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RUSH: I don’t know about you. I’ve about had it with what’s his name, Jorge Ramos. He was one of the moderators. And all he wanted to know (doing impression), “What is your opinion of immigrants? Do you like immigrants? Because of course this country is nothing more than about immigrants. Do you like immigrants, illegal or legal or otherwise? And what would you do with immigrants?”

This is another thing. Biden’s out there — no, I can’t talk about this because I’ve got a caller coming up that wants to talk about it, and if I talk about it, I would steal the thunder of the caller. That would be unfair, so I’ll wait.


RUSH: Howdy, Jacksonville, Florida. Great to have you with us, sir.

CALLER: Hey, thanks for having me on, Rush. I appreciate it. And you are a beacon of truth in an otherwise insane world.

RUSH: Well, I appreciate that, sir. I know how you feel. I feel the same way.

CALLER: You know, something that happened last night really bothered me. Biden was defending his partnership with Barack Obama, flatly declared that we didn’t cage kids, we didn’t separate families. And everybody knows that’s been debunked, and not one of the other competitors and not one of the moderators called him out on it.

RUSH: Well, of course not. Of course not. This is what I was gonna mention, and I saw that you were up there, Howdy, and were gonna talk about this and I did not want to steal the subject matter of your call. But this has become, the fact that we’re putting kids in cages, this is one of these fake news stories that the Democrats in the media simply evolved with the help of Democrats in politics, elected Democrats, and it’s become a meme. It has become its own hashtag on Twitter and so forth.

And even the most popular picture, the most used picture of illegal immigrant kids inside a shelter, was taken in 2014. Who happened to be president in 2014? Barack Hussein O. Children were separated from their parents. Parents, both illegally immigrating and claiming asylum.

I’ll go through this again. This is the Flores decision, which is a decision from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, brought about by the ACLU. The ACLU created this scenario. And they did it because they thought they were solving a problem. When an adult comes in with a family and claims asylum, that person is immediately detained. The adult claiming asylum is detained, separated from the kids.

The kids are taken to a shelter that’s built for this purpose. This has been around for years, long before Trump even thought about running for president. The average length of time an adult claiming or seeking asylum is detained is 20 days, three weeks. The law says kids cannot be detained more than 20 days. They’ve gotta be let go. But the father or mother will be detained for however long it takes for the asylum hearing to take place.

And so families have been separated by virtue of American law, that happened during the Obama administration and before, kids being separated, photographed behind chain link fences, these pictures are from the Obama administration.

Now, every Democrat knows, Howdy, and every Democrat in the media knows that this has been standard operating procedure. It just became fake news, a way to attack Trump as a heartless, mean-spirited extremist racist. They know that nobody’s gonna correct ’em. Last night was proof of it.

Biden can sit here, go on and on about, “We didn’t put kids in cages.” They most certainly did! But other Democrats are not gonna call him out on it, and certainly the Democrats moderating the debate were not gonna call him out, so he gets away with it. They’ve already gotten away with it. It’s already become a narrative. And Trump has tried and tried to refute it. He’s refuted it with facts. He’s had guests on TV go out. It doesn’t matter. The original lie is out there, and as long as those purveying the lie, Democrats in the media, it’s gonna continue. It’s gotten to the point now that even if there were a correction, nobody would hear the correction.

So it’s just — I don’t know. What do you call it? It’s a phony, fake narrative that has been etched in stone and established. And you know who really believes it? These bordering on insane Democrat base voters. Sometimes I’ll go read a sports story on the Web and I’ll hang around for the comments. You wouldn’t believe the story on Antonio Brown, the number of comments from left wingers attacking Trump. “It could be worse, Antonio, Trump could have put you in a cage with your kids.”

I say, “What is this?” These knuckleheads, these loco weeds — and they all think they’re brilliant – they’ve bought it hook, line, and sinker. It plays well for the Democrats because what do they stand for? Compassion. They love children. They’re the ones killing them! Democrats are sponsoring infanticide. They are now supporting abortion on the day of birth! They are supporting abortion after birth. I’m as mystified at the Democrats getting away with loving and caring about kids as you are, Biden getting away with claiming that they never put kids in cages. They most certainly did. Thank you, Howdy.

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