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Sep 18, 2019


AP: Number of Abortions in U.S. Drops to Lowest Since They Became Legal Nationwide, Report Finds
The Hill: Democratic Senators Quietly Hope Biden Wins Over Rivals
FOXNews: Jimmy Carter Says He Hopes ‘There’s an Age Limit’ for Presidency in Apparent Jab at Biden, Sanders
CNBC: Millennials Have an Sverage of $28,000 in Debt—and the Biggest Source Isn’t Student Loans
FOXNews: Trump Blitzes Into California for Major $15M Fundraising Push, Irritating Celebrities, Activists
Daily Wire: Biden Does Not Know U.S. Population; Forgets Who He Rallied With Earlier This Year
FOXNews: California Asks for Vouchers to Combat Homelessness Issue
AP: Trump Says He Will Do ‘Something’ About Homelessness
LAist: LA Mayor Garcetti Claps Back At Trump’s Homelessness Comments
CNBC: Trump Bars California from Setting Auto Emissions Rules, Setting Up Court Fight
FOXNews: Lawmakers Want California to Ignore Immigration Laws, As If It Were An Independent Nation – Tom Homan
USAToday: Trump’s Proposed Ban on Vape Flavors May Not Stop Teens from Vaping, Experts Warn
Breitbart: Chaos on Capitol Hill: Judiciary Hearing with Corey Lewandowski Devolves into Bedlam, Democrats Lose Control
Federalist: Witnesses Defended Kavanaugh. NYT Authors Falsely Claimed They Were Silent – Mollie Hemingway
National Review: The New York Times Still Doesn’t Understand What It Did
Washington Post: The NYT Kavanaugh Smear Shows Why the Press is the Least-Trusted Institution in America – Marc Thiessen
Washington Examiner: Democrats, Stuck in Watergate Mode, Bungle Lewandowski Testimony


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