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RUSH: Here is Lance in Madison, Wisconsin. Hey, Lance, great to have you with us, my man. How are you doing?

CALLER: Good. You, Rush?

RUSH: Good. Thank you.

CALLER: Just a couple thoughts on the red flag rule and what it’s really about. Most of us out here know, and you pointed out, that it’s about the left and some on the right trying to meddle with our Second, Fourth and 14th Amendment. And when you look at, say, the Boston bombers, Florida, Texas, Ohio, et cetera, when friends, family, coworkers, neighbors were asked why they didn’t get involved and say something when they knew something. They said, well, they were concerned about retaliation threats. They didn’t want to be involved.

Or the big thing was, “Well, we didn’t think it was really going to be that big of an event or that it would end up like this.” So we look at the last 10 years — law enforcement, politicians, public figures, Hollywood — they’ve been running their television ads demanding if you see something, hear something, that you’re supposed to say something.

So we go to this red flag rule and what it’s really about, undermining and meddling with the Second Amendment, whether it’s the last 10 years or going forward from here, if I had a neighbor, a family member that was going off the deep end, threatening and becoming a concern, do you think that I’d turn on my spouse and say, “Hey, honey, listen, we really need to call the sheriff today and make this report because, after all, now we’ve got that red flag rule?” It’s not going to make any difference. The whole idea is that they get their fingers in the pie if they pass anything like this and can —

RUSH: Exactly right. The red flag rule that is being pushed by the so-called people concerned with guns, it’s not about — it never is. And the left, any idea they have is never a solution. It just opens the door to new problems. And what they want with this red flag law is to create a tattletale society on everything, not just guns.

“You know, I I had a party and one of the guests, you should have heard what he was saying about Obama. Or you should have heard what he was saying about Elizabeth Warren.” That’s what they want. And it’s all disguised as a red flag law to get deranged lunatics away from their guns because who could oppose that, you see? Lance, I appreciate the call.

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