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RUSH: Here’s a little theory I have. You know, they’re running the same playbook with just different people. This whistleblower complaint may as well be the Steele dossier, its version of the Steele dossier, lies, made up, bunch of anonymous sources, we don’t know who it is. And just like the Steele dossier, it was put together by opponents of Donald Trump and being made to look like it’s legitimate intelligence.

Everything about it, it’s right out of the Christine Blasey Ford playbook as well. She has this letter. She sends this letter to her member of Congress, who then gives it to Dianne Feinstein, and they supposedly hold it, they’re really worried, they don’t want embarrass Blasey Ford by going public with this, it’s so humiliating for a woman to have been abused and so forth.

But then it looked like Kavanaugh was gonna sail through, so they had to release the letter, and they embarrass Blasey Ford and they had to bring Blasey Ford up to testify. She didn’t want to do it, but they made her do it. She didn’t like flying, they put her on a private jet. You know the drill on this.

This is the same thing. This whistleblower is Christopher Steele. We don’t know who it is. He doesn’t have firsthand knowledge of anything by his own admission. We don’t know who it was that fed him whatever it is he knows. Now Democrats are going crazy like, “Oh, my God. Oh, my God. We’ve got treason here, oh, my God.”

Trump blows it sky-high by releasing the transcript of the call and thereby blows the whistleblower out of the water. The moment Trump released that transcript, we knew more than the whistleblower knew. It effectively took the whistleblower out of the game.

They have to, however, keep the illusion going so they have this scam running about when the whistleblower’s gonna testify and the whistleblower’s afraid that he’s gonna get killed and the whistleblower is under federal protection, none of which happens to be true, but the news networks are not denying it. They’re not fixing their mistake because there is no mistake, it’s all part of the illusion.

Trump was not supposed to release that transcript, in their thinking. He screwed the timeline that they had planned by releasing the transcript of the call and the complaint. See, the plan, what they thought Trump would do, because they still don’t understand Trump. They still look at Trump as they look at every other president. They look at Trump, they haven’t taken the time to examine why he got elected, why his voters like him, who he is. They’ve created this caricature of the guy that’s nowhere near truthful and real and they go with that.

They thought Trump would protect the presidency. They thought Trump would be thinking of future presidents and that he would not give away that transcript, he would not reveal for the other branches, he wouldn’t give the legislative branch any of what he was doing. He would protect his executive branch power. This is what the Democrats thought any president would do. So they make this allegation, got a whistleblower. What Trump was supposed to do in their original timeline, Trump was supposed to not release the transcript.

That’s what they thought he would do. They thought he would close it down, not reveal it. They thought when that happened, he would make himself look guilty. Then he would appear to be stonewalling. And then they could say he’s already engaged in a cover-up. Remember, the cover-up is always worse than the crime. That’s what we learned from Nixon. They were attempting, in other words, to engender a cover-up and stonewall.

The whistleblower is a phony! Whatever the whistleblower claims to have been told is phony! We know what Trump talked about. It’s in the transcript, which has been released. Trump blew them up, folks. Today, instead of debating the whistleblower and is he gonna testify and is he afraid for being murdered, we were supposed to be talking about Trump stonewalling and covering up because he would have known he had been had.

All of late last week and this weekend and into today, the Democrats’ original plan was to be all over the media accusing Trump of stonewalling and covering up by not revealing or releasing the transcript of the call, thereby the Democrats could say whatever the whistleblower said was in it. The whistleblower could allege anything.

As long as Trump didn’t release the transcript, the whistleblower’s account would be all anybody had. The whistleblower makes it look bad, and then Trump doesn’t release and that looks like a cover-up and it looks like a stonewall and the Democrats think, we got him!

Trump releases the transcript. There’s nothing in it. Pencil Neck has to go lie about it from his committee chairmanship chair during an official committee hearing! He lied about what Trump said. Which to me proves what their original plan was, to lie and make up what was in that phone call without ever any evidence to contradict them because Trump wouldn’t release it.

And then this valiant whistleblower, oh, yeah, the very brave, valiant whistleblower, at great personal risk, would agree to valiantly come forward and testify, maybe by remote video hookup in shadow behind a bulletproof cage. Make sure that agents of Donald Trump and the NRA didn’t blow him up with an RPG during the middle of his testimony.

But I think the Trumpster, whether he does this by instinct or grand strategical design, I don’t know, but he was a bit too nimble for ’em. He never sticks to their script! And this is what they never learn! He never sticks to their script, like other Republicans, you can bank on Republicans sticking to the script that Democrats write for them. Because the Democrats write those scripts with decades of history and knowledge and understanding of how Republicans are gonna act, i.e., afraid, i.e., protective, i.e., guilty.

But that’s not how Donald Trump comports himself. This is kind of like if Nixon had released the tapes on day one, what would they have had? They would have had a lot less than they had with trying to make it up and that 15 minutes of silence or whatever it was. Because those tapes showed that much of what has been alleged about Watergate hadn’t actually happened. But the Democrats back then were able to manufacture another illusion: Nixon hiding it in the tapes, not releasing them, gave them all the leeway they needed to tell anybody in the world what was on those tapes and what might be.

So Trump releasing the transcript of the call takes the whistleblower out. So now here’s John Brennan begging for more whistleblowers! If you have any direct or indirect knowledge of Donald Trump being a scumbag, you can come forward. We want you to, says John Brennan, Obama’s director of the CIA.

Last Friday on this very program I told you that this plan of theirs was not going over the way they had planned. And many of you doubted me simply because it’s in such direct contravention to what you see in the media every day. The media makes it look like Trump’s gone. Just a matter of the clock and the calendar playing out, Trump’s gone, Democrats have done it, he’s finished.

And then here you hear me saying that things are falling apart on them. You think, “Is Rush just trying to keep us in a good frame of mind?” No, I’m not. I’m telling you what I really think. You can’t tell me the whistleblower — really? The whistleblower, they’re trying to keep the whistleblower alive today as somebody — I mean, his issue, his knowledge and so forth. Trump has blown that out of the water releasing the transcript. Remember John Kasich on CNN Friday — he’s a big Never Trumper, doesn’t like Trump at all, would love for Trump to be thrown out of office — he’s on with CNN. He said, “You know, you can’t impeach a guy over a phone call.”

The CNN infobabe got really mad. It was Alisyn Camerota (paraphrasing), “What do you mean, can’t impeach him over a phone call? Look what was on the phone call.” Kasich had to tell ’em there’s nothing in the phone call that’s impeachable, and he then said there’s nothing impeachable in the Mueller report. I wonder if he’ll be back? You know, Phil Mudd’s still not back on CNN.


RUSH: The House vote on impeachment is not gonna be until December, and the reason is they need that much time to lie each and every day, to gin up public support for it, folks. That’s exactly why they’re waiting and that means the whole of next year will be impeachment, not issues related to the American people, so just get ready.

This massive lie, series of lies, this illusion is gonna continue every day as they try to gin up public support for impeaching Trump. That’s why they’ve pushed this vote back to December. To them, getting rid of him even before the election, that’s what they want to do to prove their power, to prove to themselves they can do it, plus they also know that they can’t beat Trump in 2020. I think that’s part of their calculus.

I mean, Al Green, Democrat from wherever, in the House of Representatives, said last week during this bogus committee hearing that “if we don’t impeach Trump, he’s gonna be reelected in 2020.” Stop and process that. How can a guy so undeserving of finishing his term be reelected if the Democrats don’t get rid of him? So, folks, you’re gonna have to steel yourselves for this, because the things I’m describing are not going to let up.


RUSH: No sooner did I say it than it came out of the Oval Office — and I don’t have time to play it for you. I said on the radio that Trump blowing up the Democrat scheme, blew it up by releasing the transcript of his call with the Ukraine president. The president today said, “I released the transcript. It was so good, Schiff had to make something up.” I’ll keep the sound bite for tomorrow, ’cause it proves cutting edge of societal evolution.

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