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RUSH:  So I got an email from somebody.  “Rush, why do you think Trump has not condemned the ChiComs over Hong Kong?  Is Trump afraid to get involved in it because he’s chickening out on the tariffs, Rush?”  No.  I’m glad I was asked this question.  Let me explain something in the context and the concept of the real world.  You know why Trump is silent on the thuggery of the ChiComs regarding Hong Kong?  Because he’s an adult, and you know what that means?  He knows that virtue signaling will have zero impact because these are thug dictators.

You can’t sit there and act like a woke leftist and have it have any impact on them other than to make them think you are crazy.  So for Trump to come out and try to say the right things to signal that he’s got the right virtue and show solidarity with the protesters in Hong Kong, is not going to have one iota’s worth of impact on the thugs that run China.  His objective is to cut a trade deal with the ChiComs.  Trump’s concern right now is with the one-to-two million voters in Midwestern states in farming, farm assembly and manufacturing who claim that they’re being hurt by this.

All of the virtue signaling in the world is not going to change the ChiCom’s thuggery towards Hong Kong.  “But, Rush! But, Rush! It could inspire the protesters in Hong Kong to know that the president was with them.”  They know he’s with them.  They’re waving the American flag.  These people are greater patriots than people protesting at NFL games.  They’re singing the National Anthem in English.  They’re waving the American flag.  They know Trump is with them.  They know who the ChiComs are just like…

Trump doesn’t need to do this.  See, this phony virtue signaling does nothing but make some people feel good, but in terms of what it accomplishes, is zilch, zero, nada.  Speaking of this farm pain and so forth, I’ve got a poll here.  This is from… Who ran this poll?  Iowa State University.  “Farmers Support Tariffs on China.”  If you’ve been watching the Drive-By Media all week, you would think that farmers are abandoning Trump in droves, and you would think that the farmers are starving. “There’s a drought!

“There’s climate change, there’s global warming, there isn’t any rain. The wildlife and wild stock is dying and the crops are dying and the soil is turning arid and the farmers are starving and the farmers hate Trump and the farmers have ‘Trumpgret’ and it’s all horrible!” None of that is true.  “Iowa State University has found that farmers in Iowa, Minnesota and Illinois who support Trump’s tariffs against China. According to the study, nearly 60% of respondents in these states,” Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, “expressed support for the ongoing trade war.

“Fourteen percent were neutral on it.  The heightened trade tensions between Washington and Beijing has resulted in a near $10 billion decrease in U.S. agricultural exports to [the ChiComs].  But domestic farm exports have continued to rise, nevertheless.”  The ChiComs are not the only market out there.  If you’ve bought this news that the American farmers have turned on Trump, that their farms are dying, don’t believe it! Folks, all of this is fake news.

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