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RUSH: I have a little bit of news here that I’m relatively sure you haven’t heard because this, I think, this is one of the things that has ’em so discombobulated on the left.

Rasmussen Reports has just released a new presidential poll. And it has flipped. In the Rasmussen, Biden versus Trump presidential poll, it’s now Trump 47, Biden 43. That is a big flip. This poll was showing Biden beating Trump. This poll was showing Warren beating Trump. You’ve heard all that. This week, 1,000 likely voters, Trump 47, Biden 43.

Now, I guarantee you the Washington insiders, the Democrat Party’s internal polling is showing the same thing. I actually think it’s probably bigger than 47-43. But this is what Rasmussen is reporting. I do believe they want to get rid of Biden. I think that’s always been part of this. And this is the reason why. They really don’t think Biden can win, and I discount this theory that they want Biden to win because he’s not gonna really be there, a bunch of people can run in there and take over. No, no, no. This most powerful job in the world. They don’t want to have somebody they really don’t want in there.

There’s somebody that does want it. There’s somebody that wants that job so bad they would do anything for it. There’s somebody that wants that job so bad they’ve already thought they have been denied that job twice where they thought they legitimately were going to win the election for that job once, and that’s Hillary Clinton.

When you ask the question, what’s this really all about? Well, it’s about overturning the election results of 2016. Well, if you follow that all the way out, what does it mean? It means Hillary Clinton as president. If you overturn the 2016 results, you don’t just get rid of Trump. You replace Trump with Hillary.

Now, if they were actually able to impeach Trump and get rid of him, it doesn’t mean Hillary would be president. I think the objective here could well be, in her mind… I’m not saying the Democrats have agreed to this, and I’m not saying that the Democrats running for president like Warren and Crazy Bernie have signed onto this. They clearly wouldn’t and haven’t. But she’s lurking out there. She clearly wants this. She thinks that she has been screwed twice out of this job, especially in 2016.

She wants it so bad she can taste it, and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised… I’m not predicting it right now, but I won’t be a bit surprised if she ends up trying to get the Democrat nomination before all of this is said and done. So with this poll, Trump 47, Biden 43 — and I’m sure the Democrats have internal polling data showing the same thing. Now, who are we talking about here? Let’s be honest about who we’re talking about when we talk about the Democrats.

Whether they’re in the media, whether they’re in Congress, whether they’re elected, whether they’re at think tanks, whether they’re at the FBI, whether or not they’re at the CIA, who are they? We see them! They’re plain as day. We may not know their faces, but we know what they do plain as day. We’ve watched it happen every day since 2016! They are back-stabbing, nocturnal rumor creatures. And they are going… You wait. I think that the effort to undermine Joe Biden has already begun, and I think you’re going to see it.

It’s gonna be very slow evolving, and it’s going to be made to look not like the Democrats are doing it. Like Biden, instead, will just all of a sudden be overwhelmed by events to the point that they won’t be able to cover for him or his son anymore. I think the table is already set for this to happen. They will do it. They’ll take him out with their own planted rumors that there’s even more, and there will be all these sudden discoveries that Joe Biden may be (because he is) the most corrupt person in Washington D.C. who is alive today.

We’ve got this poll here from Rasmussen. There will be others, mainstream polling. If I’m right about this, it won’t be long — a week or two, maybe — and we’re gonna see some mainstream polling that shows Biden all of a sudden slipping and losing. Indeed, are we not seeing that in regard to Elizabeth Warren? Are there not a couple of polls now that show Fauxcahontas creeping up on and climbing over the top of Plugs? Wait ’til those polls start to shift and show Plugs losing ground to Trump.

Remember, the people we are talking about can produce any poll they want any time. None of what they are doing is legitimate.


RUSH: What was Joe Biden’s only big draw? Joe Biden’s only big… The big attraction about Joe Biden was that he beats Trump in polls. That was it. Maybe that he was more of a moderate Democrat instead of one of these wacko, left-wing radicals. But it was that was beating Trump in the polls. None of the other Democrats were. Well, when that starts to evaporate, that’s the end of Plugs — and it’s beginning to evaporate. The Rasmussen poll right there.

Now, you may say, “That’s Rasmussen! They don’t listen to Rasmussen.” Yes, they do. They’ll just not tell you so. They listen to Rasmussen, and their own internal polling is showing this. The other day they asked Fauxcahontas. “Would you have, like Obama did…? Would you have a vice president on your staff that was arranging deals like that for his son? Would you permit that? Would you permit your vice president to do that?”

What did she say? “Uhhh, I don’t think so. I’m not sure whether my VP would be allowed to have family business like the Bidens did.” She didn’t say, “He didn’t do anything wrong. I’m not falling for that trap.” She answered the question and essentially said, “No, my vice president will not.” Just a little cut that starts the bleeding from Plugs.

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