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RUSH: I want to come back and get focused on Trump in California and the literal outrage of the mayor of Los Angeles and the governor, who basically are telling Trump to get out of the state and stop telling people in California how to live. There’s a movement in California. Here’s the real thing. There is a movement in California to officially ignore — and it’s not new.

You’ve heard about it before. It’s to officially ignore federal immigration law. It’s not new. They’ve already engaged in it. They’re making it official. The danger is the precedent it sets. If a state is allowed to get away with ignoring federal immigration law, then what other federal law will they ignore — and in the process, cease to become a participating state in the United States?

And it will set themselves up own independent nation, which I think the leftists in California are actually doing. And I think that is a model for what leftists and Democrats want to happen in as many states as possible. There is a concerted movement to overthrow the founding of America, to undermine it, by calling it illegitimate, unjust, bigoted — you know, whatever the allegations are — so that they can get rid of the Bill of Rights, so they can get rid of things.

The way to go about it is to say, “Yeah, we were founded as a slave nation.”

But we’re not slave nation. We fixed it. We fought a Civil War. Over 500,000 people died to fix it.

“Doesn’t matter! There’s no fixing it,” the leftists say. “You can’t fix it because it was there.”

Wait, wait, wait. No. We got rid of slavery. We haven’t had slavery in 200 years.

“Doesn’t matter,” they say. “You can’t erase it. America must be refounded. America must be torn down and refounded. It’s the only way to cleanse the America of the sin of slavery.”

This is the pitch that leftist college professors are making to unaware students and so forth. But in California, they’re being very open about this.


RUSH: Okay, Trump is in California raising money, making speeches, drawing big crowds, raising a lot of money — and I have it on good authority (there were a couple of fundraiser dinners) that people who attended said that Trump was the best they had ever seen him. There were 400 people at a private residence. President Trump was the best they had ever seen him. He was so good that the audience was asking him to tweet live from the podium.

I’m making that up. I’m just funnin’ ya. I’m just ripping your chain. But wouldn’t that be great? The audience shouts, “Tweet, Mr. President! Tweet!” Can you see Trump tweeting from the podium during a rally or speech? And, you know, I was gonna make a prediction, but I held it back. I thought after the last Democrat debate, that Trump would go up two to three points if the Democrats did what the Democrats have been doing — and they did.

The Democrats were as anti-American and as pro-socialist as they have ever been in a debate. They were as kooky and wacky, and Trump went up three points in the Rasmussen poll. He’s back up to 50% approval in the Rasmussen poll. Now, some people say, “Ah, Rush, that’s Rasmussen. Nobody listens to them.” No, no. We have a bifurcated media, and we have bifurcated polling data today, folks.

You look at CNN, NBC, ABC, the Washington Post; their polls are all gonna have Trump in the low forties. Rasmussen will have him at 50, down to 45, down to 44, back to 47. He went up two to three points after that Democrat debate. It makes total sense to me that he did. His trip to California is — for its purposes — boffo, and the Democrats out there are not happy about it.


RUSH: I want to start with Gavin Newsom. This is audio sound bite number 8. He was on CNN today, a program called New Day, being interviewed by Senior National Correspondent Kyung Lah. And the question, “Are you able to succeed in wielding your power in a way that Democrats in Washington are unable to?”

NEWSOM: In some ways, that’s true. Outperforming the federal government, running record surpluses as the Trump administration’s running historic record deficits. All of that as we’re reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and protecting and preserving and promoting our values. That makes us a formidable, a formidable challenge to Trump and Trumpism. Look, stay out of our way. Let California continue not to survive, but thrive, despite the headwinds, despite everything you’re doing to try to put sand in the gears of our success.

RUSH: Now, California, that picture that he just painted is grossly inept. California, parts of it, is literally falling apart. The income gap, the gap between rich and poor, the gap between the middle class and the poor is higher in California than anywhere. Homelessness has come back with such a vengeance that diseases America had long ago cured are now showing up in the homeless population and the illegal immigrant population.

And the Democrats are not doing anything about homelessness in California for a whole host of reasons. And I’ve been through them before. A, they can’t do anything about it because to do something about it will be to focus attention on it, and they can’t blame the Republicans for it, and they can’t blame Trump. Republicans have nothing to say about what happens in California. So the Democrat presidential candidates are not talking about it. The mayor of Los Angeles is not talking about it in a way that lends itself to offering solutions to things. They just have to sit there and endure it, and it just grows worse and worse.

San Francisco, same thing. And then if you go inland, if you go away from the elitist areas, the coastal areas, California inland has some of the worst poverty in this country. So it’s not the idyllic utopia that Mayor Newsom here portrays. And yet he says, “Let California continue not to survive, but thrive, despite the headwinds, despite everything you’re gonna trying to do to put sand in the gears of our success, just stay out of our way.”

Here’s Eric Garcetti. He is the mayor of Los Angeles. This is a video that was posted from a new homeless shelter. They’re so happy, they opened a new homeless shelter to house the ever-increasing number of homeless.

GARCETTI: We can’t end homelessness without federal help. So we appreciate your coming here to take money from Angelinos. We hope next time you will come bringing our tax dollars and bring some money to Angelinos. It is time for us to make sure that we don’t just address homelessness but end it, not just through punitive measures. So welcome to LA, Mr. President. This is your chance to do something.

RUSH: Right. (summarized) “So, Trump, you’re coming here to raise money and taking money out of the state of California. You need to be bringing some in.” How many California billionaires have thrown California money down the tubes on climate change and other irrelevant political issues for which there’s nothing to show? Do you ever hear Mayor Garcetti say to Tom Steyer, “Tom, stop spending that money outside the state! Keep that money in California”?

No, no, no! Only when Trump comes in and fundraises do they tell Trump, “Stay out. Stop taking money from California! Stay out of our way.” You can’t have higher taxes than they do in California — and despite how high the taxes go, it’s never enough. And now you heard Garcetti. (impression) “We can’t fix homelessness without federal help.” This is just their attempt to focus everybody’s attention away from their problem.

The Democrats don’t mind homelessness in one sense, because it allows them to point to it and say, “See? See the inequities in capitalism? See the unfairness in capitalism?” Now, wait a minute. You guys pride yourselves in California on having gotten rid of all that! You’ve got this burgeoning utopia. How can you have so much misery and economic suffering in such a wonderful, utopian-oriented place?


RUSH: I need to throw in three tweets that Trump sent out today which are also part of the mix, the recipe that’s irritating Gavin Newsom (the governor), Eric Garcetti (the mayor of Los Angeles), and any number of other leftists in California. These tweets began at 10:19 this morning. “The Trump Administration is revoking California’s Federal Waiver on emissions in order to produce far less expensive cars for the consumer, while at the same time making the cars substantially SAFER.

“This will lead to more production because of this pricing and safety advantage, and also due to the fact that older, highly polluting cars, will be replaced by new, extremely environmentally friendly cars. There will be very little difference in emissions between the California Standard and the new U.S. Standard, but the cars will be far safer and much less expensive. Many more cars will be produced under the new and uniform standard, meaning significantly more JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!

“Automakers should seize this opportunity because without this alternative to California, you will be out of business.” Three tweets driving the wackos insane. All this is, is common sense, revoking California’s federal waiver. In other words, the U.S. has emissions standards, and California was granted a waiver on those emissions, and they were producing cars that nobody wanted. They were much less safe. They were all oriented toward this mythical climate change disaster — and Trump is ending the waiver.

He’s gonna nationalize emissions standards, which will streamline manufacturing and design, make the cars in California safer with no appreciable difference to the environment. Then Tom Homan. You know, this guy may already have earned a medal for courage and bravery. He is one of the head honchos at the Border Patrol and ICE. He has a piece at Fox News today. “Lawmakers Want California to Ignore Immigration Laws, as if It Were an Independent Nation.”

He’s exactly right about this, and the scenario that is evolving in California is very troubling, ladies and gentlemen. Here’s a pull quote from Homan’s piece: “If federal immigration laws become optional, then why not make all federal laws optional? This is a frightening concept that would make all laws meaningless and lead to chaos and anarchy.

“For this reason, whether you are a Democrat or Republican, whether you are a Trump supporter or opponent, you should oppose the effort by Democrats in California and nationally to turn a blind eye to enforcement of our immigration laws.” Mr. Homan’s right on the money here. It’s like every other Democrat idea. They propose a fix to some problem, and all they do is literally create brand-new problems.

So they think that federal immigration law is too restrictive; California doesn’t want to pay attention to them. So they’re just gonna ignore them, and they’re gonna be applauded by leftist radicals. The state’s gonna continue its metamorphosis and serve as a model for other states in the country to basically abandon the concept of the American founding. If you can get away with ignoring the federal laws on immigration, then why not ignore any other federal law?

And Homan is right to call attention to that.

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