about this can they be? They’re on the two-week recess again! They just finished the recess in August. They’re on another recess now, and they have to know that it is going to die in the Senate.

Do you realize…? Let me give you a stat. No president has ever been removed from office via impeachment. They have resigned first before it got to the ultimate conclusion, Nixon the most recent. But no president has ever been removed from office as the result of a conviction in a Senate trial, which is where impeachment trials take place — and there, you need 67 votes to convict, and there’s no way that that is going to happen.

So what are the Democrats actually doing here? Well, they are creating a massive illusion that they are serious about it, a massive illusion that Trump has committed impeachable offenses. They are going through the motions of creating this image that impeachment is underway, that Trump is guilty and it’s just a matter of time before it’s all made official. But nothing is official yet. The media is active participants in it. And then you get into next year.

Next year is the campaign year, obviously, for the next presidential election — and as I pointed out yesterday, the Democrats have totally abandoned any kind of agenda that has anything to do with the country. For example, there’s nothing happening on fixing health care. There’s nothing happening on reducing drug prices. There’s nothing happening on gun control. Although (chuckles), Schumer is going to ask… This show gets action. This show gets results.

No sooner did I make this point yesterday than Schumer makes a big deal of asking Trump to join him on mutual gun control talks. Trump’s not gonna talk to them about gun control, because they’re not serious about doing anything for the American people. Now, if they could get Trump to stumble and come to an agreement with ’em because they think that maybe he thinks he could stave off some of this stuff by actually getting something done legislation-wise?

But that isn’t gonna happen, and Schumer knows it’s not gonna happen. But they’ve gotta be very concerned about this, ’cause they’re the party of the little guy. They’re the party that cares about the downtrodden, the disadvantaged, the minorities, the hopeless, the homeless, the hungry, the thirsty, the desirous, the sexually deprived. Whatever group that has a grievance, the Democrats are their champion — and the Democrats are doing diddly-squat for any of them. The Democrats are spending taxpayer dollars on their efforts. Snerdley, a quick question:

Does any of this…? If we really wanted to play that out — that the Democrats are using taxpayer dollars to run a political operation — could we say that there might be some violation of campaign finance going on here? Well, we could say it. We could say anything, just like they do. We could say it, but would there be something to it? Probably not. But it’s stunning. I think Trump should continue to make this point over and over again that the Democrat Party has abandoned its constituents.

Everybody thinks the Democrats are being loyal and obedient to their constituents by following through on impeachment because their base demands it. But actually what they’re doing is they’re leaving their constituents high and dry on things that matter to people in their lives. Now, you can impeach Donald Trump, and you could throw him out of office; it’s not gonna change one person’s life circumstances. Not for real.

Maybe it might make some people weirdly psychologically happy. It’s the same thing with Democrats, convincing their voters, “We’re gonna get those guys! We’re gonna get even with ’em,” and so they attack the rich and they raise taxes on them, but they don’t improve the lives of their own constituents. They never do — and now they have completely abandoned even the pretense of trying. Now this: “Granite State [Republican]s Are Shrugging Off the Ukraine Story — For Now.” This is from a website, InsideSources.com.

“Inside the D.C. Beltway and on MSNBC, all anyone can talk about is Trump, Ukraine and impeachment. But Republican candidates out on the campaign trail are finding their voters” don’t want to talk about it. They “want to talk about almost anything else. In New Hampshire, for example, there’s a three-way race in the [Republican] primary for U.S. Senate and the chance to take on incumbent Democrat Jeanne Shaheen.

“There’s also a special election on October 8 to fill a vacant state house seat in a traditionally GOP district. And candidates in both races [say] that, as they knock on doors in GOP neighborhoods or talk to voters at community fairs,” and wherever else voters hang out, “what’s on the minds of Republicans is not impeaching Trump. ‘The word I heard from voters was “ridiculous,” said retired Army Gen. Don Bolduc, one of three candidates in the GOP Senate primary. … ‘Very few people I talked with brought it up, and those who did were furious with the Democrats,’ says Michael Vose, Republican candidate in the upcoming statehouse race who spent his weekend door-knocking in heavily GOP neighborhoods. … And longtime Democratic pollster Doug Schoen wrote an op-ed Sunday warning, ‘Come 2020, Democrats could lose it all, from the presidency to governorships to Senate seats to House control, if the American people determine that they overreached on this issue.'”

Overreached! (chuckles) We’re past that threshold. Overreached? Overreached, overextended. The Democrats are so far over the cliff, there’s no coming back from this! That’s how far over extended they are. John Kasich told CNN, “Nobody’s talking about this in Ohio.” I’m telling you, folks, this whole thing landed with a dud, and one of the reasons (I’ll explain it again) is Trump released the transcript of his “perfect phone call” with the Ukrainian president.

That wasn’t supposed to happen. In Democrat calculations, that wasn’t gonna happen. Trump wasn’t gonna release it, and then they could say Trump is guilty of a cover-up, and they can say Trump is stonewalling. That’s what they wanted to say. Then Trump releases it! It’s a nothing burger. It renders the whistleblower a dud. So Schiff has to go out and lie as committee chairman about what the phone call said.


RUSH: Santa Cruz, California. Jeff, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Mega dittos, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: It’s an honor to talk to you. Longtime listener, first-time caller — and I tell you, it’s pretty tough to live out here anymore as a conservative. Yesterday you were talking about looking for our opinions on whether we think Trump should keep talking about this hoax. And I feel like Trump needs to take back the momentum, and I’d like to see him go on offense. I’d like to see a huge rally, and more than anything, separate truth from all the disinformation. I feel like if he doesn’t take the momentum back soon… And I wanted to get your take on what you think about this: Should Trump start declassifying documents? Should he start trying to take back the news cycles and combat the leaks? I feel like, as Republicans, if we don’t go all-in and support this president, you’re right. We’re never gonna have another Republican president.

RUSH: Yeah, I don’t think there’s any question about that, if the scenario as I described it happens. Now, to rephrase myself from yesterday, I wasn’t calling for Trump to do a rally per se and to declassify and to try to set the record straight. As long as the media has the last word on what Trump does during a daily news cycle, there’s no way he can set the record straight — and don’t get all defeatist about this. I’m just giving you reality.

Trump goes and does a rally. He lays it all out, tells people exactly what’s happened, and the rally ends. Now here come the cable news network panels with New York Times reporters as guests and they start lying about it, telling everybody Trump’s making it all up. They get the last word on it. That’s not what I said Trump should do. What I said Trump should do — what I asked if you agreed with me on — was that I think Trump needs to recast this and instead of trying to defend point by point, set the record straight point by point, because he does that anyway.

He tweets the truth out how many times a day? What Trump needs to do is recharacterize what the Democrats are doing. He needs to inform the American people how the Democrat Party doesn’t care a whit about them, that the Democrat Party is doing nothing to advance the economy of the United States, to improve economic opportunity for the American people, that the Democrats are not tackling any of the real life issues that people deal with every day, the things that matter to them.

The American people are not being impeached. The American people are not being threatened with being thrown in jail after they’re thrown out of office. The American people are challenged by health care costs, prescription drug prices, illegal immigration, the cultural rot, the cultural invasion that’s taking place, the jobs that are being taken and the depressed wages that are being paid because of it.

You need to reach people on the basis of their own lives and how the Democrat Party is actually not only not doing anything about it, they’re harming. And that the Democrat Party doesn’t care about the cost of health care, and they don’t care about the availability of health care, and they don’t care about prescription drug prices. They don’t care about illegal immigration, and then throw in that they do want to take your gun away from you and do throw in that they will destroy the economy with their Green New Deal.

Point out how the Democrat Party is actually a great threat to daily life in America because they don’t care about it. That they are spending taxpayer dollars on their own efforts to empower themselves and to enrich themselves, all the while lying to the American people by saying they care about the American people, they care about the little guy. They don’t. They haven’t for the longest time.

And then he should continue to ask various minorities, “Just how are you doing with the Democrats looking out for you? Well, I’m looking out for you every day,” and rat-tat-tat, list off the things that his administration has done and is doing and wants to do, but can’t do because the Democrats are standing in the way as gigantic obstacles because they don’t want anything to happen good for the American people because they are afraid that that would make Trump look good in an election year.

This is what I think he should do. And I think all of his advocates should do this. I think all the people that speak for him in his comms shop and the people that go on TV from the RNC and from his own stable of supporters, this is the message that they need to be carrying, that by focusing only on removing Donald Trump, that they are spending taxpayer dollars solely on themselves and their own desires.

And then after you’ve done all that, then go into how there’s no evidence that Trump has done anything. That for two years, three years it’s been one lie after another. The attempt to create an illusion that Trump is embattled, he’s illegal, he is a traitor. But I’m telling you, the way to get the attention of people who are bored by this or worn out is to set them straight on the Democrat Party, to tell them that they are wrong if they believe the Democrats care about them or care more about them than others do, that there isn’t any evidence.

The Democrats could not care less about the American people right now. The Democrats are singularly focused on trying to overturn the results of an election that they lost. They only care about themselves. They only care about amassing power to tell the American people how to live.

Remind people that the Obama administration told the American people that our best days were behind us, that there was now a new era of decline that we must all accept, and that the Obama administration was going to manage this decline and that Donald Trump refused to believe in an America in decline and in two years has proven there’s no need for America to be in decline.

Focus all of this on what you would call back pocket issues or kitchen table issues, but it really is focusing on things that grab the attention of the American people in politics. When people go to vote on elections, for better or worse, can debate it later, they’re deciding who’s going to do more for them than the other guy is, who’s gonna be better for them on things that matter to them.

The American people are not out there, other than the Democrat base, they’re not out there thinking politics is only about punishing people that disagree with you and that when you succeed in that, you’ve somehow made life better. That’s not how people look at it. People are interested in themselves. They think government is a big factor. Whether they’re right or wrong, we’ll talk about it later. They think government’s a huge factor in their lives.

Well, you gotta tell them the Democrats running the government are not doing a damn thing for ’em. Look. I could write the script. I just did. I just ad-libbed it. If I can do it, they can do it.

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