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RUSH: Do you ever stop to think that if we did buy Greenland we might be able to convince Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the rest of that crowd that we’re doing the Green New Deal. Shut ’em up.


RUSH: I got a series of emails from a friend overnight and this morning. “Dear Rush: All of your talents are needed to predict the next psychocrisis after recession. I’m stumped. What do they have left?”

And here is the next email I got from my buddy. “Rush, I think you’re right, the left is losing it, as their narratives keep falling and failing.” And, by the way, let me recast this. I know some of you have heard me say this enough times that it may be tiresome, but I need to be redundant on this. ‘Cause I think it’s psychological.

I think if you examine the left and everything that’s happened since Trump entered the campaign in 2015, not a single thing that they have attempted to achieve have they succeeded in. And this is not common for them. They are usually able to accomplish whatever they set out to accomplish, particularly if it involves defeating or destroying conservatives or conservatism, conservative ideas, Republicans, Republican ideas.

And they have been flummoxed. They have tried everything. They have made-up stuff. Every weapon in their arsenal they have fired. And they have ended up with nothing but Wile E. Coyote after every attempt. And I think it’s driving ’em mad. And I’m not saying this to sound funny. I’m a naturally funny person. Not trying to be funny here. I’m trying to be explicitly accurate.

I think they are going crazy! I think it’s the only way that explains it! They are literally going crazy. I had the sound bites but I didn’t get to ’em. I’m gonna get to ’em today. Peter Beinart melted down in a discussion with Rich Lowry of National Review.

It was about Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib and the grandmother Mifta, Mufti, Mufta, whatever her name, Mifta out there, just losing it over who’s an anti-Semite and who isn’t and what are the Jews doing and what are the Jews not doing and what’s Trump saying about the Jews. The Jews are being disloyal, liberal Democrat Jews are being disloyal, which Trump is exactly right about. Everybody knows what he meant.

Biden got testy with Peter Doocy! Peter Doocy! He got testy with Peter Doocy on the Fox News Channel! Tlaib is crying again. Fauxcahontas started apologizing and seemed to get confused about what she was in the middle of apologizing for. She was apologizing to the Indians but got confused in the middle of it over what she was apologizing for!

Bill Maher is mad. Bill Maher’s mad at the squad! Bill Maher’s mad at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. And got Tlaib threatening to boycott Maher. You see, here’s bottom line: They thought Trump would be gone by now. Now, again, I know this is all gonna sound funny, and it is funny in the sense of how they failed, but their intent here has not been funny. I am telling you right now these people thought Donald Trump would be on his way to jail by now.

They thought Trump-Russia collusion, New York Times, Mueller investigation — you know what their dream was? Their dream was a trial in the Senate with that idiot lawyer Weissmann, the number one aide to Mueller, interrogating Trump in the Senate during the impeachment trial. They really had fantasy visions of Andrew Weissmann grilling Trump on TV.

And instead, what did they get? They get an old, doddering Mueller falling apart not able to even recount what his own investigation showed. It’s all blown up in their face. It became a carnival. Trump-Russia collusion became a carnival, and the lead guy on it didn’t even know what his own report said. And Andrew Weissmann — and I’m not exaggerating this — there were dreams that Andrew Weissmann would be one of the lawyers that the House hired to go in there and grill Trump during a trial in the Senate and expose Trump for every rotten SOB thing he is and has done.

None of this has happened, folks. Trump keeps running rings around ’em. I knew this was gonna happen too. You remember two or three days ago, last week, whenever the latest shooting incident was, Trump said, “You know what? We need to look at new background checks. We need to look at that.” And what did I tell everybody?

I said don’t panic. This is part of Trump’s modus operandi. It won’t be long, he’s going to pull it back. He’s just saying this. Just like he told Dianne Feinstein he’d be open to comprehensive immigration reform in the cabinet room in the first year of his presidency. Remember we’re all panicking. “Oh, my God. Did he fool us?” No, he’s toying with them.

So yesterday Trump said, “You know what? We have enough background checks.” And they went nuts again. You could see heads exploding on CNN. “Trump caves on background checks.” And the anchors on CNN had these deadened, ashen faces of disappointment, trying to make it look like Trump was an absolute blithering idiot but making it appear that they are the blithering idiot.

Now Trump says let’s buy Greenland. Trump says let’s buy Greenland. And the media goes nuts. “You can’t buy Greenland. Denmark owns Greenland.” The prime minister of Greenland comes out, I’m not gonna sell Trump Greenland. Trump says, okay, I’m canceling my trip to Denmark. I’m not going to Denmark. That gives me more time to spend with my friend in Poland, Duda.

The Drive-Bys can’t keep up, folks. They literally can’t keep up with this. And it’s all predicated on — I cannot emphasize this enough. And maybe you have personal experience at some point in your life where you have just — I hate to use the word “hate,” but in these people’s case it’s totally warranted and applicable. They hate. They hate us. They hate, viscerally, personally hate Trump. And they hate everybody that enables Trump. That means you and me.

And they have this condescending arrogance about them and this superiority which thinks they can deal with this guy. They have failed at every turn, and they don’t know what to do next. So this is what my friend says: It is up to me to predict the next hoax. Trump-Russia collusion, Kavanaugh, Covington kids. “What’s the next one gonna be, Rush? Your talents are required here so we can all get ahead of the curve so that when the left pulls the trigger on the next hoax, we already know about it.”

And so I’ve taken this as a challenge. You know, even the racism, the white supremacy stuff failed. The recession stuff failed. The recession story was a one-day story. They tanked the market for 800 points and then it came right back, and that’s now off the table. And so Trump comes out, says, you know what? I’m thinking about cutting the payroll tax. Media says, “Payroll tax cut because he’s afraid of the recession.”

Trump comes back, nope. Now guess what’s off the table? Payroll tax cut, off the table. They can’t keep up. And they think that he doesn’t know what he’s doing, while he is playing them in one of the best marionette puppet shows that we have ever seen. The recession is sputtering. You got Antifa going nuts.

The left is making abject fools of themselves. And this New York Times attempt to claim that everything in this country’s now rooted in racism and slavery is going to backfire on them big time.

I mean, I think they may be down to relying on Scaramucci again just like they relied on Avenatti. Scaramucci may be Avenatti 2.


RUSH: I think I am ready, ladies and gentlemen, to answer my friend’s challenge. I shared with you an email at the beginning of the program today from a friend of mine. “Mr. Limbaugh, you’ve accurately noted, and in some cases predicted, each of these various hoaxes that the left and the media would try to bring down Donald Trump. What’s next, sir? Could you please apply all of your masterful talents? What’s next?”

We’ve had Trump-Russia collusiongate. We’ve had Kavanaughgate. We’ve had Tlaib and Rashida whatever her name is crying about Trump this or that. We’ve had failed impeachment. We have had failed Robert Mueller. There’s any number of these hoaxes. We had a failed recession last week.

I’m ready to predict ’cause I just found a news story. I’m ready to predict what’s next. I have here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers a story from Breitbart about Judd Apatow. Does that name ring a bell for anybody? He’s an actor, I think. Okay. He’s a director. Okay. So slap me, I’m wrong. He’s a director. He’s a Hollywood guy.

Judd Apatow: ‘Truly Shameful’ Pelosi ‘Not Seeking to Impeach’ Trump – Hollywood director and comedian Judd Apatow launched a scathing attack on Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, declaring it ‘truly shameful’ that she has not ‘aggressively seeking to impeach the President’ for ‘racism’ and ‘treason.’

“Apatow made the remarks in response to a tweet from Pelosi accusing the Trump of administration of ‘blatantly bigoted and downright dangerous policies’ over their appeal to the Supreme Court that federal employment law banning discrimination based on sex does not include discrimination based on transgender status.”

So Hollywood’s all bent out of shape. “You mean you can discriminate against transgenders? Trump needs to be impeached!” So I think they’re nearing their wits’ end. And so I’m gonna predict — what have I got to lose? I’m gonna predict when Congress comes back this fall that Pelosi will be forced to cave. That she will be forced to end her resistance because the entirety of her caucus is going to demand official impeachment.

And she’s out of options. All of their major funding people and organizations — Hollywood — they’re all getting in line, and they are demanding this. Pelosi is taking grief like you can’t believe. So whereas Nadler has gummed it up so far — and don’t doubt me on this. They had visions already that we would be on our way to a trial in the Senate with Trump under the interrogation lights. It hasn’t gone anywhere and precisely because it hasn’t gone anywhere, the left is going nuts.

So I think Pelosi will cave. Let me make that as my official prediction. Pelosi will cave when Congress comes back, and the Democrats will complete the trifecta of shooting themselves in the foot and Pelosi will know it the minute she authorizes it, the impeachment of Trump, with one year before the election.


RUSH: Hey. There’s one other story here that I want to add to the whole collection of things today we’re doing on the left not understanding Trump, going crazy by their inability to get rid of Trump, literally insane, literally losing their minds, poisoned with hatred, there’s another story here that when they see it, it’s just… well, you know how it affects ’em because when you see something like we think we got Obama on the ropes or Clinton and then something comes out like during Lewinsky we kept seeing Clinton’s approval numbers in the sixties. Gee whiz! I remember how dispiriting that was. I’m telling you, they are facing some of that stuff very frequently. It’s just they don’t act like it in their media.


RUSH: No. It’s a poll on how many people in America think Trump is gonna get reelected. When the left sees this, if they see it — they’ll see it — it isn’t gonna make ’em happy.


RUSH: Okay. The story here is from the Washington Examiner: Sixty-three percent of the American people expect Donald Trump to be reelected. Do you know how crazy this is going to drive the left? It’s up from 43% in a relatively short amount of time. It’s a Rasmussen poll, their latest 2020 poll. Sixty-three percent believe Trump is heading to reelection. You know what? This is pretty close to the betting markets. The betting markets, if you follow those, are fairly close to this.


RUSH: I want to go back to this Rasmussen poll, 63% expect Trump to win reelection, which is up from 43% some months ago. Now, this to me is the kind of news story that we see and we may take note of it and then we move on to something else. But my friends, you have to stop and really take stock, try to realize the 24/7 for nearly three years in a row now, massive effort, massive coverage, massive attempts the Democrat candidates have been getting on CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, NPR, The New York Times, Washington Post, Vogue, Cosmo, you name it, the Democrat candidates are getting blanket coverage.

The Democrat candidates on balance are being praised to the hilt. The Democrat candidates are being built up as saviors. They’re getting covered like no politicians have ever been covered. They’re being promoted. They’re not being ripped. They’re not being criticized. We don’t immerse ourselves in those sources. We don’t watch the left-wing media all day long, so we don’t see the extent to which they are literally promoting the entire class, the 20 candidates.

Depending on where you go, all of these people are being heralded and promoted and having great things said about some aspect of their candidacy. And, further than that, we don’t understand the full impact of Facebook and Google on all this. So all of this hype, all of this marketing, all of this free, bought-and-paid-for messaging, the glossy pictures of women that are running — and, by the way, the efforts that are underway in, what do you call it, photo touchup — ahem!

I mean, the effort here to get one of these people nominated and elected is unprecedented in the Drive-By Media, combined with the never-ending trashing of Donald Trump. And still after unprecedented friendly, loving, blanket media coverage, 63% of the American people still think Trump’s gonna get reelected? This is going to drive them nuts, further nuts.

This has got to knock the breath out of these people, who are working tirelessly every moment of the day they are awake in trying to destroy Donald Trump. And they’re using every weapon they’ve got, every media network, newspaper, national and local. The only thing they don’t have is Fox News and talk radio. And they still have to wake up and look at 63% of the American people think that Trump’s gonna get reelected.

They keep asking themselves, what do we have to do to beat Trump? They’ve tried, what about a woman, what about a woman of color, what about a gay guy? What about a woman who pretended to be an American Indian? What about a gay guy that kisses his husband on TV every time he can? What about a tech guy that’s gonna give everybody a thousand dollars? They’re trying everything. And nobody can cut through the noise.

So they’re asking themselves, “Oh, my God. What’s the magic? What’s Trump got? What’s he doing?” And it isn’t hard to figure out. They just don’t have the ability to admit what it is if they were to even find it. It’s really fascinating to watch this stuff play out and bear witness to the collective fast track to insanity of an entire political party.

I think one of the reasons they may try impeachment — remember that’s my big prediction. That’s gonna be the next thing they do even though it seems like they’ve given that up. If there is ever gonna be a release of all the documents and the details of what a fraud this investigation to get Trump was, what better way to cover it up and to make it secondary than to have an impeachment proceeding underway. Remember that? That is my prediction.

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