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RUSH: Trump has come along and is calling the truth out every opportunity he gets. And it’s kind of funny. One day Trump will say he’s for a payroll tax cut and the media will fall for it. “Payroll tax cut. Trump’s knows the recession’s coming. Trump’s trying to cut taxes to stave off the recession.”

Then the next couple days go by, “No, no, no, we’re not gonna cut taxes, we’re not gonna cut the payroll, we don’t need to cut taxes, the economy’s going great.” The Democrats have to react to that. So all they can say is Trump’s losing it, Trump’s caving, or Trump’s backtracking, or Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing one day or the next, when he knows exactly what he’s doing day to day.

Let’s go to the audio sound bites. We’ll start here. This is a montage, the Drive-By Media freaking out on Trump flip-flopping on tax cuts and background checks.

CHRIS JANSING: Trump heads to Europe in a few days where his snubs and flip-flops will meet head on with global consequences.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: You could go through a variety of issues there, and he’s flip-flopping, the president is frantically flip-flopping by the day.

DOMINIC CHU: President Trump once again flip-flops on his commitment to economic stimulus.

AYMAN MOHYELDIN: Trump’s flip-flopping on payroll tax cuts.

JIM SCIUTTO: He flip-flopped on new tax cuts.

JOHN AVLON: He flip-flopped for — I’m losing track — the third or fourth time.

ANDERSON COOPER: I don’t even know if flip-flop is the right thing, ’cause that implies you actually held a position and then changed your position.

RUSH: See, now who is it, they have a mantra, they have their go-to reaction, now Trump is flip flopping. Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing is what this means, Trump is out of control, Trump doesn’t know what he believes, Trump is too stupid to even know what he’s proposing. He proposes something and a staff member has to come, “No, Mr. President, you can’t talk about cutting the payroll tax.” So Trump goes, “Okay. I didn’t mean we’re gonna cut the payroll tax.” And, meanwhile, these people, look at what they think is the grave error that Trump is committing here. He’s flip-flopping. This is in the Washington establishment political playbook 101.

You are not to flip-flop. A flip-flopper is inconsistent. A flip-flopper is somebody who doesn’t know what he’s doing. You do not flip-flop. So they think Trump has flip-flopped. They haven’t the slightest idea who Trump is or what he’s doing and how he’s doing it. They have no idea. I’ll just let you in, he’s not flip-flopping.

How many times have we pointed out — just yesterday I reminded everybody, there’s a cabinet meeting, first time cameras are allowed in the whole thing. He tells Dianne Feinstein (paraphrasing), “You know what, I’ll work with you on comprehensive immigration reform. I think we can get something done there.” She goes crazy. She gets excited. “Oh, my God. We’re gonna get it done.” She starts taking notes and so forth. It was a week later Trump yanked it back.

How many times has he done this on gun control already? It isn’t flip-flopping. It’s considering options and then making up your mind later on. Trump is a stream of consciousness. They are convinced that Trump is sounding confused and incoherent to the American people. They are forgetting something key. Trump’s base gets him. Trump’s base understands.

Trump’s base doesn’t care that he’s flip-flopping. They don’t even look at it as though he’s flipping flopping. They look at it as Trump toying with the Democrats, and it’s working! He’s driving ’em nuts! By the way, speaking of flip-flops, grab audio sound bite number 2. There was a pretty, pretty major flip-flop when it happened, and it was called by the Drive-By Media a wonderful evolution. It wasn’t a problem at all.

BROOKE BALDWIN: Breaking news here. The president is now speaking up. His evolution has finished when it comes to equal rights and marriage.

ED HENRY: The president said in December of 2010 that he was “evolving” on this issue. We’re getting new information now suggesting that he is ready perhaps to complete that evolution.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: A key issue where his thinking has evolved.

BRET BAIER: You’re right, there has been an evolution.

SHEPARD SMITH: The president of the United States, now in the 21st Century.

RUSH: So we had Brooke Baldwin, infobabe at CNN, Ed Henry. He was I guess at Fox then. George Stephanopoulos, ABC, Bret Baier, Sheppard Smith. Notice Obama, this was about changing his mind and agreeing that gay marriage is a good thing to do, and Biden is the guy that actually kind of forced this to happen.

Obama was dead set against gay marriage, and the reason he was is because he had to do something to convince people that Reverend Wright was not his pastor. And Reverend Wright, do not doubt me, Reverend Wright ain’t no way is for gay marriage. But Reverend Wright’s a big radical out there. Obama had to do something. Obama was steadfastly opposed. He also had to be steadfastly opposed to gay marriage ’cause he’s trying to do his best to convince people of his Christian beliefs! It was necessary to get elected. He could not have gotten elected in 2008 being for gay marriage.

Then Biden comes out some years later speaking for the administration, we are for gay marriage, and Obama does the flip-flop, and guess what, it’s an evolution. He’s evolving. He’s growing. Now, I know the subject matter is something the left approves of in the media, but it’s still a flip-flop. But you’ll notice there’s no allegation that Obama flip-flopped. No, no, no, no! Obama grew. Obama was evolving.

So all of this stuff, all of this language, all of this attack journalism is nothing but ongoing, continued partnership. It isn’t news.

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