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RUSH: Jerry from Detroit, you’re on next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Mr. L, how are you?

RUSH: Good, sir. Thank you for calling.

CALLER: I’m going to come at you from a little different direction than you’re used to. I’m going to give you about 20 seconds of context so you know how to answer this. I found you a little less than three years ago driving in the car with my friend. I’ve been listening to you ever since. You have actually changed the way I think as a person. You have no idea the impact you have on some people. And I just wanted to get this point across to you. I never did homework as a kid. But I became a student of yours. I take notes every single day. I actually spend time on weekends going over the stuff of how you come up with the stuff you do and then I don’t know what to do with all this information. So my question is what do you want us to do with all this stuff that we learn from you? You know?

RUSH: This is such a great question! By golly, you have zeroed in on something. Let me do something first for you. I appreciate your taking notes. And I will tell you this. Taking notes and writing down what you’ve heard helps you remember it exponentially. So you’re doing something really right there.

But I want to offer you a subscription to my website, Rushlimbaugh.com. You don’t have to take notes anymore if you don’t want to. Every transcript is reprinted. Every monologue, you can watch it, you can listen to it. And it’s right there on the Web. You can print out what you need and carry it around with you. I’d like to offer you that, because you’re into this and I cannot emphasize that writing down will facilitate how much you remember. It’s the primary way that I studied when I did.

CALLER: I appreciate it. I accept.

RUSH: Okay. So when the call is over, don’t hang up. Somebody will pick up the phone and get the information necessary from you to give you a lifetime username and password. This is a $50-a-year subscription that you’re gonna get for life because you have qualified here.

Now, what do you do with all that you’re learning? You’re essentially asking me why am I doing this, in one sense. I don’t mean that in an attack way. What you’re to do with this is to share it with others. You are to become an extension of me. You are to become a confident expert in whatever it is that happens here that interests you that you have therefore taken a special amount of time to learn.

You are to use it to spread it to others. You are to use it to continue to shape your life and to have it affect the way you live, the decisions that you make. And you become a role model and then you find other like-minded people and keep doing the same thing. This is how — I don’t want to equate this to a classroom because this is a radio show. But it’s a learning process.

I can’t tell you how flattered I am to get your reaction to this show and what it means to you. You’re to use what you know when you vote. You’re to use what you know when you make decisions on issues as you follow them. You’re to use what you know to become the go-to guy in your circle of friends who has the answers. You don’t say, “Well, Rush said it.” It’s because you said it. You say it with confidence because you know it and believe it.

And that’s what you do with it. You help others. You spread the word. That’s going way beyond voting. That’s a classic question. It’s exactly why I’m doing this, to expand the universe of knowledge out there in a usable way by people.


RUSH: What do I do with what I know? I tell you and everybody I can, and I live my life that way, and that’s what you should do. Tell other people. Spread the word. Become an evangelist.

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