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RUSH: Now, here’s another story. Have you heard about this pretty white boy fencer who won the bronze medal in fencing at the Pan Am Games? Have you heard about this story? Well, if you haven’t — I know a lot of you have — but over the weekend some really pretty white boy won a bronze medal in fencing at the Pan Am Games, and he kneeled, this pretty white boy kneeled when the anthem was being played.

The team also won a gold medal in another fencing event. So fencing, sword fighting with rubber tips and masks. The Pan Am Games. Didn’t even know this was happening, but we do now, thanks to a very dramatic and colorful photo and back-to-back interviews of this pretty white boy by all of the Drive-Bys. I don’t know his name, I haven’t read long enough, farther in the story to find out his name, don’t want to know his name. I don’t want to hear his reasoning for acting like this.

But I’ll tell you this, this pretty little white boy is a hundred percent more marketable. What do you bet Nike comes up with a fencing division just to hire the guy? And this pretty little white boy can go kneel with Kaepernick the next time any kneeling has to go on. And for any reason anybody would find a reason to kneel. Not just when the anthem is being played.

He perfectly echoed what we have heard from the Drive-By Media for three years. This guy has clearly picked up on what he has to do to get noticed, what he has to do to get paid, what he has to do to get hired, what he has to do to make the Drive-By Media love him. Bronze medal, fencing, Pan Am Games, refused to stand for his own country’s national anthem. A hero in the making.

And this guy, you know what he’s decided? The heck with angering half the country. The deal now is to get the support of half of the country. And if the half of country that hates America is where you want to go get support, then you gotta act like you hate America to get that part of the country. This guy has decided, he’s banking on at least 30, 40% of the country agreeing with him and some corporate entity to sponsor him.

So see, folks, we’re no longer even Democrats and Republicans. We are Americans and anti-Americans. That’s the dividing line. Anybody see a flag at the Democrat debate? Was there one? I don’t remember. But they have this new mascot now. The fencer from the Pan Am Games who refuses to stand for the anthem.

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