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RUSH: So the onslaught continues in the Drive-By Media’s incoherent attack, popularized by Laurence Tribe now claiming that Trump wants to reverse the outcome of the Civil War. But the truth of the matter, ladies and gentlemen… The truth of the matter is on the other side of the aisle. Here’s a little story that will never show up in the Drive-By Media. Stephen Green, PJ Media. “Democrats Seemed Bored with Their Presidential Candidates.” You know it’s bad when Joe Biden’s brain surgeon has to come out and assure everybody that Biden’s brain is okay despite the fact he doesn’t know when Martin Luther King and JFK and the others were assassinated.

Joe thinks that happened in the late seventies. So a brain surgeon comes out and says, “No, no, no, no! Joe’s brain is fine. Don’t anybody be concerned about it.” There’s nobody excited. They’re not drawing any crowds. The Fauxcahontas crowd was not 12,000 as reported. It was 5,000. Still bigger than 700. Jay Inslee! Jay Inslee… In fact, this is a warning sign up for Democrats. There is a Democrat who can see reality. We have to take note when it happens. There is a Democrat who obviously looked out there and saw reality and is reacting to it.

He’s getting out of the race, claiming he has no prayer. He’s so far ahead of the game for all the other Democrats, and now he’s gonna work tirelessly — he’s gonna devote everything he’s got — to propagandize (educate) the youths of America on the perils and importance of climate change. But that was his whole agenda. It was Jay Inslee’s whole agenda! We were led to believe that the massive base of the Democrat Party is scared to death and wants climate change. That’s the number one issue they are concerned with — and the first guy to drop out, the first significant candidate to drop out of the Democrat primaries’ number one issue was climate change.

The mess is on the Democrat side of the aisle.


RUSH: Let me get back to something I addressed earlier. It is a story in PJ Media by Stephen Green but actually it is a compilation of Drive-By Media stories. The headline here, “The Thrill Is Gone? Dems Seem Bored with Their Presidential Candidates.”

You know that that’s true when you start hearing people talking about the possibility of Michelle Obama sweeping in at the last minute. And then yesterday, the name of the day yesterday was Michael Bloomberg. Oh, yeah, Bloomberg might come in and save the day, Bloomberg has $50 billion.

When that starts happening, you can be guaranteed that the rest of the field is a giant yawner, and it has been from the get-go. But it was not intended. See, you always have to, if you really want to be on the cutting edge of this stuff, you have to understand the psychology of the left, because it’s what drives much of what they’re doing here.

So you have 23 people at one time seeking the Democrat nomination. What’s the psychology? The psychology is they hate Trump. They are poisoned with hatred over Trump. They also think Trump is a buffoon and an idiot and they think everybody else hates Trump by now. They think everybody has finally seen the light and that Trump is as good as gone. So beating Trump is gonna be easy! It’s a snap since everybody hates Trump. So anybody and everybody who ever dreamed about being president, this is the year to go for it.

So they all sign up, all 20, 23. And then what greets them? (yawning) No excitement whatsoever. For any of them! And particularly when the leader, the frontrunner is Joe Biden, who has never even finished a Democrat primary process before, when he’s the frontrunner? Everybody first thought that Kamala Harris was the Obamas’ chosen candidate. If they really thought that, she never had a prayer. The Obama chosen candidates lose! Ask Hillary Clinton. Ask anybody that’s ever gotten Obama’s endorsement. They do not win.

So if she really was the chosen candidate of the Obamas and The Oprah, she never had a chance. Anyway, she’s fading. She’s down 12 points ’cause she doesn’t know what to propose, how to explain it, how to get over the mistakes that she makes explaining it. She just carries with her a presumption, a presumption that she’s brilliant and that everyone will notice it, and that she has a great pedigree as a prosecutor in California and that she is African-American, even though she’s not, and female and checks off all the boxes.

And she gets greeted with yawns. And then they all do. Jay Inslee. Really? Jay Inslee is the first Democrat who may actually be indicating that they have a foot in reality. He has announced he’s pulling out. He’s pulling out. Now, of all the 20 candidates, Jay Inslee’s number one identity, number one reason for running: climate change.

Jay Inslee. I read about him in the tech blogs, they love Jay Inslee ’cause he’s gonna save us. He’s gonna save the planet. He’s gonna revive the Paris accords. He’s gonna bring the ChiComs along and it’s gonna be wonderful. We’re gonna stop Big Oil. We’re gonna put ’em out of business. Everybody’s gonna be saved. He has quilt because nobody cares.

And now the people that loved him because of climate change, they are so distressed, they are so despondent, they are doubly depressed because their climate change guy lost, which is a double whammy because it says that as an issue it’s nowhere. And yet it’s the number one issue in a lot of these people’s minds, it went nowhere, couldn’t get any traction. None of the others are.

They’re gonna be dropping out like flies here pretty soon. And they’re gonna be left with Plugs and Fauxcahontas and, let’s see, Spartacus, nowhere. They really are beginning to get bored. I would submit that there never was real, genuine excitement about any of these nominees except in the media. So let’s get a little pull quote or two from the story. Now, again, Stephen Green writing for PJ Media. But he’s just quoting other Drive-By Media writers.

Jonathan Easley writing for TheHill.com, “Soft Levels of Support Mark this Year’s Democratic Primary.” Wait a minute. Just stop and take that for a second and analyze it. “Soft levels of support mark this year’s Democratic primary.” Not for one or two candidates, but for the whole shebang.

Now, how does that fit with everybody hates Trump? How does that fit with nobody wants Trump to be reelected? How does that fit with 62% of the American people disapprove of Trump’s job performance and don’t want him reelected? How does soft levels of support mark this year’s Democrat primaries fit with all of the supposed hatred for and opposition to Trump? There’s something incongruent there. You would think one of these candidates would have people jazzed.

And not just Democrats. If it’s true that Trump is universally despised and hated and reviled. “Even after an intense focus on the race by the national media,” levels remain soft. “You can shine a light on Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren, but it seems you can’t make any of them shine.”

That’s from TheHill.com. I would love to tell you I said that, but I don’t steal other people’s stuff. “Maybe the problem isn’t the candidates –” (laughing) The Drive-By Media speculating the problem isn’t the candidates, but Democrat primary voters!

“Or at least that’s the message sent by both Easley’s report and in Russell Berman’s latest for The Atlantic. Both stories indicate that electability — “who can beat Trump” — is primary voters’ primary concern. But apparently, nobody can decide which candidate,” can beat Trump. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute. Primary voters’ primary concern is who can beat Trump?

So now when the Democrats are flailing, when the Democrats are boring people left and right, when the Democrats can’t draw crowds to their rallies, it’s the voters’ fault. It’s not the candidates. It’s not the fact that they’re dull and have nothing to offer and inspire no confidence whatsoever. Who wants to listen to 20 people who tell you one way or another what they hate about America? ‘Cause that’s what the Democrat primary is: what’s wrong with America. And virtually everything they identify as what’s wrong with America are things Donald Trump is attempting to fix and has improved.

Who wants to listen to this? A very small percentage of the Democrat base wants to hear how rotten America is, how hopelessly rotten it is. Most people don’t. Most people don’t want to hate their country. Most people do not want to resent it, and most people do not want to focus on what’s wrong with it for that simple purpose. If you want to focus on what’s wrong with it, you focus on how to improve it or fix it.

So there isn’t any excitement in a primary season where we’re told everybody hates Trump and can’t wait to get rid of him. And then this guy in The Atlantic, Berman, quotes Portsmouth, New Hampshire, resident Elizabeth Keniston saying, “Whoever can beat Trump is most important. I want him in prison.” Democrat primary voter.

So it makes it “sound like she’s looking for a combination of a presidential winner and an FBI agent. In any case, she’s probably going to need somebody tougher than Slow Joe to put the manacles on Trump. Nevertheless, of Biden she said, ‘I like the other platforms better, but I think he’s the only one the middle of the country might vote for. I usually vote for the person I want. But this year I’m going to be more thoughtful. I look at polls.’”

That’s Elizabeth Keniston, Portsmouth, New Hampshire. If she’s gonna look at the polls, she’s doomed, because Democrats are taken and led astray by their polls. Their polls constantly get things wrong and they listen to ’em. They all believed Hillary was gonna win in a landslide. They all believed Trump was never gonna win the primary. They all believed that Trump had colluded with Russia. They all believed that Trump was a Russian agent and had engaged in treason.

They all believed all of this stuff. And none of it was correct. None of it was right. And none of these people that believed it have demanded an apology from the media for lying to them or leading them astray. And nobody in the media has apologized. If I had engaged in something like this with you, if I had spent two years lying to you about something and I had known all along that it was a lie and yet I persisted and then a fateful day occurred where it was demonstrated that I had been lying, I would be finished. I couldn’t apologize enough.

If I had openly lied to you, if I had purposely led you astray, if I had manipulated you, if I had toyed with you, if I had led you down this supposed path to utopia and it blew up one day, that would be it, you would be done with me. Why does the American left continue to invest in and tolerate people who have openly manipulated them, openly lied to them, openly misled them, purposely, openly engaged in one of the most outrageous media exercises of lying to the hilt and through the teeth, why do people still invest in ’em?

Why do they not have to apologize? Why hasn’t there been a single mea culpa? Let’s alter it a little bit. Let’s say that I really believed what I was telling you but that I had been fooled. I really believed something, and I was telling you for two years, and I was assuring you it was true. And then one day I learn I have been lied to and misled.

Then I come and apologize to, you may forgive me, but you’re gonna be finished trusting me. Why does none of this happen? ‘Cause whether the Drive-By Media openly participated in this lie and all of these hoaxes or whether they were tricked themselves, their clientele, their customer base nevertheless continues to invest in ’em.

Now, I know MSNBC’s lost an audience, but that’s not because MSNBC got it wrong. That’s because MSNBC can no longer provide the needed dosage of hatred and the promise that Trump is going to jail. If they can revive that, then people will come back to MSNBC.

But I still think here these people believing everything these lying skunks have told them since Trump was inaugurated. Not a single apology. And no guilt or regret on the part of the media that did all this. And despite all this, is it any wonder why there isn’t any thrill in the Democrat primary roster? What have they got to be excited about? Everything they’ve been excited about for the past two years has blown up in their faces, collectively.

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