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Aug 9, 2019


The Hill: Top-Dollar Fundraisers for Trump in the Hamptons Expected to Raise $10 Million: Report
The Hill: MSNBC Guest Calls for ‘Pitchforks and Torches’ Outside of Trump Hamptons Fundraiser
Washington Examiner: Cleanup: Biden campaign Says He ‘Misspoke’ by Saying ‘Poor Kids are Just as Bright and Talented as White Kids’
AP: Too many candidates: Some Iowans tired of massive 2020 field
Washington Examiner: Gun Rights Supporters say Trump Could Lose Their Vote
Blue State Blues: Democrats Join Joe Biden In Lying About Charlottesville – Joel Pollak
AP: Biden lashes Out at Reporter Who Suggested He Misquoted Trump on Charlottesville
Breitbart: Journos, Politicos Defend Breitbart News’s Joel Pollak After He Calls Out Joe Biden on Charlottesville Hoax
Politico: Trump Suggests September Trade Talks with China May Not Take Place
ABC: Twitter Locks McConnell Campaign Account After it Posts Video of Protesters Threatening McConnell
FOXNews: Peter Thiel on Twitter Freezing Mitch McConnell Campaign Account: Republicans Right to be Suspicious
PJ Media: HuffPo Writer Says It ‘Might Be Time’ to Cut Her MAGA In-Laws Off from Her Kids
Daily Caller: Trump Says NRA’s ‘Strong Views’ On Background Checks Are Being Heard
FOXNews: Trump Unloads on Biden: ‘Joe is Not Playing with a Full Deck’
CBS Austin: Gov. Abbott Tweets Support of Bill Miller BBQ After Owner’s Support for Trump Goes Viral
The Wrap: Rosanna Arquette Says FBI Told Her to ‘Lock’ Twitter Account After Blowback From White ‘Shame’ Tweet
Summit News: Video: Joe Biden Forcefully Grabs Young Woman During Iowa State Fair. Presidential Frontrunner was Asked, “How Many Genders are There?”
PageSix: ‘Trumpsters’ Blast Tommy Lee for Lengthy Rant About President
LifeNews: Obama HHS Abortion Mandate Loses in Court, Can’t Force Christian Businesses to Fund Abortions
NewsBusters: Nets Hype Climate Hysteria: Save the Planet, Stop Eating Meat!
AP: 5 Years After Fatal Shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Racial Tensions Might Be More Intense


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