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RUSH: Here’s Mark in Saint Anne, Illinois, as we head back to the phones. Great to have you, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Hey, I just wanted to say that the reason conservatives supported Trump and will do so again is he kept his promise. He’s nominated conservative judges at every level, particularly the Supreme Court. And this is the biggest threat to the Democrats is the ability to lose at the only tool they have to move their agenda.

RUSH: Well, it certainly is what they use for insurance for when they lose elections. There’s no question that the nomination of justices to the Supreme Court… (chuckles) That’s why Ruth Bader Ginsburg, they are going to do — and she will too — whatever is necessary. They’re living in mortal fear that something is gonna happen to another Democrat justice. Can I cut through the noise here, my friends? I like to do this. I mean, just cut to the quick, straight to the heart of the matter.

Something the Never Trumpers don’t get — and it amazes me that they don’t. Now, I know that they’re from the Washington establishment. I know that they don’t think and didn’t think all during the Obama administration and into the campaign of 2005-’16… They didn’t think the country was in crisis. They didn’t think that open-borders immigration posed any kind of threat. They just didn’t see it, because where they live there wasn’t a crisis. Where they live and work there wasn’t anything wrong. There wasn’t anything bad!

Everything is doing great where they live and work: Washington, D.C., and their conclave, enclaves in New York. So they didn’t see it, and so they mocked and made fun of Republicans voters who were really worried about the future of their country, starting with Obama and his out-of-control expansion of government on this alone and everything. What Trump represents… It’s not complicated, and it’s why his support doesn’t waver. He is the only…

If you know, if you are very much attuned and aware of the problem is we face, then you know what’s necessary to stop it. The left has to be defeated. The Democrat Party, the American left has to be defeated. Donald Trump is the only person who can do it. He’s the only person with an agenda that’s rooted in them losing! You want to know why the Access Hollywood video didn’t bother Trump, didn’t hurt; why none of the traditional things that destroy a candidacy worked? The reason they just bounced off Trump… It’s multifaceted.

Part of it is Trump’s personality and the fact that he was a well-known figure before all this happened and his warts and all have already been on display, but it’s really no more complicated than the people that voted for Donald Trump know full well the Democratic Party has to be stopped.

The American left has to be defeated, pure and simple. And if Trump’s the only guy they can vote for who is gonna give that possibility a chance then they’re gonna vote for him, and they’re going to stick with him. They’re gonna continue to support him. They’re gonna continue to vote for him. Because the enemy, the political enemy is the left, is liberalism, is socialism, is communism.

It’s not tough. It doesn’t take a four-year or six-year college education to figure this out. What’s stunning is that the so-called intellectuals and brightest people in the world don’t even see this threat. They think it’s a joke. They think this is paranoia and it is the runaway actions of small-minded people to be worried. The country’s not in crisis. Open borders isn’t a problem. We’re all a nation of immigrants.

The fact that they don’t see — you talk about an existential threat, the existential threat is not climate change. The existential threat is the Democrat Party. The existential threat is the American left as represented by the media and the Democrats. And so it isn’t complicated at all. It’s why Trump was elected. And it’s why his support isn’t gonna waver no matter what they try. Trump cannot tweet his supporters away.

The only thing Trump could do to harm himself is change his agenda. Trump’s the only guy that can destroy himself. The left can’t. They haven’t figured it out yet. The media can’t, even though they think they probably already have done great damage. They don’t know that they’re really just landing glancing blows. If the objective is to separate Trump supporters from Trump, that has not happened yet, and it isn’t going to.


RUSH: We head back to the phones to Kevin in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Welcome, sir.

CALLER: Rush, hey. Thank you so much for taking my call. First-time caller.

RUSH: Welcome.

CALLER: I was chomping at the bit a couple hours ago when you almost came out and you almost told us why Trump got elected in 2016. And I really want to know your opinion on that because I need to know that I am not completely off base on this.

RUSH: Well, now, wait a minute. Are you suggesting that I did not finish or complete a thought or something out there?

CALLER: Yeah. But maybe it was not key to the conversation at the time but I —

RUSH: Do you happen to remember specifically what I said and then where I left you hanging?

CALLER: Yeah. Something about the fact that they forgot, or they don’t remember why Trump got elected in 2016 —

RUSH: Okay. I was talking about the Never Trumpers and these guys, these three Republicans running against Trump, and they’re clueless! “We need to restore the Republican Party back to what it was.” And we were talking about when the Republican Party was lost. I remember. They lost it after Reagan because they let conservatism go, they opposed it.

But the reason Trump got elected, I kind of just touched on it in my last comment but let me add something to it. It’s really no more complicated than his phrase “Make America Great Again.” Now, let me ask you something, Kevin. Why would a phrase like that make people mad?

CALLER: Because that’s inferring that it never was great to begin with.

RUSH: Well, no. No, no. Stop and think of this. Who in this country would not want America to be great? How in the world is making America great again controversial?

CALLER: The other side.

RUSH: I’m asking you why.

CALLER: Hmm, well, the other side, of course, doesn’t want Trump to succeed. So he can’t make —

RUSH: No, no. Make America Great Again. You put a MAGA hat on somebody and they’re gonna get beat up partly because it’s Trump, but there are people who are literally offended at the concept of America being made great again.

CALLER: Yeah. Yeah.

RUSH: Do you understand that? Intellectually do you understand? Who would not want their country to be great?

CALLER: Huh. I’m not sure.

RUSH: Well, try the Democrat Party! I’m walking you through my answer here. So here’s the answer to the question. Make America Great Again is one of the greatest campaign slogans because in four words it is the equivalent of a full-fledged policy manual. It nailed what millions of Americans have feared was happening to their country, that we were fading, that we were not maintaining our status and primarily economically.

When Obama comes along and his team and says, “You know what? The days in America where every generation can expect to do better than their parents, those days are over.” That, no, they are not. They’re not gonna be over without a fight at least. We’re not gonna succumb to this. Make America Great Again is nothing more complicated than people being fed up with the left’s attempt to diversify this country and redefine it in ways outside of our founding.

Millions of American voters are well aware of the fact that the Democrat Party is made up now in its mainstream of people that do not like this country, that think that it’s unjust, it’s immoral, that it was racist and bigoted and sexist and all of this stuff from the very beginning, even prior to its founding, and the Democrat candidates are out making this point every time that they can. They’re now claiming that 1619 was which America was founded, when the first slaves arrived.

Well, millions of Americans don’t hate their country. Millions of Americans don’t think their country is guilty. Millions of Americans think this is the greatest place on earth. They feel blessed to be here and they’re sick and tired of this country being blamed for everything. They’re sick and tired of an entire political party blaming them.

When you start blaming America, you’re blaming people! A nation is its people! America’s not some soulless, faceless entity. It’s made up of 320 million people, and the vast majority of the them are sick and tired of being told they’re the problem, that they’re to blame for America’s prosperity! There’s nothing wrong with prosperity. There’s nothing wrong with an ever-expanding standard of living and quality of life!

And they don’t want to elect people that are gonna reverse that. They don’t want to elected people who think America’s best days are behind us. They don’t believe it, and they don’t want to reward people who think that. Trump got elected because he believes in America like the vast majority of people who live in this country believe in it. He wants to defend it and build it back like a vast majority of people in America want to defend it and build it back. And so we are.

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