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RUSH: Now, we’ve been through all of this from the standpoint of how the New York Times isn’t journalism and this proves it.

In fact, I’m looking for the Bret Baier sound bite. Something tells me it’s number nine. No, it’s not number nine. Keep looking. It’s number 19. I knew there was a nine in there. It’s Louie Farrakhan’s favorite number, number 19. Grab number 19. Brit Hume last night with Chatsworth Osborne Jr. Question: “As a piece of journalism, how do you assess this story in the New York Times about Brett Kavanaugh?”

HUME: This is a story that should never have gotten anywhere near print. It isn’t even a firsthand account. So right there you got a huge strike against you if you’re trying to get the story into print in the old New York Times, right? I can only imagine what would have happened back in my newspaper days if I went to an editor, “This is what I’ve got.” (laughing) I can just see him picking up the copy and throwing it across the room and you couldn’t get anywhere near — this is nowhere near publishable. It’s not even remotely close.

RUSH: Now, all that notwithstanding, I don’t buy this notion that it was just a few years ago you could take this story to the New York Times and the editor would throw it across the room in the trash. It’s been a lot longer ago. You’ve gotta go back to when Abe Rosenthal was the editor of the New York Times to find anything close to what people think journalism is. And we’re going back 25 years.

Ever since Jill Abramson took over as executive editor and her buddies and pals in there, this paper has not been about journalism. It’s been Democrat Party activism. Its mission has been to destroy Republicans or conservatives both policy, personalities, that’s been the mission. I just don’t think this is anything new! This is what I keep getting frustrated by. I don’t think this is new for the New York Times. It’s classic! It is what they have become.

So the Kavanaugh story, what is driving it, aside from the need to destroy Kavanaugh? ‘Cause they failed the first time. Blasey Ford failed the first time. You know there’s another story out there on this, and I’ve mentioned this two days running and it still hasn’t gotten picked up. Her best friend, Leland Keyser, has been quoted as saying any number of places that she never believed her story.

“Leland Keyser, a high school friend of Christine Blasey Ford, cast doubt on Ford’s claims of being sexually assaulted by Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh at a high school party in the 1980s. ‘I don’t have any confidence in the story,’ Keyser told New York Times reporters Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly in their new book.” Her best friend never bought the story! It’s in the book! Did they ever think to report this during the actual Blasey Ford time under the klieg lights?

Her best friend didn’t buy it because it didn’t happen! Neither did this other thing happen. So they failed to get Kavanaugh the first time. Blasey Ford bombed out. So they’re coming back for another try at it. But — aside from the desire to destroy him — why? It’s because of Trump’s most lasting success. What is Donald Trump’s most lasting success? Not necessarily legacy, although it could be.

Donald Trump’s most lasting success is why they are still trying to destroy Kavanaugh and everything about him. Of all the planks of Donald Trump’s campaign platform in 2016, there was one thing that united conservatives, Libertarians, Republicans, and independents. It did not unite the Never Trumpers because they’re a bunch of spoiled-rotten narcissists when you get down to it. But it united everybody else. And that was Trump’s promise to nominate judges who respect the Constitution as it was written, the old original intent theory of judicial interpretation.

This is the one… The left has used the judiciary to rewrite the laws of America when they lose elections. They use the judiciary to stop… (interruption) Leland Keyser’s female? I’m sorry. You know what? With names and genders these days, can you blame me for thinking that Leland was a guy? I’ve never known a female Leland. So excuse me. It was not done on purpose. Snerdley’s yelling at me, “Leland Keyser’s female!” It makes it even better. Her best female friend — her best female BFF — didn’t believe the story.

Okay, I’m sorry. I know a bunch of Lelands and none of them are women. Do you know a female Leland? Pardon me for the assumption. Of all the things Trump has done that infuriates the left, it’s his judicial appointments. Folks, he nominated and had confirmed — and you need to credit the Turtle for this. The Turtle has made this happen. McConnell. After thirty-two months in office, Trump has succeeded in confirmations of more than 152 judges.

And they are for life. And they are the direct counter to the left’s attempt to take over the country via the judicial branch. ‘Cause you know as well as I do, the judicial branch is the last word. “Whenever a court says something on anything, that’s it! That’s where we go! That’s the final arbiter.” The left has known this for years. They’ve been happy for the interpretation of laws not to occur in Congress but on the judiciary level because they have opted it. And Trump is not even done.

He’s just into his third year. These nominations are gonna continue. He has seriously changed the composition of the dreaded Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which the left used to own hands down. We’ve got more conservative judges on that court than we’ve ever had. This is driving them crazy. You’ll never see a Democrat-in-the-media news story on this. They do not do stories on their weaknesses or what’s bothering them, other than when other Democrats let ’em down.

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