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Sep 4, 2019


American Greatness: The Two Ticking Time Bombs of the Coming Election
FOXNews: Shrinking Field of Dem Presidential Candidates is Bad News for Trump – Here’s Why – Doug Schoen
CNBC: Walmart Plans to Dramatically Step Back from Ammunition Sales After ‘Horrific’ Shootings
Breitbart: San Francisco Supervisors Vote Unanimously to Designate NRA ‘Domestic Terrorist Organization’
Washington Post: Rep. Bill Flores Becomes 15th House Republican to Announce Plans to Exit Chamber
Breitbart: Andrew Yang to CNN: Better to Report on Hurricane Dorian than Talk About Climate Change
New York Post: Thousands to Attend BBQ Outside Home of Vegan Who Sued Neighbors Over Smelly Meats
National Review: Storming Back to the Impeachment Charade – Andew McCarthy
Daily Caller: Whoopi Goldberg Shreds Debra Messing Over Blacklisting Trump Supporters
Daily Wire: ‘Will & Grace’ Star Refuses To Work With Trump Supporters
Breitbart: ‘Will & Grace’ Star Eric McCormack Calls for Blacklist of Hollywood’s Trump Supporters
Washington Examiner: Brit Hume: ‘Senility is Overtaking’ Biden
CNN: Democratic Candidates Unveil Sweeping Climate Proposals Ahead of CNN Town Hall
Newscorp Australia: Vegan Woman Demands Neighbour Stop Using Meat on Barbecue Due to Smell
C-Span: Fox News Contributor Andrew McCarthy Offered His Thoughts on Collusion and the 2016 Presidential Election
FOXNews: Mattis Slams Obama, Biden for ‘Ignoring Reality’ in Iraq, Leading to Rise of ISIS
Washington Examiner: ‘Ignoring Reality’: Biden Got It Wrong on Iraq, Mattis Says
Breitbart: Warren Channels Obama for Labor Day Message: You Didn’t Build That
CBS: Local Effort To Boycott Businesses Owned By Trump Supporters Brings Strong Response From GOP
CNN: James Mattis Dodges on Trump Question
New York Post: Ilhan Omar’s Husband Wants Divorce After Affair Bombshell
FOXNews: Biden claims ‘Details Are Irrelevant’ After Getting Caught Telling Inaccurate War Story


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