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Sep 23, 2019


Townhall: Ready for a Trump Landslide?
Daily Wire: Trump: Here Are Some Big Updates On My Latest Fake Scandal
Breitbart: Fake Media ‘Whistleblower’ Scandal Keeps Getting Dumber
MarketWatch: ‘This is Trump Unleashed’ — These Charts Show that the President is Tweeting and Speaking More Than Ever
NewsBusters: ABC, NBC Edit Out Biden Telling Press How to Cover Trump ‘Whistleblower’ Story
FOXNews: Biden’s Campaign Likely Coming to an End — Thanks to Clinton-Linked Ukraine Bombshell, Nunes Says
National Review: Breaking Down the Whistleblower Frenzy – Andrew McCarthy
FOXBusiness: Apple in America: Latest Mac Pro to be Made in Texas after Securing Tariff Exemptions
Washington Examiner: ‘More to be Told’: New York Times Reporter Says Ukraine Story a ‘Significant Liability’ for Joe Biden
Daily Wire: Rudy Giuliani: Joe Biden’s Scandal ‘Will Be A Lot Bigger Than Spiro Agnew’
Breitbart: Donald Trump Parades with Prime Minister Modi and 50,000 Indian-Americans
Politico: Ukrainian Efforts to Sabotage Trump Backfire – 01.11.17
PJ Media: CNN Discovers Minnesota Is ‘Turning to Trump’
HotAir: Why Are We Calling Ukraine Story Leaker A Whistleblower?
Breitbart: NYT Says ‘Poop Shame Is Real — and It Disproportionately Affects Women’
UK Guardian: Why Ivanka Trump’s New Haircut Should Make Us Very Afraid – Arwa Mahdawi
Breitbart: Weak Three: Seas of Empty Seats Plague Several NFL Teams
Federalist: Like Russian Collusion, Ukraine Hysteria Is Pure Projection By Media And Democrats
Breitbart: ‘People are Dying’: Teen Activist Urges New Climate Action at UN
ClimateDepot: Morano on Fox & Friends on School Climate Strikes: ‘Greta is Instilling Fear in Millions of Kids’ – ‘Why Would You Skip School? That’s an Easy Thing. Give Up Social Media for a Couple Days’
Competitive Enterprise Institute: Wrong Again: 50 Years of Failed Eco-pocalyptic Predictions
AEI: 50 Years of Failed Doomsday, Eco-Pocalyptic Predictions; the So-Called ‘Experts’ are 0-50


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