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RUSH: In Minnesota — we have the audio sound bites coming up — liberal Democrats are starting to turn to Trump. They are fed up with what they are hearing in the Democrat debates. Folks! This stuff not happening in a vacuum. This is what pushback looks like.

Remember, nobody has ever taken on the Washington establishment like this. I mean, there have been rank amateurish efforts over the years, but nothing on the stage, on the degree to which Trump is trying to take ’em out, and they’re not used to it. They’ve never been attacked like this, and they’re not just gonna sit there and let this guy do it. But they are not used to it. They don’t have experience defending themselves from outside-the-establishment attacks.

If they have a rebel or a revolution inside the ranks of the establishment, they know how to put those down and how to quell those, but they don’t know what to do with Trump. They think they’ve had him, all of these different hoaxes, all of these different silent coups, all these different efforts, and they have bombed out on each one. And while that’s been going on, they’ve been doing their debates.

Folks, you cannot take this out of the equation. The American people are watching these things. You cannot have 20 people on stage as often as the Democrats are doing, expressing universal hatred for this country like they’re doing, and win with that. And that’s exactly what the Democrat debates have been. It’s been one degree of hate after another, as the candidates have been trying to outdo each other on the hate for the founding or the various institutions that derive from our founding.

People are noticing this. Trump’s approval rating now in the Rasmussen survey in the midst of all this is up to 52%. I think we’re in the midst of something that of course the Drive-Bys are not seeing because they don’t want to see it. But I actually believe that we are near a tipping point here.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, the details on all this is coming up. I don’t want to get sidetracked. Everybody is going hip deep in the details. My job is to take all this complexity and make it understandable, which is what I’m doing here, putting it all in the proper perspective.

I think we’re reaching some kind of a tipping point. Even amidst the worst speech, the worst insults, the dirtiest, the most vile things being said about Trump, his polls are climbing. Some people might want to dismiss Rasmussen as a partisan poll. Why do you dismiss Rasmussen and accept the others? The others are the ones that are in lockstep, and they all say the same thing and they’re all from the same culprits who got 2016 wrong.

The Rasmussen poll, you have every reason to accept it as you do any other poll. And as I say, Minnesota liberals — this is not an insignificant story — Minnesota liberals are considering voting for Trump. In fact, let me find the audio sound bite. I hadn’t intended to get to it, but it’s late in the Stack. Be patient. Ah. Here it is. I think it’s audio sound bite number 23 and sound bite number 24.

This is Martin Savidge on CNN Thursday night last week. He was on Erin Burnett’s show. And this is a report on how voters in Minnesota are changing their politics. You’re gonna hear Savidge, President Trump, some local Minnesota officials, we have two bites, and here is the first one.

SAVIDGE: In rural Northern Minnesota, things are changing; the temperature, the leaves, the politics. Are we talking thousands of people sort of shifting and changing their politics?


SAVIDGE: We are?


SAVIDGE: Once a Democratic stronghold, many of the voters we talked to here say more and more they align with the president. The political support for the president, part of this is really just a matter of survival.

ROBERT VLAISAVLJEVICH: Economics, yep. He’s our guy. He supports mining. He’s our guy.

THE PRESIDENT: (April 2019) Our steel industry is vibrant again. It was dead.

SAVIDGE: Trump’s tariffs on imported steel are popular, so is his easing of environmental regulations.

RUSH: Minnesota liberals. DFL, folks. Democrat Farm Labor Party. These people are turning to Trump. Why? Economics. Why? Back pocket issues. Why? Standard of living issues. The media’s missing it entirely. The media thinks that all partisans on the Democrat side uniformly, universally hate Donald Trump. If this happening in Minnesota and if the Rasmussen Report’s polling data is up, amidst all of this just filthy, shameful invective against Trump, then I’m telling you a tipping point is near.

Now, they love Trump. This is where Ilhan Omar is from. Listen to this next bite as they discuss her.

SAVIDGE: They also like his crackdown on immigration. In a state that’s 80 percent white, the influx of Somali refugees has been a contentious issue. Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar is a controversial figure here.

VLAISAVLJEVICH: She offends a lot of people.

SAVIDGE: She’s not popular here.

VLAISAVLJEVICH: No, not at all.

SAVIDGE: Folks here say they didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The party left them.

RUSH: Minnesota! This is the party of Hubert Humphrey, the state of Hubert Humphrey and Paul Wellstone. And for CNN to air this — and it was on Thursday night — I don’t know how many people have referenced this in your sphere, but it, as I say, is not an insignificant thing.

You look at these debates, I’m telling you, folks, never before in our country’s history have more Democrat presidential candidates on stage all together, 15 of ’em, 10 of ’em at a time, total of 20, whatever the number is now, they’re all trafficking in identity politics. They’re all promoting this stupid Green New Deal lunacy. They are scaring the hell out of children. The hatred that they have for this country and its culture has never been more obvious than it is. And it’s starting to have an impact on people.


RUSH: We now hit the phones in Stockton, California. That’s how they say it on PBS. Stockton. And it is Brian. Brian, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Yeah, hi. Rush, thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: Yes, sir.

CALLER: You know, you were asking about how crazy the Democrats are, and I’m not sure that there are words to describe it. I live in California, so it’s the loony bin of the country. And I’ve been a moderate Democrat my entire life, and in 2015 I reregistered as a Republican. In fact, it was the first time that I voted because in California it doesn’t matter, and I took my little 2-year-old to vote with me. That’s how important I think it is.

And there are so many of us in California that have changed, Democrats, and I think people fear (Unintelligible) than I was ’cause I was fairly moderate. But they’re terrified to come out because, you know, the Democrats justify violence if you disagree with them. You know, they’re scared. And I have a friend who has a business in the Bay Area — I’m a business owner — and I have a friend who has a business in the Bay Area, he puts Fox News on and people will come in, look at it, and be disgusted and run out of the store. I mean, it’s just ridiculous. It’s absurd.

RUSH: This is why I think it’s largely happening beneath the surface. The media doesn’t see it, therefore they don’t report it. People are afraid, people like you and others, California, Minnesota, are afraid to actually — I mean, you call here with anonymity, that’s fine, and these people on CNN that — I mean, for them to talk on TV about it with their faces — Minnesota. So I think there’s a lot of this going on. It’s impossible to quantify it. All of this is just anecdotal.

I mean, Trump’s not gonna win California. Don’t misunderstand what he’s saying here. This kind of thing, it always happens. You point out some people in Minnesota, Democrats, that have had it with the Democrats for whatever reason and they’re gonna move to Trump. And that’s a big thing so other Democrats in other states want to call, “Hey, yeah, it’s happening here, too, I’m a Democrat.” And these things, they kind of feed off of themselves.

It’s like I’ve heard over the years, we’ll have an African-American call, “This is it, Rush, I’ve had it, the Democrats have finally proved to me that they don’t intend anything for me.” And then we’ll get a couple calls from other African-Americans, “That’s exactly right.” And then the next the election, the Democrats will still get 92, 93% of the vote. And that’s what’s gonna happen in California.

The point here is that there is a tipping point being reached. What’s happening here is that the Democrat Party has gone so far left, and it’s exemplified and illustrated in these debates that it is leaving a lot of Democrats — gotta be a certain age. He thinks he’s a moderate Democrat. He’s probably an old-fashioned liberal who has seen the light. Anyway, there’s a bunch of them now that don’t want any part of that. Scares them.

They don’t hate America. You have to leave no doubt that you don’t like this country if you are going to be treated politely and fairly by Democrat base voters. And there are a lot of Democrats that don’t hate America. They think there’s a lot wrong with it, needs to be fixed, but they don’t hate it. That’s what’s new about this particular campaign. The Democrats that are running — and they’re on the debate stages — are making it clear that the foundation of the campaign is intense dislike for this country.

“Well, Rush, they’ll moderate once they get the nomination.” How do you moderate hate for America? You can’t just drop that like you never expressed it, then move to the center without angering the people you built up on your base. You wait and see, folks.

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