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RUSH: Leftist intellectuals have a new economic model they’re promoting. It’s called the “Degrowth Movement.” The people behind this are on a mission. They want to change the belief that economic growth is a good thing.

That’s right, according to these people, economic growth is bad. It’s bad for the earth, it’s bad for society, it’s bad for you. It will make the world a cleaner, nicer, more-fair place if we degrow the economy. To degrow we have to get rid of capitalism. We have to create a “just, participatory, and ecologically sustainable society.” Rich nations – meaning America – must downsize. Income and wealth must be redistributed.

Now, this new economic model is exactly the same as every other leftist economic model. “Degrowth” is just another name for socialism.

And, it’s spreading. The BBC has a big puff piece on degrowth as a solution to global warming. They say we should work less, “thus slowing down the global economy, and curbing our appetite to consume more stuff.” Because that’s the primary source of emissions. A shorter workweek, they say that can save earth.

The “Degrowth Movement” is now the “Don’t-Work Movement.”

You can laugh all you want, but these people are serious. And their movement is gaining traction worldwide. If you think the idea of “degrowth” is fringe, pay attention to what the Democrat candidates are saying, it’s exactly what they’re proposing. Ending America’s growth is exactly what they want. We don’t deserve economic growth. We have to pay for our sins, whatever they are.

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