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Aug 8, 2019


CNN: McDonald’s New Paper Straws Aren’t Recyclable — But Its Axed Plastic Ones Were
Daily Wire: Twitter Forces McConnell Campaign To Pull Video Showing Violent Threats Against Him
CNN: Rep. Tim Ryan says he’ll Lead a ‘Caravan’ to McConnell’s Home State to Protest for Gun Control
New York Times: Don’t Assume Trump’s Approval Rating Can’t Climb Higher. It Already Has. Millions of Americans Who Did Not Like the President in 2016 Now Say They Do – Nate Cohn
Breitbart: ESPN Pulls Trailer for Movie Where Liberals Hunt ‘Deplorables’ for Sport
Washington Examiner: Six Trump Donors Joaquin Castro Tried to Shame Also Gave to Him and Brother Julián
Breitbart: Dem Rep. Castro: ‘My Post Was Actually a Lament’ Over Hispanics Giving Their Money to Trump Supporters
Daily Caller: ‘The Hunt’ Has Ads Pulled Following Mass Shootings
PJ Media: Hollywood Film Depicts Trump Supporters Being Hunted for Sport by Liberals
Hollywood Reporter: Equinox, SoulCycle Distance Themselves From Chairman’s Trump Fundraiser
Daily Wire: Joaquin Castro Doxxing Trump Donors Is The Very Definition Of Tyranny
RealClearPolitics: Biden: Trump “Fueling A Literal Carnage,” His “Low Energy” Speech On White Supremacy Fooled No One
LA Times: Biden Says Trump Enables White Supremacists, Compares Him to George Wallace
Reuters: Joe Biden Compares Trump to Segregationist George Wallace
ClimateDepot: ‘Poop Burgers’? Eat Insects? ‘Meat Patch’ to Stop Cravings? New UN Report Takes Aim at Meat Eating – UN Seeks Expansion of Climate Agenda to Regulate What You Eat


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