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RUSH: A vegan activist… Why does a vegan have to be an “activist”? Well, anyway, there was one in Spain. She made headlines last week. She claimed that she was severely beaten while rescuing poor little bunny rabbits from a local farm. In a social media post, the activist — who calls herself “Mythical Mia” — said that she and a bunch of her accomplices entered a privately-owned rabbit farm, where they saved 16 lives.

She said the farmer was extremely aggressive, attacking the activists with metal poles. So the police were called, and they ordered the vegan activists to leave — and they did. Only to be chased down the highway by a group of farmers, who surrounded their cars. The police were called again. They rescued the vegan activists from the angry farmers, and escorted them to a safe place.

The story’s still not over.

In all the chaos, in their zeal to rescue bunny rabbits, the vegan activists reportedly killed five rabbits who were about to give birth. Other rabbits were fatally injured. Sadly, many of the rabbits that were “rescued” by the vegans were mother bunnies who had been nursing baby bunnies, who couldn’t survive without them. In total, 100 rabbits had to be euthanized because these vegan activists decided they wanted to rescue 16 bunnies.

These are the ingredients of a left-wing vegan rabbit stew which nobody with a lick of sense should want to consume. Why do we need vegan activists. Activists for what? If you want to eat that stuff, eat it! Leave us alone!

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