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RUSH: I’ve had a lot of people react here to my recitation about Mayor Pete, Mayor Pete comparing climate change to World War II.  And couple of them are very interesting.  One note says, “Dear Mr. Limbaugh:  Very interesting that Little Petey compared global warming to the country fighting World War II.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made the same comparison.  We have to remember something, Mr. Limbaugh.  The Millennials, Generation Y, Generation Z, Generation X have had such a comparatively safe, cushy, secure life.

“They’ve not had to fight any battles, really.  They’ve not had to put themselves on the line.  They don’t have anything in their lives that they can say they tackled and that they triumphed over, that they persevered, that they won.  So they have decided, Mr. Limbaugh, that climate change is their battlefield.  To compare World War II to the made-up scam of climate change is, of course, ridiculous, Mr. Limbaugh, exactly as you say.  I couldn’t say it any better.  But these young people are so in search of having some kind of meaning in their lives.

“They have to avoid historical facts to feel better about their luxurious lives.  They’ve grown up hearing about World War II and the Greatest Generation.  They’ve grown up hearing about Vietnam.  They’ve grown up hearing about all the hardships and the suffering, the sacrifices.  They haven’t had to do any of this.  You’re exactly right, Mr. Limbaugh, when you say Baby Boomers and others have had to invent their own traumas to convince themselves life has challenges.  I can assure you that people living in Hong Kong right now are not freaking worried about climate change.

“That would be a luxury they cannot afford as they fight for their very freedom from a communist country.  But our wealthy-by-comparison, safe, cushy, comfortable Millennials need something to make themselves think they are tough and that they can beat back, and climate change is it.” That’s an interesting theory, wouldn’t you say?  And then the official climatologist of the EIB Network, Dr. Spencer from the University Alabama-Huntsville sends a note.  “You know what, Rush, I agree with that caller although I have a different take on the comparison.

“Mayor Pete is trying to make it sound like it’s patriotic that fight climate change that we will win like World War II, but that it will be difficult,” which is true, because it’s gonna be impossible. (laughing) This is a non-beatable, non-solvable, never-ending thing.  We can’t stop whatever the climate’s gonna do.”  Dr. Spencer says, “People may die in the process.  Mayor Pete is preparing people they may die!  People are gonna have to sacrifice.  People are gonna have to give up a lot.

“It’s a clever way of convincing Americans to do something that will be painful and hurtful and hard and challenging and difficult and tough, but so rewarding.”  So these two notes basically have the same premise. That is, Mayor Pete’s tapping into the idea that young leftists — despite being perennially unhappy and angry and aggrieved and feeling filled with injustice — really haven’t had to battle anything.  They had to make at all up.  So climate change here is their battlefield, their moment, their time for greatness to push back the biggest enemy!

“You World War II people, you beat Hitler?  Big deal!  We’ve got to beat the climate.  We’ve got to beat global warming.”  Believe me, I can understand the seductive nature of this — and it’s, again, rooted in fear.  Look what they’re on the verge of convincing people to do: Give up freedom, give up prosperity, give up opportunity, basically to become ensnared in lives of… What’s the word I’m looking for? Absence? They’re not gonna have much.  They’re gonna give up their cars. They’re gonna give up electricity.

They’re gonna give up air-conditioning. They’re gonna give up jet planes. They’re gonna give up semi-trucks. They’re gonna give up… Oh, man, are they gonna give up everything!  Man, will their lives have meaning, and when they win, when they beat the global warming… (laughing) Can you imagine VC Day? Victory Over Climate Change?  Can you imagine that parade in Times Square?  And who’s gonna be the big enemy?  The sun.  They have a model of the sun. No, I’m sorry.  The sun is not a factor in climate change.  Forgive me!

The sun, sunspots, actual things that do contribute to how hot or cold or whatever the weather is? Those are not permitted in the argument.


RUSH: You know, I got to thinking about something here. I got these two emails pointing out to me that Mayor Pete may be tapping into something. These Millennials and the Generation X and the Z and the Y and even some Baby Boomers have never really known sacrifice. They hear all about the Greatest Generation, World War II, beating back the Nazis, beating back Hitler, saving the world, saving it from the Japanese and all that. And what have they done? They’ve had to invent traumas. They need something in their lives to give them meaning.

They need something where they can say they sacrificed, that they defeated some great evil — and so that’s the fight against climate change. But then something hit me, folks. The leaders of this movement are not gonna be giving up a damn thing. For example, did you see the other day where Prince Harry has been flying all over with his new princess, Meghan Markle, and their new baby? They’re flying all over the place — South of France, visiting Elton John’s house in the South of France — on a private jet. They make excuses. (summarized) “Well, we need to do this!

“We need to fly private, security, privacy, got a baby, and we’re warriors for the cause. We need to be able to get around the world and tell people about it!” The Obamas just bought a house for 15 million big ones in Martha’s Vineyard. Very, very close. It’s on the beach. You think they’re gonna be suffusing anything? You think any of these leaders of the climate change movement are gonna be giving up a damn thing? Leonardo, whatever, DiCaprio? None of these people are gonna be giving up a damn thing! They’re not gonna be giving up their big houses.

Algore hasn’t given up anything! Algore’s carbon footprint is bigger than almost anybody’s. They don’t give up anything! There’s not gonna be any sacrifice among the leaders. They’re gonna have their mansions. They’re gonna have their private planes and their yachts, and they’re gonna be burning all kinds of fossil fuel for their own lives, and they’re not gonna be playing games with their thermostats. They’re gonna set their thermostats wherever they want ’em, and they’re not gonna be driving around in little electric golf carts.

They’re not gonna be giving up their guns, and they’re not gonna be giving up their private security team! And they will tell their beguiled followers, “We must have these things for the security of the movement, because, after all, we are the intellectual leadership, and we must survive, and we must be able to continue to proselytize the cause,” and they will not be accused of hypocrisy by their own followers.

So their own followers — the hoi polloi, the great unwashed — will continue to sacrifice, will give up everything for the sake of the movement, while their leaders continue to live increasingly luxurious lifestyles. Am I wrong about this? Ain’t no way I am wrong. No Democrat has stopped jet travel. No Democrat is reducing their CO2 footprint. They’re not demanding the ChiComs do it. in fact, they want to be the ChiComs! They’re gonna be filling up Instagram with photos of all of their vacations and all of their trips.

You watch.

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