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RUSH: Have you seen the Drive-Bys going nuts over Trump supposedly doctoring the forecast? Hell, folks, that forecast track was changing every two hours! Have you seen the number of people that create their own forecast? “Yeah, but, Rush, he’s president, he couldn’t –” I don’t want to make a big deal of this, but if you look at one of the early tracks, the long range did have just a little bit of shade going into Alabama.

But look at all the lies about climate change the Democrat Party’s putting out. This thing on CNN last night, this is an absolute disaster. And I finally — you know what? I’ve been attacking climate change here in a substantive way, you know, I’ve kind of chided climate change scientists. Don’t combat this on the science. You’re gonna lose people.

And, of course, the scientists I say this to don’t want to give up the science ’cause that’s their level of expertise and they think they can push back by disputing the science. There isn’t any science in this. This is all politics. There’s no science to climate change, man-made. It’s all made up.

But, really, if you look at this thing on CNN last night, what it all boils down to, they spent seven hours last night trying to scare people to death. That is what they are doing. And I think it is time — I’m saying this to myself as much as to you — I think it’s time to stop dealing with this from the standpoint, “Look, it can’t be happening, we don’t have the ability to make the climate change, we can’t create the weather, control the weather, we can’t start a hurricane, stop a hurricane.” That’s the wrong way to go about it.

It reminds me of back in the days when the Democrats were telling every seasoned citizen that Republicans were gonna take away their Social Security. It never happened, but they damn well thought it might and so they voted Democrat all the time. Why? Because they were scared. They were scared that it might happen, and they couldn’t take the chance.

It’s the same thing here. Seven hours last night. Nothing but scaring people literally to death last night is what the objective was. And so the task in dealing with people who, for whatever reason, are inclined to accept this drivel, it’s because they’re scared. And they want to not be scared. And so if the Democrats have ways to solve this, like things last night – and we’ll get into this in detail — stop eating meat.

Andrew Yang: We’re gonna take away your gasoline car. We’re gonna force you to drive an electric car. Kamala Harris was talking about straws. It was an absolute joke. But if you put yourself in the shoes, in the bra and panties, in the clothes of somebody who’s scared listening to this stuff, well, it’s gonna affect ’em. And we know, sadly, how many people still do treat as gospel what they see in the Drive-By Media.

So we’ll get through it. We got audio sound bites from it. It’s a joke. It’s absolutely ridiculous. But then you have to stop and realize, folks, look at how many young people want socialism. And we sit here, we reasonable people who have lots of history education and understanding, we look at this unbelievingly, how in the world? Because they don’t know what it is. They don’t know what socialism is. They haven’t been taught what socialism is.

All they think about socialism is this grand plan with there’s no suffering and there’s no want. There’s no debt. You get what you want because the government’s gonna provide. And everybody’s gonna get it. That’s what they think socialism is. And all of this matters in terms of how we approach these people.

I don’t think it’s enough to say, “Rush, there’s not enough of them to win an election.” Well, maybe not right now, but this stuff’s gotta be stopped, folks. There has to be an arrest in the forward motion of the Democrat Party and the American left on this stuff. They’re dumbing down people, they’re poisoning people.


RUSH: Last night at this scare fest, seven hours on CNN — and I’m gonna run through the individual proposals that were made by the participants. We’ve got audio to share with you as well.  Bernie Sanders suggested mass abortion. Look, I’m aware most of you didn’t watch this last night, and I would not blame you.  CNN admitted that it was gonna be a tough thing to draw an audience, this seven hours of the same subject with boring people.  But they said (summarized), “Ratings are not the thing.  We have a higher calling!

“We have a greater duty.  Ratings don’t matter.”  Of course they’ll say that since they don’t have any!  But somebody watched this thing.  One of the things Crazy Bernie suggested: Mass abortions as a means of population control to save the planet.  Now, he’s serious, folks.  The thing that you have to accept is they are serious.  These people — and it’s been part of climate so-called science for 30 years.  These people believe the greatest threat to the planet is humanity, is man.  We are not part of nature.  We’re somehow a “natural interruptus,” and we must be pared down.


RUSH: I want to stick with this Democrat scaremongering seven hours last night on CNN, ’cause I now… I mean, I’ve always known they’re trying to scare people, and I’ve always known they’re trying to do it with pseudoscience.  But this was a seven-hour, focused and condensed attempt here.  Virtually everything said last night was untrue, and the solutions that were proposed last night are downright scary.

Now, let me run through just a few of them to give you an example of that which I am speaking: Mass abortion as a means of population control.  Now, those of you who have been regular listeners here from the get-go I’m sure will remember all of the stories that I’ve shared with you over the course of the past three decades where climate wackos, environmentalist wackos literally believe that humanity is the problem.  We are not part of nature.  We’re somehow separate from nature.  Animals are natural. Insects are natural. Plants and animals and so forth, they’re natural.

Water is natural. Dirt, rocks, all that stuff, that’s natural.  We’re not.  We are somehow… We’ve been introduced as aliens in all this, and we’re destroying it, and so the only way to really save the planet is to get rid of people.  Then Paul Ehrlich came out with his book in the seventies called The Population Bomb predicting that by the year 2000 the planet would not be able to feed over half the population of the planet.  He was dead wrong about it!  He’s still an oracle.  He’s still considered an expert at Stanford University.

So as each of these predictions are wildly wrong and are inaccurate, they double down and triple down and make even crazier predictions.  Bernie Sanders literally proposed mass abortion as a means of population control.  In another rally, he told a mother to “shut up” a crying thing.  These people, folks, I’m telling you, they are a step away… They’re proposing mass suicide, is what they’re doing.  Mass abortion is mass suicide! They’re scaring people into thinking there’s no reason to live!  And then they want to get into mass slaughter!

All of this for the climate. All of this to save the planet.

And then he wants to ban the thing that has made us energy independent.  These people have been complaining and whining and moaning that we’re too dependent on the Saudis for oil, too dependent on other parts of the world for our fossil fuel energy. So we become independent. We’re the largest exporter of fossil fuel products, natural gas and oil today — and now they’re complaining about that!  They’re complaining about the process that made that possible, fracking.  They want to ban that.

And it’s working with a lot of young people.

You would not believe, if you took the time to read, what Millennials in journalism are writing about this.  They are scared to death! They believe everything that they heard last night.  You want to hear how bad it’s gotten? I ran across this yesterday, and I said, “This cannot be real.  This has to be a satire site.”  I, as a highly trained broadcast specialist, have no excuse for getting fooled by a satire site.  I mean, other, lesser media people can get fooled by a satire site and say, “Oops.  I didn’t know it was satire!” I can’t do that.

If I tell you something on a satire site is real and I don’t know that it’s satire, I have a big credibility problem.  I thought this was satire; so I double-checked.  It isn’t.  Headline:  “Swedish Researcher Pushes Eating Human Flesh as Answer to Future Climate Change Food Shortages.”  Now, oddly, not a single Democrat candidate suggested a solution to the threat of climate change in food shortages that this Swedish researcher has come up with. But the fact that somebody’s come up with it and it’s been published, means that this guy literally thinks it, and it’s going to get a wide berth.

“Climate Change alarmism has taken a macabre turn that will seem to be satire, but is not. It happened in Sweden. At a summit for food of the future (the climate-ravaged future) called Gastro Summit, in Stockholm September 3-4, a professor held a PowerPoint presentation asserting that we must ‘awaken the idea’ of eating human flesh in the future, as a way of combatting the effects of climate change.” So Crazy Bernie wants mass abortion as a way to limit population growth.  This guy wants cannibalism.

“In a talk titled ‘Can you Imagine Eating Human Flesh?’…” I realize it’s lunchtime for many of you, but there’s no safe time to do this. “In a talk titled ‘Can you Imagine Eating Human Flesh?’ behavioral scientist and marketing strategist Magnus Soderlund from ‘Handelshogskolan’ (College of Commerce) argues for the breaking down of the ancient taboos against [cannibalism] desecrating the human corpse and eating human flesh. He refers to the taboos against it as ‘conservative,'” blaming conservatism for the idea that we don’t eat corpses.

“Conservatives” are the ones limiting this progress, you see?  “He … discusses people’s resistance to it as a problem that could be overcome, little by little, beginning with persuading people to just taste it.”  There’s a video presentation. “He can be seen … saying that since food sources will be scarce in the future, people must be introduced to eating things they have thus far considered disgusting — among them, human flesh.

Who do you think this guy would vote for if he lived in America?  How long before Joe Biden starts quoting this guy, or Crazy Bernie or Mayor Pete or who the hell else knows?  This is the worldwide left.  They are insane, and they’re doing their best to scare everybody.  Some of the other things that happened last night. Telling your kid that the world is going to being uninhabitable unless we trust our freedoms and the entire global economy to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Green New Deal.

I think this is a form of child abuse!  I think there is human and child abuse going on in the Democrat Party, and that’s what this thing was last night!  Telling your kids, telling other people’s kids that the world is gonna be uninhabitable in 12 years, 10 years, 15 or 30 years unless we give up all of our freedoms and let Washington run everything?  That’s child abuse, folks.  I wish somebody… You know, Beto O’Rourke, what he has admitted to telling his children?

Somebody needs to call Child Protective Services and get his kids away from him and into a safer home. For crying out loud, this is mental child abuse, what these people are doing to their own kids! All for the service of the advancement of their political agenda. It’s a doomsday cult. The Democrat Party has become a doomsday cult!

Elizabeth Warren Wednesday night warned we only have 11 years left. It was 12 years not long ago when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez introduced the Green New Deal. Now we’ve got 11 years. I had the newspaper story for you a couple of days ago. In 1989 the United Nations said we only had 11 years until the year 2000. If we didn’t get climate change under control by the year 2000, it was over, hopelessly over. Here we are on the cusp of 2020.

They haven’t been right about anything! They are never right about anything. But it doesn’t matter. I have figured out one of the things the Democrats do. I figured out one of their strategerical intents. You know what it is, Mr. Snerdley? Capture issues that can’t be fixed so that there is no end to the warnings and the danger and the threats. Talk about things that can’t be fixed.

We can’t change the climate. We can’t change the weather. So there’s no end to the fright. There’s no end to the fearmongering and the scaremongering. It just never goes away since there isn’t a solution. Since there really can’t even be any progress. We can’t make any progress in this agenda because we can’t stop nature! We can’t control nature. We are part of it. All we can do is adapt. We adapt to it better than others because we have the ability to think. Other life forms use instinct and evolutionary training and so forth. We are the lone species with the ability to think and adapt intelligently.

But we can’t control anything. That’s perfect for them. That’s perfect. If there’s no solution, then it’s always gonna be getting worse, isn’t it? If there’s no solution, it’s always gonna be getting worse. And if you’re blaming Republicans or conservatives for it, they’re always going to be responsible for it. And if the Republicans don’t care and the Democrats do, if the Republicans don’t care about saving the planet and the Democrats do and they succeed in scaring everybody that the planet is on the break, then who are people gonna vote for?

It’s exactly like what they did with the seasoned citizens, scared them every election. The Republicans are gonna take away their house, take away their health care, take away their Social Security. It never happened. Republicans never made one move toward limiting anything on Social Security. You go out, you talk to seasoned citizens, they say, “Well, yeah, but I can’t take the chance. What if the Republicans do one year try to do it? The Democrats are promising us they won’t. The Democrats are promising they’re gonna protect and save Social Security.”

So you introduce fear into the equation, which they’ve done here. The world is ending. The planet as a habitable place is ending. Republicans don’t care. We Democrats do. And we are gonna do everything we can to try to save this planet for you. Even if it means you lose your freedom and you lose your gun and you have to start eating each other, we are still going to save the planet. Republicans don’t care.

Now, you tack that on to the already successful rebranding of the Republican Party, conservatism as people that don’t care, incompassionate boobs and so forth. And that’s we’re up against. We’re fighting people’s emotions, not their intellect. And that’s what’s frustrating to me. It’s so obvious that this is all bogus. But if people are scared to death that it might happen, then that cancels out every fact that you can present them.


RUSH: Yes siree bob. Welcome back. Rush Limbaugh, doing what I was born to do and having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have while doing it.

Okay. Mayor Pete, little Mayor Pete, South Bend, Indiana, is falling apart. He’s the mayor. Guess that qualifies him as a Democrat to be president. Mayor Pete in this so-called climate change town hall last night on CNN claimed that fighting climate change could be more challenging than winning World War II. Do you realize the intellectual emptiness and vapidness in that statement?

Fighting climate change could be more challenging than winning World War II. What part of the climate is firing back at our soldiers? This is patently absurd. You know, by the way, Crazy Bernie, mass abortions to control the population? Did he specify where he’s going to have these mass abortions? Because, you know, the U.S. birthrate is right about at replacement levels or maybe below. We’re not actually having enough children to maintain the current population. Neither is Germany. Germany’s birthrate is below replacement levels.

You know where they’re having kids out the wazoo? In the Third World. They’re having kids in poor countries all over the world. Is that who Crazy Bernie’s gonna wipe out? Or is Crazy Bernie thinking we gotta abort even more Americans to save the planet? Which country is responsible for all this horror? It’s us, is it not?

And now Mayor Pete says fighting climate change could be more challenging than winning World War II. Quote, “This [battling climate change] is the hardest thing we will have done — certainly in my lifetime as a country. This is on-par with winning WWII — perhaps even more challenging than that.”

Now, folks, this is just absurd. I put myself in the position of neophytes and ignoramuses watching this, believing it, and it scares me. I have to be honest, it scares me. I’ve had 30 years of doing this show and 20 years ago and more we’d be laughing at all this and saying nobody’s ever gonna believe this stuff, nobody’s gonna fall for this, this is insane. And yet here we are.

A whole lot of the Democrat base, a lot of rich white — why do you think these rich billionaires are trying to colonize the Moon and Mars? It’s not just because they can, they buy into this! Some of the wealthiest people in the world buy into this, like this idiot Tom Steyer, who has spent over a hundred million dollars of his own money trying to get Trump impeached and trying to do things about the climate, just wasting, throwing away money.

They believe something that cannot be established, cannot be proven. I don’t know. For as long as this issue is around it’s gonna be a single source of mind-boggling to me that I’m never gonna be able to come to grips with.


RUSH: It turns out Crazy Bernie did say that he wants these mass abortions to take place in the Third World. Well, who lives in the Third World? Where’s the Reverend Jackson? Where’s Al Sharpton? Where’s the civil rights and Congressional Black Caucasians? Bernie Sanders just called for the mass abortions of what we call minorities.


RUSH: We’re gonna start in Boca Raton, Florida, with Tim. Tim great to have you, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you. I think these climate change people need to go to Russia, China, and India where the real polluters are. I think they should go to, like, Red Square, Tiananmen Square, Taj Mahal, and when they’re there I think they should camp out like in LA and San Francisco and urinate and defecate all over the place. And I think CNN should do a town hall meeting from there.

RUSH: Not gonna happen. You’re making the mistake that I have made over the years. This is not really about that. It’s about scaring people. In fact, if you take these people to some of these really polluted places, you could scare them even more. You’re thinking that these people are attacking the United States as the problem and we gotta change life in the United States, which is what the Democrats want to do. The reason they want to do that is simple, power for themselves. They need to disempower as many Americans as possible to achieve their own power objectives as people that run your life, my life, and government.

When it comes to the specifics of climate change, the U.S. is polluting, destroying, and so forth. If you actually would transport people to Shanghai or other places in China or some of the Third World countries where pollution and filth like in San Francisco just run rampant, then you could probably help make the case, “See? This is what’s happening because of climate change.”

Climate change is responsible for everything now. The Democrats are finally admitting that climate change, a single issue, contains everything in their agenda, every psychological pitch, and every solution. That’s why it’s never gonna go away no matter what. Climate change gives them every agenda item they want under one umbrella. And wherever they think they can produce evidence – I mean, how silly is this debate over straws?

Kamala Harris last night made a fool of herself talking about paper straws, plastic straws for half an hour! For a half an hour! Straws as something destroying the planet! “Rush, have you seen the pictures? The poor sea turtle swimming around with a straw up its nose?”

Yes, I’ve seen it.

“Doesn’t that tell you that the climate is in trouble?”

No! It doesn’t tell me a thing of that nature! It tells me that a turtle ran into a straw in the ocean!

“Well, doesn’t that mean that something’s wrong?”

No, it doesn’t mean.

“Doesn’t that mean humanity is guilty for putting straws –”

No, it doesn’t mean anything of the sort. It means a turtle couldn’t adapt to it. The turtle was still alive, swimming around, somebody got the straw out of its nose. Everything is fine. The turtle might have liked it for all we know! Hell, we already turn the lights off for the damn things. What else are we supposed to do? (interruption) What? “Be careful, Rush?” We do! I founded the Save the Turtle Foundation. I started the charity, ran an ad. (interruption) What’s that? Well, since the hurricane didn’t hit here I don’t think any turtle deaths washed away. If it did, don’t blame me, I wasn’t here.

That’s another thing. My lights are going to destroy the giant sea turtle population? Anyway, see this guy is making my case. He’s exactly right. Climate change, let’s show people where it really is. It wouldn’t convince them. “It would show ’em the United States is not guilty.” No, it wouldn’t. It would show them how we better get a handle on this or we’re all gonna end up looking like the Third World, because that’s what they have been frightened to believe. Look, folks, it’s really frustrating to not be able to prevail in an argument with fact and truth. I know how frustrating that is, believe me.


RUSH: We have a little montage here, some sound from this… This wasn’t a debate. The last thing in the world this thing last night was on CNN was a debate. What it was, was sheer lunacy. It was like an auction to see who can bid the lowest. We have a montage here. Amy Klobuchar, Julian Castro, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Beto O’Rourke, Fauxcahontas. Fauxcahontas promised to get rid of nuclear power. Did you hear that?

She’s gonna shut down every nuclear power plant! She’s gonna destroy the atom. She’s gonna make sure we can’t make anything nuclear anymore. The only solution to fossil fuels, folks, is nuclear power. If we’re gonna get rid of nuclear power… Well, we can’t! We can’t get rid of fossil fuels! We cannot do it! Our economy would come to a screeching halt if we ever really did this! Anyway, here’s the montage. Just give a quick listen to it…

KLOBUCHAR: We have to go to carbon neutral by no later than 2050.

CASTRO: …we need to hit, in the United States by 2045, to get to net zero.

BOOKER: … zero-emission electricity by 2030 and a carbon neutral country by 2045.

HARRIS: By 2045, we will have zero-emission vehicles only. By 2030, we will have electric school buses!

O’ROURKE: …get to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Halfway there by 2030.

FAUXCAHONTAS: By 2028, we don’t have any more new building that has any carbon footprint. By 2030, we do the same thing on vehicles — and by 2035, we do the same thing on electric generation.

BIDEN: I’d love to do it by 2030! I’d love to do it by 2035! There’s a lot we have to do by 2030!

BUTTIGIEG: We’ve gotta do it as quickly as humanly possible!

RUSH: This is just absurd.

BUTTIGIEG: I’m not gonna quibble over a five-year difference.

RUSH: That was Biden in there saying, “I’d love to do it by 2030! I’d love to do it by 2035! There’s a lot we have to do by 2030!” That’s just a lifetime politician putting syllables together. That’s not even coherent thought coming from Biden. The rest of these people are also making it up! Do you realize the U.S. carbon…? I’m gonna give you a shocking stat here: U.S. carbon emissions today are equal to what they were in 1985. We’re making progress. Are these people even claiming credit for it?

You’d think if we’re limiting our carbon footprint, if we are actually limiting pollution (which is what all this is), if we’re succeeding wildly — more than any other country on earth — because of capitalism…? If we’re successful, why aren’t they out taking credit for it? Why are they out there continuing to say it’s getting worse and uncontrollably so and leading to the point of mass death? Because it’s a political agenda. It has no end. It has no solution. It has only current and constant blame. If these people were worth their salt, they would be claiming credit for the progress that is being made.

They don’t even have the sense to do that. But what is all of this 2050, 2045, 2030? Other Democrats are telling us, “We’ve only got 11 years now!” In 1989, we only had 11 years. The survivability of this issue is a breathtaking testament to something. Because virtually every prediction made by every so-called credible source in this whole issue has yet to be right about anything, and yet the issue is as big and frightening as ever. So we are faced with the hard, cold reality that facts and truth are of no use in the political arena where this issue is being discussed.

‘Cause I’m telling you, folks, not a single one of these predictions of doom, demise — of us, oceans, animals, whatever — has been right. They haven’t been right yet. Yeah, we still… We have people debate them on the science. We still credit their premise by accepting their premise and discussing their premise with ’em. They haven’t been right about anything! And they sit there and have conniption fits over Trump making markings on a hurricane cone? The lies and the distortions they have created and published with their hockey stick charts and all the other hogwash they have manufactured to prove something that isn’t happening? Those people get awards. They get Pulitzers. They get Nobels. They got whatever the hell else.

Back to the phones we go. Bruce in Fairfax, Virginia. Glad you called, sir. I appreciate you waiting. Hello.

CALLER: Yes. Thank you for taking my call, Rush. I just have one thing to say and that’s 1.3 degrees centigrade per century — 1.3-degrees centigrade per century. That’s our current warming rate and, frankly, that should scare no one.

RUSH: Well, let’s analogize it. That would be the equivalent of trying to take the salt out of the ocean by drooping a glass of water in it every year.

CALLER: Well, the warming rate is not very great, okay? I think that one of these things that should be asked of these Democratic candidates is, number one, “What is the warming rate?” None of them would be able to answer. Number two, “What would your legislation do to change it?” One of the things that frustrates me is that the Republicans keep bringing up the price tag on this, and my point is that if you concede the basic premise that we’re in “an existential crisis,” price doesn’t matter. We need to take on the global warming argument on its merits.

RUSH: Exactly. Exactly. But they want to get in on it by saying, “Well, here’s my plan. I want to spend some money too, not as much as the Democrats. Here’s my plan to battle climate change,” because they think they’ve already lost it in public opinion. They think they’ve lost public opinion so they need to get in on it the same way that Republicans deal with practically everything, except guns and abortion. They hold their ground on that. But on stuff like this, they just capitulate — and not everybody Republican holds his ground on abortion. I understand.

CALLER: Well, I really thank you for taking my call because I have a deep conviction that this 1.3-degree centigrade per century number needs to become a household fact every house in America.

RUSH: I understand. But my point today is I don’t think it would change one mind of one Millennial, because they don’t believe it on the science. They think they do, but they’ve just been scared to death. They just want action. “Oh, 1.3 Celsius? That… that’s too much. We can’t afford that.” That’s what they would tell you. You ask the candidates, you know, how much their legislation would reduce the warming? “That’s not the point.

“We need to attack every aspect of this. The warming is only one aspect of this thing.” They’d come out with some more drivel and bilge about it that would just murky the waters. And the Republicans, I mean, what they’d do? (chuckles) “Let’s build another think tank and let’s write some more policy papers! Let’s hope they get published, and that’s how we’ll battle it. We’ll battle ’em at the think tank!” Right on. That’s, by the way, where the Never Trumpers hang out, and how big are they?


RUSH: Sound bite audio number 21, if you would.  Cory Booker this afternoon, CNN International.  He was on with Christiane Amanpour.  You remember yesterday we had an audio sound bite from her where she was challenging General Mattis to do (impression) “his duty, his duty” to slam President Trump.  So now she’s talking to Cory Booker.  She said, “How do you convince people that climate change is an election issue as well as an existential issue?”

BOOKER:  This is the irony. My — my nation that I love and will — would die for is that we live in a nation (snickers) that has the only major political party on the planet Earth — and you know this in Europe.

AMANPOUR: Mmm-hmm.

BOOKER: There are right-wing parties, left-wing parties.

AMANPOUR: Mmm-hmm.

BOOKER: But we are the only nation that has a major political party that denies climate science and says, “This is not a problem.”

RUSH:  Ooh.  See that?  See that’s exactly, exactly what I said in the first hour about how they are approaching this. “Climate science.”  There isn’t any science.  It’s pseudo.  It’s unprovable.  It has never been proven. We’re the only party that says it’s not a problem?  Cory Booker.  Marianne Williamson.  She’s out there trying to secure the Democrat presidential nomination, and she has been the recipient of a bunch of hate. (interruption) Oh, yeah.

Andrew Yang.  I see him on TV.  He said (summarized), “It’s gonna be hard! It’s gonna be hard, but we’re gonna have to take people’s gasoline-powered cars away from ’em if we’re gonna succeed.  We’re gonna have to do that! Maybe a buyback program or something, but we’re gonna have to do that.  It’s gonna be really hard.  We’re gonna have to take away all of these cars, replace them with electric vehicles” that use what to charge them? It’s electricity, powered by what?  Coal!  Which is a dirty, rotten fossil fuel.  Can’t keep up.

Then Kamala Harris was talking about straws.


RUSH: Rochester, New York.  John, great to have you.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hey, Rush.  How are you?

RUSH:  Good, sir.  Thank you.

CALLER:  Thanks for taking my call today.  I love what you do each and every day.

RUSH:  Thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER:  My wife is gonna flip when she finds out I talked to you (chuckles), ’cause she’s such a huge fan.  She gets irritated when you’re not on.  In any event, the reason I called in today was, you know, you deal with all these crazy people about climate change, the Green Raw Deal and all that kind of nonsense. In the past, I’ve just taken the approach of stipulating, “All right.  All that is true.  And today we need to get rid of cows and gas and fossil fuels, cars.

“And all of that accuse stuff, and do so all around the world, not just in the U.S.”  So to do that, you point out, well, I’ve got seven billion other people on the planet alive today.  And if you get rid of all the internal combustion engines, how would you grow food, harvest food, transport food, store food, cook food, and do so each and every day in a way that you could feed seven billion people,” many of which are children, I’d like to point out.  You’ve gotta do that every day.  I just don’t know how you begin to do that without fossil fuels.

RUSH:  Well, you wouldn’t.

CALLER:  Right.

RUSH: You would abort them.  Bernie Sanders addressed this last night.

CALLER: (chuckles)

RUSH: There would be mass abortions to rid the world of Third World overpopulation.  Crazy Bernie said… In fact, I’ve got the sound bite here.  Audio sound bite number six and seven here.  Here, listen to this with me, John.  This the first of two sound bites coming up here.

SANDERS:  The answer is “yes” (snickers), and the answer has everything to do with the fact that women in the United States of America, by the way, have a right to control their own bodies —

FOLLOWERS: (applause)

SANDERS: — and make reproductive decisions.  I think especially in poor countries be around the world where women do not necessarily want to have large numbers of babies, and where they can have the opportunity — through birth control — to control the number of kids they have, something I very, very strongly, uh, support.

RUSH:  Okay.  So this is genuine evil.  It’s genuine lunacy.  It’s Crazy Bernie supporting population control through abortion in the Third World. Get rid of poor people of color so you wouldn’t have to feed seven billion, John, see?  It’s simple.


RUSH: It sure does sound to me like Crazy Bernie is now all of a sudden a believer in white supremacy, white nationalism. He wants to abort poor people of color, babies around the world, population control, for climate change. Bernie Sanders announced on CNN last night he wants to zap, under the guise of women’s reproductive rights, gazillions of babies of color. If that’s not white supremacy, I don’t know what is.

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