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RUSH: The truth is that this is not going the way these people planned, and it’s not going the way they planned it because they have destroyed… They’ve cried wolf so damn many times; the American people are not listening. It used to be… You know how rare impeachment is. It is so rare that when it happened, it stopped everybody in their tracks. It stopped everybody in their tracks. It was all over Times Square.

It was on all those newsreels and panels with the news floating by. It stopped everybody, ’cause it doesn’t ever happen — and they really haven’t even begun formal impeachment proceedings. They’ve just said that they’re gonna impeach, that impeachment’s underway, an impeachment inquiry — and yet life goes on. Nobody stopped. Life did not come to a screeching halt. America did not become paralyzed with political fright. And why?


RUSH: It’s my contention that this is not going the way they want it to go. And I realize, folks, that things I’m gonna say today are going to appear to be to be in direct contravention to what you see on TV. You’re gonna think I’m not watching what you’re watching.

If you watch television, you probably have come to the conclusion Trump’s guilty, it’s only a matter of time, they’re gonna get him, he is gone, he’s lost all support, Democrats can’t be beat, can’t be stopped, it’s just never ending and so forth. What you have to realize here is that they have failed at every attempt to get rid of Trump.

They ruined this past week. They literally ruined a great week at the United Nations. They have ruined Trump’s — well, not ruined, but they have done great damage in clouding the reporting of Trump’s great achievements. There are many great achievements in the Trump administration. This speech at the U.N. this week was one of the greatest for the establishment of America as America, for the whole agenda of Make America Great Again. The Democrats made sure that none of it got covered.

But their objective is to get rid of Trump. Their objective is to have him frog-marched out of the Oval Office before 2020. That’s been what their objective has been since they started this. That is what has failed. And they are beside themselves with rage over it. They can’t get it done. They can’t find a single criminal act committed by Donald Trump or his family. I don’t care what they’re saying they’ve found. I don’t care what they’re saying on TV. I’m telling you this isn’t going the way they had hoped.

They had hoped, with the official announcement by Pelosi of an impeachment inquiry, they hoped that everybody would have thought that meant Trump had been impeached. They then hoped and thought that would mean that all of Trump’s support would abandon him. They then hoped and thought that all it was was a matter of speed, how quickly could they get the impeachment presentation, the articles over to the Senate, have a trial.

But there’s a Politico headline that makes my point for me here, and it’s so good that they’ve pulled it down. And here’s the headline: “Trump Killed the Seriousness of Impeachment – Impeachment proceedings used to be news of unquestionable gravity. The week showed it’s just more fodder for the ideological and culture wars.”

This is part of the cabal that wants to get Trump. They’re acknowledging that this whole thing has been a lead balloon for exactly the right reason, by the way. It just seems like the next phase in a Democrat ongoing operation. It doesn’t seem serious. It’s not the invocation of something truly, truly rare. It’s not the invocation of something nobody ever really wants to see.

Impeachment never happens. It is so rare, four times, that when it does, it literally has been a heart stopper. This was just another day in the life of the Democrats in the media and the Democrats in Washington and their ongoing battle with Donald Trump. It was nothing more than Steele dossier, then the Mueller report, then we’ve got the whistleblower allegations, then we’ve got impeachment, and what’s it gonna be next?

Now, the author of this story in the Politico, John Harris, gets this, “Trump Killed the Seriousness of Impeachment.” This is an admission that the lead balloon they tried to drop on everything went kaput. It’s hard to believe this when you absorb mainstream so-called news every day. It’s hard to look at this and think, “My God, it’s not going the way they planned. My God, they’re failing.” But believe me, it isn’t going the way they planned.

Folks, they don’t have a case to make. They were hoping that just announcing this official inquiry would make the case, that nobody would doubt anymore that Trump has to go. And Trump’s numbers continue to hold steady or rise in certain polls, and now he’s ahead of Biden. I just got another note, “Why is nobody asking Biden about the corruption of his son?”

Come on, folks. Well, who’s gonna ask him? The media? That’s not how they’re gonna take Biden out. They’re not gonna take Biden out directly like this. The other Democrat candidates can’t afford to be seen doing this. The way Biden is gonna be taken out, it’s gonna happen with slow, anonymous leaks, slow revelations, the guy’s so deeply flawed. It’s gonna happen with all the Democrats wringing their hands in sadness and disappointment.

It’s not gonna be the result of attacks on the guy. They can’t. They are as corrupt as Biden is! They can’t take him out for that reason! They can’t take Biden out for corruption. What are they gonna do to Hillary, then, what are they gonna do to the next nominee? Look at Fauxcahontas. How corrupt can you get? Phony, fake Indian. Crazy Bernie, a millionaire running as a socialist.

They can’t take Biden out on this corruption stuff. They’re going to take him out when they see he’s losing ground in polls to Trump. They’re going to take him out sadly and unfortunately because it’s obvious that hecan’t win, but the media’s not gonna focus on — if you want focus on Biden’s scandals, your question should be where in the Sam Hill is the Republican Party? The Republican Party runs every committee in the Senate! Where are those committees looking into this?

Where is the oversight from the areas that the Republicans control? That’s your question! Don’t think the media’s gonna take Biden out. Not on this scandal business. Because they’re all dirty. They can’t afford to take him out that way.

Let me tell you something that’s happening right now just to illustrate what we’re up against. It was happening moments ago, couple of hours ago. There was a House committee holding hearings on childhood stresses caused by Donald Trump and climate change. I watched a little bit of the video. It’s some subcommittee of another subcommittee of a subsubsubcommittee, it’s like three members of Congress and their stupid little subcommittee.

But they were holding hearings with witnesses on childhood stresses caused by Trump and climate change.


RUSH: Now let me offer you an additional bit of proof from my point that this is not going the way they had planned. This Pelosi announcement that Trump has been impeached or is going to be impeached, or is being impeached, or whatever it was. They haven’t done anything new on impeachment. There has not been a floor vote. There’s no official impeachment, folks. They’re even lying to you about that. They are trying to create a groundswell among the American public for it.

They haven’t. They can’t. There isn’t a groundswell in the public for impeachment. There never has been. The polling data is very clear. Pelosi’s announcement was two things. It was designed to give her control of the six committees over it, but it was designed to get the American people to flood Washington — emails, faxes, phone calls — impeach Trump! Impeach Trump! It’s not happening. The American people don’t want it. So The Politico headline: “Trump Has Destroyed the Seriousness of Impeachment.”

How has Trump destroyed the seriousness? He didn’t do anything!

The Democrats are making a mockery of everything in this country! The Democrats are destroying everything they touch! They are corrupting everything they touch! They are polluting the whole concept of impeachment! There is no whistleblower! There is just a slimy weasel leaker who is a coward seeking the protection of his identity by calling himself a whistleblower! And here’s more. On CNN today, famous Never Trumper John Kasich, the former governor of Ohio — and I don’t want the audio for this. I don’t have time to say this three times.

(interruption) No, it’s for the staff I say that ’cause the staff goes nuts when they hear me say something not on the audio sound bite roster; they hustle to get the audio. It’s gonna be done and over after I say it. I don’t need the audio. Kasich was on CNN today with Alisyn Camerota. Alisyn Camerota asked Kasich (summarized), “If that one phone call, that one phone call showed criminality, doesn’t it lead to impeachment? Kasich said, “No.” She’s talking about the phone call to Zelensky, the phone call from Trump to the Ukraine president.

See, here’s the thing. This is the way it is in Washington right now. This is the Cold Civil War. The Democrats… You cannot question the children of Democrats being given phony, sweetheart financial deals. You can’t question the Democrat parents of the kids who arranged those deals! You can’t question the Democrats on anything. The Republicans, on the other hand, can be questioned for being Republicans. The Republicans can be questioned and suspected for what they say.

The Republicans can be suspected and targeted for what they’re thinking of saying. The Republicans can be selectively targeted simply because they are Republicans. That’s the dual legal system that exists today. So a phone call is grounds for impeachment now? Trump calling the president of Ukraine is grounds for impeachment? And Camerota is asking Kasich if that one phone call is an impeachable offense, and Kasich said, “No, it doesn’t show criminality.”

And then he said, “You need to be careful about this because nobody in Ohio is talking about this.” Camerota asked Kasich, “If that one phone call showed criminality, doesn’t it lead to impeachment?” Kasich said, “That was a debate. You would not find many Republicans in Congress who believe the call was criminal.” Camerota tried to make the case for Democrats that they’re not rushing on impeachment, saying, “In fairness to the Democrats, it’s been three years.

“And Pelosi was very cautious by not going ahead with impeaching Trump with regard to the Mueller investigation.” There’s nothing impeachable in the Mueller investigation! But here is this lunkhead of an infobabe asking John Kasich, “Look, Pelosi has been very patient. She could have impeached Trump after the Mueller report. Couldn’t she impeach Trump now because of the phone call?”

Kasich said Pelosi couldn’t. There was nothing in the Mueller report to impeach Trump over. There’s nobody that wants to see Trump gone more than John Kasich, folks, and he’s telling CNN, “There’s nothing in the Mueller report to impeach him over.” I don’t know that Kasich’s gonna be back. You know, we haven’t heard from Phil Mudd in 10 days, since he told the truth about this whistleblower. But the key here…

The key here is that Kasich told Alisyn Camerota at CNN (summarized), “You can’t impeach the guy over a phone call. What are you talking about?” And then he said, “Nobody in Ohio is talking about this.” (Raspberry) is the sound of Democrat impeachment. Nobody is talking about it. Why? ‘Cause it’s just the same old same old. It’s nothing new. It’s just a bunch of childish, spoiled brat, irrational Democrat man and woman children unable to deal with the realities of life.


RUSH: I just saw, there is a new poll from TheHill.com. I didn’t even bother reading whose poll it is. I just looked at the numbers and The Hill is saying that since Pelosi has said that there’s an impeachment ongoing that the American people’s desire for impeachment has gone up 15%. Sorry. I’m not buying it.

They can produce any poll result they want. We are not talking about journalism any longer. There isn’t any journalism, except to the extent that you’re a journalist and I’m a journalist. We’re probably better journalists than the people claiming to be in the media. If you tell people something you saw or know that they don’t know, you have just done journalism.

Journalism has all this highfalutin attachment to it. It’s a specific training. It’s a specific mind-set. It’s only capable of being performed by a select few. All of that’s a crock. Journalism is an action. It’s not a specialty. It’s just an action. It’s just people telling people things that they don’t know.

Then you can branch off into gossip, you can branch off into propaganda and lies. But there isn’t any journalism that is responsible for what you see as news every day. All there are is Democrats advancing their multipronged agendas which are led by getting rid of Donald Trump and reversing the election result of 2016.

So if they need a poll that they can tout as a journalism result that shows an increase in 15% the American people who want impeachment, how hard would it be to get one? They’re losing respect and gravitas rapidly. They’re not trustworthy. They’re obviously partisan. And they don’t do what they claim to tell everybody they do.

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