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RUSH: Here’s Laurie in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Great to have you with us. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. Good afternoon, Rush. It’s an honor to speak with you.

RUSH: Great to have you here. Thank you.

CALLER: I am a 33-year veteran of public school classrooms. I taught U.S. history, and I have scoured the internet to find a Today in History that is geared toward children, and my granddaughter Keegan likes the Rush Revere series and I would like to suggest adding a button on your main website on the Rush Revere home page that would be called “Today in the Life of Rush Revere,” and you could do a little mini-lesson highlighting events that took place on that day in the calendar. Such as today is August 9th. It is the anniversary 1945 of the bombing of Nagasaki, which ended World War II.

I mean, essentially the Allied victory was, you know, because of the atomic bomb. I think that we could highlight historic events, famous Americans and entrepreneurs to embody that American spirit that, to me, our children are missing. They’re missing that lesson, and I would just love to, you know, offer that up as just a little advice because I think it would really bring those books, make those books stay relevant. I know a lot of schoolteachers would use them. Homeschoolers, I think they would use that website every day.

RUSH: That’s an interesting idea. I’m flattered that you have put so much thought into that, and I guarantee you the eager beavers at the Revere office are feverishly making notes, and one of them is gonna tell me they came up with the idea themselves, counting on the fact that I will have forgotten I spoke to you. No. (chuckling) It is. It’s a great idea. I thought you were gonna say, “It’s HH anniversary.” I’m glad you didn’t. Nagasaki! See, there’s another event. Laurie, thank you. I appreciate it.

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