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RUSH: During the August recess, the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi led a congressional delegation to El Salvador and Guatemala. She said that comprehensive immigration reform is not only the official work of Congress, but their “moral responsibility.”

She said her trip to Central America was necessary to make sure that we Americans honor the “dignity” of those crossing into our country.

In other words: she wants illegal immigrants to keep pouring over the southern border without any hassles – and she wants all the illegal aliens already here to stay here. No deportation.

But let’s examine Nancy Pelosi’s statement that comprehensive immigration reform is Congress’s “moral responsibility.”

What have Congressional Democrats been doing all this time? Have they been working pedal-to-the-metal on immigration reform? No. House Democrats have been consumed with Trump hate: endless investigations, endless subpoenas, endless hearings, endless threats, and endless talk of impeachment.

The Democrats could have fixed immigration when they had the House, and the Senate, and the White House under Barack Hussein O. But they did nada. And for all of her talk about moral responsibility now, they are still doing nothing, except talking.

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