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RUSH: The Democrat Party, Santa Claus, that’s their pitch, they’re going to give everybody everything, including health care. Government run, single payer health care, they’re calling it Medicare-for-All.

There’s a problem. The number one donor group for the Democrat Party doesn’t want any part of it. The AFL-CIO, their union bigwig Richard Trumka was on Fox News Sunday, and he said something like this might happen in the future, meaning when he’s not around to stop it. But for now his union guys have to be allowed to keep their health care, ’cause they fought and sacrificed for it. They don’t want any part of this.

Unions will not support any Democrat plan that doesn’t give them a carve out, which destroys the whole plan, but nevertheless Crazy Bernie said, “Hey, you want an opt-out, you got opt-out.” You don’t have to go by Kamala Harris. She’s already jumped off Medicare-for-All.

She now says she’ll allow people (note “allow”) to keep their private plans. Far-left Democrat ideas like Medicare-for-All might sell to their kook base, but beyond that, socialism isn’t getting much traction on the campaign trail.

It’s kind of fascinating. They’re out there selling this big deal Medicare-for-All and then their number one donor group comes in and says, “Not us. We want what we fought for.” And they’re going to get a carve out, but you won’t.

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