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RUSH: It is upon us. I’ll tell you what. I’m gonna continue the theme that I began yesterday at this very moment, 24 hours ago, essentially saying that — because I’ve got backup now — the support for Donald Trump is actually growing out there, and much of it because of this insanity and lunacy that has taken over. I actually believe… When I see Joe Biden say what he’s saying about Trump doesn’t denounce the KKK when Trump has denounced the KKK, I think… When I see Tim Ryan marching at the Turtle’s house…

Get this. These violent protesters show up in McConnell’s house; there’s a presidential candidate, Tim Ryan, that joins them. Now, just last week he was warning the Democrats (paraphrased), “Don’t do this radical, leftist stuff or we’re gonna lose.” He’s afraid of being eaten by this revolution. I think the Democrats that you might call mainstream — and I realize that that’s kind of a… We have to have that broad definition, ’cause I don’t really think there are any, but you have some who are not as radical left as the base is.

They’re being swallowed up. They’re being eaten by this revolution, and they are being forced to join it. So Tim Ryan is going to the Turtle’s house. So you know what the Turtle did? The Turtle had some people videotape the rioters, videotape the protesters, and put it on his Twitter account — and Twitter is banning McConnell! Twitter is banning McConnell because McConnell posted video of riots and protests in violation of Twitter’s rules or regulations. The people who protested and who did the riots, they are free to continue.

Now, my contention is that even though you don’t see any evidence of it out there, unless you look, this stuff is — and I don’t know how long it’s been backfiring on them, but it is beginning to backfire and it is backfiring on the media. If you were here yesterday, you remember. I tried to essentially thread the needle here in talking about Trump supporters who are just watching all this stuff and seething. They are getting angry. I am! Like I said yesterday, I’m a typical Trump supporter, and I am enraged by all this. Now, I have a microphone; I come here and tell you.

But most people don’t. They are quietly seething. They’re talking to each other about it. But they’re not being reported on. As far as the Drive-By Media’s concerned, everybody hates Trump. Everybody thinks Trump’s a white supremacist. The whole country thinks the Republican Party’s a bunch of racist bigots, and it isn’t the case. I want to expand on that a little bit today because, strangely enough, there is backup. And strangely enough, do you know where I found this backup? I found this backup in the New York Times.

There’s a section of the New York Times called Upshot or something. It’s, I guess, the Millennial equivalent of an op-ed page. I’m not quite sure what it is. And the guy that wrote this piece… I’m gonna destroy his career here, and I’m gonna probably cause this guy to get doxed and attacked and so forth. His name is Nate Cohn. You know what? I will not spell his last name, making it harder for people to find it. That is my concession to Nate Cohn.

I will help him stay hidden by not spelling his last name, although angry leftist revolutionaries will be able to find him without any problem. He’s got this big piece in the New York Times section of Upshot. He “is the domestic correspondent for The Upshot. Covers elections, polling demographics… Before joining The Times, [he was] a staff writer for The New Republic…” Here’s the subhead… No, let me give you the headline first. The headline: “Don’t Assume Trump’s Approval Rating Can’t Climb Higher. It Already Has.”

Wait, what? The New York Times…? Now, this story, by the way, is from yesterday. It might have been published last night for today’s paper. “Don’t Assume Trump’s Approval Rating Can’t Climb Higher. It Already Has.” Wanna hear the subhead? “Millions of Americans who did not like the president in 2016 now say they do.” Yes, my friends, do not doubt me. I’m telling you that these leftist revolutionaries are creating a counterrevolution that they don’t see, that they are unaware of.

You and many people are seething with rage and anger over this all day long, and I think this story is about the quiet support Trump has and how it’s reflected in polling if you know how to look at the poll results. Now, Nate Cohn here tries to couch the information because, I mean, he you can’t go overboard. My point is, this story is not as declaratively positive for Trump as it could be because Mr. Cohn is afraid himself that the revolutionaries will eat him!

He tries to couch his information and downplay it a little, ’cause I guarantee you that he and the Democrat presidential candidates and any number of other people in the media are scared to death of the zombies making up the New York Times audience having a meltdown and wanting to basically swallow him up and spit him out. Do not doubt me on this! Now, I’m gonna explore this in greater detail here in just a minute.


RUSH: I was just watching — collecting information, cataloging it. I was watching the reactions from people whose names were published by Joaquin Castro, who is the twin brother of Julian Castro of the radical Castro family, a communist mom and dad down there in San Antonio. And you know, Joaquin Castro published an ad… He’s the guy running his brother Julian’s presidential campaign. They’re nonidentical twins.

He publishes this ad supposedly of Trump donors, and they’re trying to tie these people to these shootings! These are San Antonio businessowners and people, and the Castros run this ad. They also inadvertently published the names of some of their donors. You know, a lot of people contribute to both parties and both sides of the aisle, and some of these donors… This is another form of pushback that I’m talking about. Some of these donors are livid that they’re being linked to this!

Of course, the Castro brothers say, “No, no, no! That was not our point.” Well, what was your point? Why did you publish that list of names? “Well, well, we just we just think people need to know.” For what reason? “We’re not we’re not trying to cause any violence to be visited on these people.” The hell you’re not! You are certainly holding them up for ostracization and ridicule and you’re hoping that people will boycott their businesses — or worse.

Some of these people whose name are not radical activists. They’re just donors. You know, they donate because politics as a protection racket. So you donate to both sides, giving yourself insurance. No matter who wins, you’re covered. And they find their names published on this ad being linked by the Castro brothers as having some responsibility for these white supremacist mass shootings if they donated to Trump. Now, these people… Many of these people are just livid about it.

It’s another example of backfire. Now, I’m calling it backfire. The media isn’t. This is key to understand. The media cannot bring itself in any way, shape, manner, or form to do anything other than promote all of this. They cannot attack any leftist. Nobody can. Nobody to the left can attack anything the left does because those revolutionaries are gonna come swallow ’em up. They all know it. It is unadulterated fear that is governing a lot of these presidential candidates.

Like Elizabeth Warren is doing a town hall in some farm field out in Iowa right now, and the crowd is so small they didn’t even show it, and she’s out there (saying,, “Yes I don’t… I don’t… No question about the president of the United States is a white supremacist.” So CNN’s doing a panel; they’re all applauding it! (clapping) “Elizabeth Warren, that’s pretty sufficient lingo, man, to call the president of the United States a white supremacist.”

The New York Times double-checked with Elizabeth Warren, “Do you really mean to say that?” “I damn well meant to say that. He’s a white supremacist! He’s out there saying these are good people in Charlotte,” and all this stuff, lie after lie after lie. Now, I contend that not all of it, but part of this is because these candidates… You know, when I see Tim Ryan — who tried to save his party a little bit in the last debate. When I see him protesting with the mob at the Turtle’s house, they’re scared to death, folks. They’re all scared of Twitter. They are scared.

Now, don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying that if it weren’t for the radical left base, these people wouldn’t be as left-wing as they are. I’m not saying that. They still hate Trump. They’d be doing everything they could to get rid of Trump. They’re still radical leftists. I’m just telling you that it’s a bunch of invisible of people, people that were not known — who are on Twitter for the most part — who have put fear, illegitimate, real fear in the hearts of all of these Democrats, including Biden.

Here you have Joe Biden out there. “Biden, Under Fire for Comments on Segregationists, Gave Eulogies for Strom Thurmond, Robert Byrd.” This story is only from June 20th. Oh, how we have forgotten. But it wasn’t that long ago that Biden was being ripped to shreds as a racist because he was singing the praises of these segregationist senators. Now look what Biden’s doing. “Trump is the KKK,” says Biden! “Trump’s friends are in the KKK.” What is happening…

This is a key thing, and you’re probably gonna doubt me. What is happening is that whoever this Democrat base is, when I say “invisible radicals on Twitter,” that is most of them. But not all of them are invisible and not all of them are anonymous. We know who some of them are. But the point is they are scaring all of these candidates. Like the media scares Republicans, the same thing is happening on the left, but it’s a different direction.

It’s radical leftists. Potentially deadly and dangerous, violent leftist revolutionaries are scaring the hell out of Democrats who previous to this season have not expressed this degree of radicalism. Now, what that means is, in addition to many other things, they are all losing whatever authenticity they had. They have become an echo chamber, and they are all beginning to sound alike, and there’s now a contest among these people on the left to see who can satisfy this crazed, leftist revolutionary gang the best and the fastest and the soonest.

I’m just telling you, in politics, when you start sacrificing your authenticity — for whatever reason — you’re toast, because people pick up on that, the fact that you’re authentic or not. Hillary Clinton was not authentic. Everybody knew she wasn’t authentic. Bill Clinton was seen as authentic. So was Barack Hussein O. Trump, in spades, is seen as authentic, and these people are sacrificing it. They are allowing it to be overwhelmed by their fear and the feeling of necessity they have to make sure they pose the proper way, to make sure they say and do whatever it takes to keep the crazed, left-wing revolutionaries away from them.

Now, back to the New York Times story in a little bit more detail here. Again, it’s by a man named Nate Cohn. “Don’t Assume Trump’s Approval Rating Can’t Climb Higher. It Already Has.” If you go read this, what you’re gonna find is this guy has really toned down what he thinks is a dangerous signal. There are bad warning signs for the left out there in the polling data he’s analyzed.

But he is really couching it so that he doesn’t become a target, so that he doesn’t get swallowed up and eaten by this ragtag bunch of people that descended on the New York Times earlier this week and threatened to cancel all their subscriptions because the headline they didn’t like. So his subhead: “Millions of Americans who did not like the president in 2016 now say they do.” Can I tell you how much against the grain this runs in left-wing conventional wisdom? Left-wing conventional wisdom…

And it’s important to remember that they lie to each other and they believe their lies. Like in 2016, they all believed that Hillary was gonna win in a landslide. They believed their polls. They believe the bull that they tell each other. So the conventional wisdom among leftists is that everybody hates Trump, and that they are succeeding in causing people to abandon Trump. This stuff — this white supremacy, this white nationalism — has replaced Russian collusion, folks. That’s now gone. That bombed out.

There was never anything to it in the first place. But you know why it’s gone? Because with white supremacy and white nationalism, you don’t need any evidence, and you don’t need a special counsel, and you don’t need an investigation. You just need a whole bunch of making the allegation. And then you need your sycophantic media amplifying it all. You don’t need two years and a bunch of leaks from a bunch of invisible intel community people to the New York Times claiming Trump colluded with Russia and all that.

You don’t need a fake dossier that can’t be verified. You just need a bunch of people saying it. So white supremacy and white nationalism has replaced collusion in the ongoing effort to dislodge and get rid of Trump. In the process, these people have convinced themselves that they’re succeeding. They have convinced themselves that people hate Trump. This is why Trump goes to El Paso and Dayton yesterday. You don’t get factual stories about how much love there was for Trump. Do you want to see it?

We posted a bunch of pictures at RushLimbaugh.com. Right there at the top of the home page. You should go there. It’s not for members only. Anybody can go. It’s on the free side. When you go look at these pictures, you’ll be amazed at how many African-Americans are happy and supportive of a white supremacist — and then you’ll notice how many women are trying to get closer and closer to the president. They are smiling; they are gleeful. And what is he? “Why, he’s a woman-hating misogynist,” they tell us.

You don’t get these stories — you don’t hear anything of the sort — because they can’t afford to deal with the truth. They have to live in the fantasyland that they’ve created where everybody hates Trump. More and more people hate Trump. People are abandoning Trump, because now people realize he’s a white supremacist and so forth. Yet the polling data: “Millions of Americans who did not like the president in 2016 now say they do.”

So it’s a double whammy. Trump’s base is not abandoning him. Trump’s base is seething over this. Trump’s base is livid over this, and so are a lot of other people. So not only is Trump’s base not abandoning him, a bunch of people who didn’t like him in 2016 now do. So Mr. Cohn here is trying to warn these lunatics who need to be in institutions with men and women in little white coats supervising him. He’s trying to tell them that it ain’t good out there.

But he’s gotta be very careful lest they come and kill him. I think part of the quiet support that Trump has is reflected in all polling, not just the polling that Mr. Cohn here has analyzed. Here’s a pull quote: “And over the last few months, some of the highest-quality public opinion polls, though not all, showed the president’s job approval rating … had inched up to essentially match the highest level of his term.”

(Gasp!) What? How can that be when the media and the left think they have both finally destroyed Trump? Here’s another pull quote: “It’s true that the president’s job approval rating has been unusually stable when compared with other presidents.” Whoa! W-w-wait. What? “It’s true…” “It’s true that the president’s job approval rating has been unusually stable when compared with other presidents.

“But the possibility that he has lifted his ratings, however fleetingly, to match the highest levels of his presidency is a reminder that the ceiling on his support is higher than some may think.” This guy, he’s already at the edge of the cliff! He’s in a wheelchair and there’s some Democrats about to push him over. He’s gotta really couch this. But he’s telling people, “It ain’t what you think. You are not making Trump more unpopular, and you’d being realize it.”

But he can’t come out and say that, ’cause they’ll cancel the subscription to the New York Times, and they’ll hunt this guy down and make a movie about the hunt for Nate Cohn, and that’s the end of him.


RUSH: It’s David in Superior, Wisconsin. Great to have you here with us.

CALLER: Mega dittos, Rush. The combination of anger that this violent movie will create can only be (unintelligible). I’ve seen the trailer to the movie, and it is extraordinarily violent. I believe I saw the woman who you named as DOTUS has got a dog collar on. And the dichotomy of this is that they get away with this. The left gets away with this, and we can’t say a peep, or we get socially removed with all our Twitter accounts. All our social media has been taken down.

I’ve been fired from a position in the state because of my political and religious beliefs as a Christian. And so it’s time now… And I want to emphasize the political part, because this two-word combination, and I believe you have maybe even said this or believe this. It has to be “political annihilation” of the current crop of Democrats. I know those are strong words, but they can’t get through this and allow the growth of their ideals to destroy our country. They’ll destroy it!

RUSH: Electoral annihilation. I made that point just mere moments ago. You’re absolutely right about that. It’s an interesting thing, though. Here we have Mitch McConnell’s Twitter account being suspended because he shows videos of the mob outside his house. These people, their Twitter accounts are not gonna be suspended and they’re doing a movie on shooting us! Anyway, David, I’m glad you called. I appreciate that. It’s a good point.


RUSH: Now, if I may, I want to go back here to this New York Times piece, just to close the loop on this. Grab audio sound bite number 19 because it’s gonna go with this. This is the Nate Cohn story at the New York Times in the… What’s the name of the section? The Upshot section. He’s actually warning Times readers (paraphrased), “Don’t make the mistake of assuming that Trump’s support is abandoning him.” I do believe they think that they are accomplishing this.

You know, these people live in a fantasy world, anyway, where they believe their own polling data, and they believe their own opinions represent that of the majority of people in the country. I think they are probably every night getting together with each other, patting each other on the back. “Great job today. Great job. Really! We’re ostracizing Trump. We’re marginalizing Trump. We gotta be sending Trump’s voters away.”

Then the approval numbers come out and they don’t see that. So then they go to find another poll that shows Trump losing in certain swing states and then they convince themselves that they’re succeeding. And this guy’s point is, Unh-uh! “Millions of Americans who didn’t like Trump in 2016 now say they do.” Let’s examine that for a second. There can be two things at work here. You can have people who say they like Trump who really don’t; they’re just fed up with all of this. I think there is a certain number of people in that category.

Don’t know how many, but I think there’s a certain number of people who may not have liked Trump or may have been ambivalent but wanted no part of Hillary Clinton. So the choice for Trump was not really an affirmative one; it was more a defensive choice, ’cause they really had passion against Hillary. And then I think there is a group of people that actively dislike Trump, who actively believed all the media garbage in the coverage of 2015-2016 and the Access Hollywood video.

I think there’s a lot of people that did not vote for Trump who really were convinced not to like him, and I think there’s a large number of people in that group who have now seen the other side of the coin, and the results are undeniable. Don’t forget, the people of this country were told, and they believed it, that our best economic days were in the past. They believed that life moving forward was a steady straight line, or maybe even a decline. They believed it because it was Obama who said so, and they trusted and they believed Obama. Obama told people jobs weren’t coming back, and Obama told people that climate change was gonna wipe us out.

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