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RUSH: Hey, a couple things here before we get back to the phones — and we’re working on the audio for this one.

Joe Biden. I mentioned earlier that there is massive campaign fatigue in Iowa from all these Democrats going in there. The people of Iowa are wearing out on it — which, believe me, is a good thing. If people are gonna get worn out on candidates, we want ’em worn out on Democrats, and it’s happening. But Joe Biden… Here’s the headline (this is from Summit News): “Joe Biden Forcefully Grabs Young Woman During Iowa State Fair.” There is video of this. We’re working on the audio.

“New video footage shows [Joe Bite Me] forcefully grabbing a young woman by the arm at the Iowa State Fair in response to the woman asking Biden how many genders there are.” (laughing) Do you not love this? (paraphrased exchange) “How many genders are there, Joe?” And Joe said, “What’s a gender? What…? Uhhhh, what — what — what’s the handbook say answer to this is?” So he’s fumbling around. Here’s how that went: “The clip shows Katie — a college student in Iowa — walking up to Biden and asking him, ‘How many genders are there?’

“‘Pardon me?’ responds Biden, before Katie repeats the question. ‘How many genders are there?’ ‘There are at least three,’ responds Biden. ‘What are they?’ asks Katie.” (laughing) Biden’s already stumped! (laughing) So he said, “Don’t play games with me, Kid!” He just got through calling Kamala Harris “kid,” and now he’s calling this babe at the Iowa state Fair “kid.” “‘Don’t play games with me, Kid!’ The video then shows Biden grabbing Katie by the arm, turning her around and stating, ‘By the way, first one to come out for marriage was me,’ presumably referring to gay marriage.”

So Bite Me is on the defensive. He thinks he’s under assault here with this question!

“Mr. Vice President, how many genders are there?” “What?” “How many genders are there?” “Uhhhh, at least three.” “What are they?” “Hey, don’t play games with me, Kid! I’m the first one that came out for marriage.” “‘He grabs my arm and pulls me back to make eye contact with him again,’ said Katie, adding that the incident made her ‘very, very mad that someone would actually treat me like that.’ Biden’s physical conduct towards the young woman is clearly inappropriate for someone with his reputation…” (laughing)

The Democrats can’t get rid of this guy! No matter what, they can’t seem to. Nobody can seem to displace this guy. “Don’t play games with me, Kid!” Don’t try to trick me! “What are the genders? How many genders are there?” Seriously now! In real life, how many genders are there? There are two. There are two! There are not three. There aren’t four. There aren’t subdivisions of five or six. There are two — male and female — and that’s it! All of this cisgender, binary, whatever, is bull-malarkey. There are two genders.

There are maybe three sexes (laughing), but there are two genders. Well, that’s what I’ve always said. We have no boundaries here. We appeal to all ages, all religions, all three sexes. And there’s this. You know, Joaquin Castro — this raving, partisan lunatic down in San Antonio who’s running his brother’s hapless presidential campaign (that’s Julian Castro). He runs this ad supposedly outing by name people who’ve donated to Trump. Well, some of them donated to him and his brother. But here is what’s happening.

One of the people that he outed or doxed is… Do you know the root is? Do you know what “doxed” means? It means documents, somebody’s personal documents — name, address, serial number, Social Security number, concentration camp number, whatever, those are your documents. So doxed, d-o-x-e-d, is Millennial lingo. It’s tech lingo for outing somebody’s personal details. So one of the guys that got doxed by Joaquin Castro is a guy named Bill Miller, who happens to own Bill Miller Bar-B-Q.

Well, guess what happened? Joaquin Castro published a list of names and professions of every major Trump donor in San Antonio earlier this week. One of those names is Bill Miller of Bill Miller Bar-B-Q. Guess what? Business is exploding. MAGA supporters are lined up for blocks at Bill Miller Bar-B-Q drive-thru. So it’s backfiring on Joaquin and Julian Castro. And Chick-fil-A. Chick-fil-A is not the number one fast food chain for nothing.

Chick-fil-A has been hit by the left and people show up there in droves to show support after they are attacked. This is one way you people can fight back. I don’t go to fast food places ’cause I am too famous. But you can. And you are doing it at Bill Miller’s Bar-B-Q in San Antonio.


RUSH: You know, I got an interesting email, Mr. Snerdley – Snerdley, the Official Program Observer — I got an interesting email. “Mr. Limbaugh, you’re always talking about these things that you laughed about in the nineties and stuff that nobody ever thought would happen, and now here we are, but you never give an example.”

Okay. That’s a fair point. I have given examples but let me give you a good one now. I forget the exact year, my good friends. Little political lingo there. That’s what all candidates say: “My good friends” to people they don’t even know. Remember in — got to be the early to mid-nineties there were unhappy city employees of San Francisco, unhappy that they were women. They wanted to become men. They didn’t have the money.

So they demanded that sex change surgery become an employee perk, a benefit. And the San Francisco board of supervisors went for it. They actually included as a perk sex-change operations. Now, we’re sitting here and I’m laughing. We even created a term for this. The addadictomy. And we’re just yukking it up and having a grand old.

And now look. Now look. It’s not only a benefit, it’s a psychological requirement. To many people, it is correcting a God-made mistake and so forth. But we are being forced to pay for all this. I mean, that is just one of the first examples I could think of off the top of my head. But, I mean, there are countless others.

You go back to militant environmentalist wackos. You know, when they started out, they were saying we only had 20 years or we were all gonna die. And I’m saying nobody is gonna buy this. Nobody in their right mind is gonna believe. Now, look, I still think a majority of people haven’t, but the issue hasn’t gone away. It’s grown and gotten bigger.

Okay. We have the video of Joe Bite Me at the Iowa State Fair being challenged with the question how many genders are there. It’s a two sound bite bit. Here’s the first one.

KATIE: (loud background noise) How many genders are there?

BIDEN: There are at least three?

KATIE: What are they?

BIDEN: Don’t play games with me kid.

KATIE: Thank you so much. (grabs her arm as she’s walking away)

BIDEN: By the way, first one, came out for marriage, me.

RUSH: All right, I couldn’t make out a word of that. Could you guys? Aw, no, you couldn’t understand that? Aw, gee. Well, this is one of the problems, but here. I’m gonna play it again but I’m gonna read to you the transcript. This is Katie, Iowa State Fair, this is the woman whose arm Joe Bite Me grabbed. And she says — there’s a lot of background noise here – “How many genders are there?”

Biden says there are at least three. She says, “What are they?” He says, “Don’t play games with me, kid.” She says, “Thank you so much.” Starts to walk away. He grabs her arm, “By the way, first one, came out for marriage, me.” Now, that I was able to hear. But only because I have the transcript. Now you know what it is. We’ll give it another shot. I know it’s tough because there’s all kinds of noise.

KATIE: (loud background noise) How many genders are there?

BIDEN: There are at least three?

KATIE: What are they?

BIDEN: Don’t play games with me kid.

KATIE: Thank you so much. (grabs her arm as she’s walking away)

BIDEN: By the way, first one, came out for marriage, me.

RUSH: You know, we need to get a disgronificator so that we could get rid of the background extraneous noise, you know, like they have at the CIA, just to be able to zero in on the people you’re bugging and get rid of all of the distracting noise.

Now, the second bite, this is the woman explaining what happened to her. It’s Turning Point USA, Charlie Kirk’s group did this, and it’s on their Web page, they posted video of this. Katie is the student who was forcefully grabbed by Bite Me after demanding to know how many genders he thinks there are.

KATIE: My name is Katie. I am born and raised in Iowa and I am currently a student in Iowa. Today I showed up at the State Fair to ask former Vice President Joe Biden a question about gender. When I asked the question, it took a few seconds for the question to register, and then he responded with “three.”

I asked a follow up question. I asked, “Okay, what are they?” Joe Biden looked at me and said, “Don’t mess with me, kid.” I started to walk away and then it doesn’t stop there. He grabs my arm and pulls me back to make eye contact with him again, and he yells something about marriage at me. So I walked away and I was mad, just very, very mad that someone would actually treat me like that.

RUSH: It sounds like Kate knows there are only two genders and Bite Me realized that she was not a fan when he said three. He stepped in it when he said at least three. Bite Me was able to detect here that she may not have been a fan where he had originally thought that she might have been. Now, as I say, you’re having trouble hearing the audio, but there is video of that.

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