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RUSH: Now, I want to expand a bit on this whole situation we find ourselves in and try to explain why in a particular sense. Now, the left is being who they are, and they’re gonna do this kind of thing anyway. Call us racists, call us white supremacists, attack Trump. We know this. They’ve tried to overturn the election results. This is who they are. But it’s really intense now. It’s really ramped up. They are proceeding full speed ahead.

The Democrat Party, if you’ll notice, every one of these candidates is promising to give away virtually everything that you have, need, or want in life. I mean, they have gone to the extremes of virtually everything — the extremes in their attacks on Trump and us. White supremacists, white nationalism, racism. They are so over the top, so far gone. But they have the rallying support of the media, which normalizes it.

But I’m telling you: We are witnessing some of the most profound abnormality on the left that I have seen in my lifetime. I think it borders on group insanity. I think it has gripped the Democrat Party and the American left, and there are reasons why it has happened, which is part of what I want to get into here. This is not meant to excuse what they’re doing. It is meant to explain, in truth, how it is they are losing, why they are losing and losing big. They are losing profoundly — and they know it.

The greatest illustration of it is to listen to their campaigns. They’re offering to give away things the total cost, if you add ’em up, is $200 trillion. From Andrew Yang wanting to give everybody in America $1,000 a month to start, to Medicare for All, to you name it. To getting rid of student loan debt, to getting rid of food stamps — or expanding it. Whatever the case may be. They literally are promising that everybody is going to get everything they want and need. Every one of these candidates is!

It’s unrealistic. It is impractical. It’s not possible. It will never happen. Now, what explains this? Well, the other side of this, what explains it is, how deeply and thoroughly they are losing. Now, again, I’m not offering an excuse for their behavior, because this is who they are anyway. Like they’re offering free health care, or they’ll offer the illusion of it. Or they’ll offer, you know, to forgive student loans with certain limits. But now all the limits on everything are off and now it’s just free everything.

Because they’re out of stuff, folks!

They are out of issues on which to win. They’re out of issues on which they can prevail. In fact, they don’t even want to enter the arena of ideas. I want to take you back to Friday where I made a salient point — and I will admit that I’m bouncing off an essay that was written by Mr. Newt on this, back on August the 2nd. It was a very long Facebook post, and it’s what gave me the idea to expand in my own way on this. Remember last Friday, I asked you to think about just how angry, disappointed, beside themselves your average, ordinary Democrats are today for one reason?

Remember during the Obama years? What was the message to the American people at large? That America’s economic greatness was behind us, and that much of that economic greatness was undeserved anyway. It was the result of us being a mean-spirited thief, a superpower which stole resources from other nations. We pilfered their resources, their oil or what have you. We took it all for ourselves. We had presidents like Reagan and Bush, which were mean-spirited, extremist conservatives and so forth.

But the superpower status of the U.S. was not really deserved, was not just. The United States was founded unjustly and immorally, and Obama’s message was that the economy that everybody used to believe in that would grow and grow so that each generation would have a chance to do better than the previous generation? Those days were over, Obama said. Remember? And everybody believed him. Everybody believed Obama. He was the messiah!

There were terms like “the new normal” to describe a flat economy featuring maximum GDP growth per year of 1%. Obama would go to areas particularly hard hit by job loss and tell people, “The jobs weren’t coming back,” and he would react to Trump promising to rebuild the manufacturing base by saying, “Well, what’s he gonna do? Wave a magic wand? Those jobs are gone. They’re not coming back.” Barack Obama and the Democrat Party purposely lied to the American people about their own country and set them up for low expectations.

They called it “the new normal.”

They said they were the ones to properly manage the decline, and they had their constituents believing that it wasn’t possible anymore to do better than your parents, that when that happened, it would be the exception. This was the Obama message for basically eight years. The reason Obama had that message is because that was the intent. The intent was to damage the American economy. The intent was to slow it down. The intent was to strip “superpower” from the status of the United States, ’cause Obama and these people really did believe this garbage that we were unjust in our founding, that we were immoral, that we were a slave state.

And we didn’t deserve all this prosperity, particularly if we’d stolen so much of it — which they never offered any evidence for. They just said it. The point is all of this pessimism and all this negativism, every Democrat who idolized Obama — and that’s practically all of them — bought it hook, line, and sinker. Then Donald Trump gets elected. In less than three years, virtually everything Barack Obama and the Democrat Party told the American people has been demonstrated to be utter, pure BS.

Economic growth exceeds 3% per annum. Jobs are more plentiful than they have ever been. The labor force participation rate is at an all-time high. The unemployment rate for African-Americans and Hispanics is at a record low. The United States is renegotiating trade deals to the advantage of the United States. Member states and organizations like NATO are finally paying their fair share. Donald Trump tells states all over the world, “The days of you picking our pocket? Those days are over.”

Well, the upshot of this, folks… For eight years, Obama preaches, “This is the new normal: America in decline. We’ll manage it for you. We’ll make sure it doesn’t hurt you too badly.” If you believed that, and here comes Trump, who you hate to begin with — who you don’t think won the election, who you think stole it with the help of the Russians — and now virtually everything you thought was gospel, virtually everything you invested in as gospel has been blown to smithereens? You’d be mad too!

Obama has been demonstrated to be either a liar or incompetent — or worse, that Obama didn’t care to even try to improve the lives of the American people while saying that’s what he was doing. His whole purpose, Obama’s whole message was, “Look, life’s gonna suck for a while, but we’re the ones to make it suck less. We’re the ones who are gonna cushion the blow. We’re the ones who are gonna make sure you’re not hurt too bad. We’ll have a little help on health care there, a little help on student loans over here.”

So now the Democrats are lost, folks! Virtually everything they believed has been blown to smithereens. Donald Trump is running rings around them! The Republican Party and conservatism, on issues of substance, are running rings. Even the ChiComs blink on currency manipulation overnight! Donald Trump is running rings around ’em, and they are beside themselves! They hated him to begin with, and now the hate is out of control! They don’t have anything to run on, folks!

There’s no way the Democrat Party can say, “Give us a chance. We can do better.” A, they don’t believe in doing better. They don’t believe in self-reliant population. A self-reliant population doesn’t help the Democrats. The Democrats need people dependent. The Democrats need people helpless. The Democrats need people who are uneducated and without hope and don’t think they have any future. That’s where the Democrats come in and save the day. The more people that don’t need the government or the Democrats, the more lost the Democrats and the more unnecessary the Democrat Party is.

And that’s exactly where they are right now! They have… In a presidential campaign, there’s not one of these candidates that is even attempting to say, “Let me try. I can do it better.” What are they saying? “I’ll have more class. I’ll speak better. I’ll be smarter.” No. What they really are saying is they’re giving you everything. They’re offering to give you everything as though it’s all gonna be free. “If it costs $200 trillion? So what! If it’s $300 trillion? So what! You deserve it; we’re gonna give it to you! The days of you having to work for it are over.

“Besides, if you don’t elect us you may never get it anyway, because the Republicans aren’t gonna give it to you. The Republicans don’t want you to have it.” All of these lies. The point is, they’ve got nothing. When you’re running for president and you can’t run on anything optimistic? When you can’t run on anything positive? When you can’t say, “Yeah, I know things are pretty good right now, and I can do even better!” When you can’t say that, when the only thing you’ve got is to try to convince people that things happening right now are not happening?

The only way you got to run is to tell people the unemployment rate’s really not that low and the jobs that are being created are really not that good? That’s what was true with Obama! Most of the jobs created with Obama were part-time jobs, not full time. The labor force rate was at an all-time low with Barack Obama! The turnaround has been overwhelming, and in less than three years! That’s why they are so obsessed with all this hate. That is why even their rank-and-file voters are beside themselves, ’cause they bought into Obama like he was God, like he was The Messiah.

They believed everything! They didn’t have the guts to question, the guts to challenge. The first African-American president, he wouldn’t lied to them! Well, he was either lying or he was incompetent. But I’ll tell you one thing: Obama did not think that what’s happening in America today was possible. They don’t believe in capitalism, folks. They don’t believe in capitalism, even though it’s the only thing that’s ever produced ongoing wealth and prosperity for the masses!

The only thing that’s ever done that, they stare at it, they look at it, and they deny it as it stares them in the face! They continue to resort to something that has never worked a single time in the history of humanity: Socialism, communism, totalitarianism, tyranny, whatever you want to call it. That’s where they are, because they’ve got nothing else! So now all these candidates are in a race to see who can be the bigger Santa Claus. If I were them, I’d be fit to be tied too.

If I were them, I would be so ticked off, I’d be so angry, because everything they believe in has been shown to be a gigantic bust and failure — and that everything they oppose, does in fact work. Now, this doesn’t change the fact that they’re ticked off. It doesn’t change the fact that they’re deranged and delusionally angry. It makes ’em really dangerous, and the media constantly trying to normalize this insanity is how you get people agreeing to sign on to such folly as the red flag laws.

That’s nothing but a beeline to taking your and everybody else’s guns away from them (starting with retired military and retired law enforcement) on the pretext that you’re mentally disabled, that you’re mentally ill, that you have PTSD or some other manufactured mental illness. “Hey, man, you’re exhibiting red flags!” “When did I do that?” “Well, your latest psychiatric session.” “What did I say?” “It doesn’t matter. The psychiatrist said you pose a danger to the community. We gotta come get your gun.”

That’s what they want to do.

It’s a hideous bunch of people that we’re up against, folks. Dishonest, mean, extremist. The home of racism and bigotry right now is the Democrat Party — and the object of their rage is white America.


RUSH: Let me give you some examples of what I’m talking about. The Democrats are screaming about what? A $15-an-hour minimum wage. They’re screaming about this; they’ve been screaming about this for years. Take a look at the job openings that you can find where jobs that pay over $100,000 a year that are available right now in the United States: Data scientist, nursing manager, marketing manager, occupational therapist, product manager, developer, engineer.

There’s any number of jobs that are open right now. There are more jobs than there are people to fill them. The Democrats are talking about $15-an-hour minimum wage? Trump has wiped that out as an issue! It’s irrelevant! These are not times of suffering and pain economically. The Democrats have been whining for years about how Americans don’t save any money, how they’re locked out of investing. Really? The savings rate has risen to 8%.

And there are more people invested in the stock market today than ever, with 401(k)s, Keogh plans, SEP IRAs, you name it. The Democrat Party doesn’t have it! You yell about old people giving up food to pay for drugs? It isn’t happening to the extent that it has been before, because prices on drugs are being dealt with, slowly, but they are being dealt with. In other words, all these issues have just been taken away from them — and they know it, folks. That’s why everything has to be given away now.


RUSH: Wouldn’t it be great if the Trump campaign picked up this theme here? I mean, look, I can do it all day long. They’ve gotta be the ones to do it. This has to become part of their campaign. They’ve got to sing their praises. Now, Trump does this at his rallies. We’ve got a built-in ad campaign. The Democrats need to be properly characterized for people. The Democrats needed to be properly positioned. Meaning people, voters need to understand where the Democrats are. They’re lost; they’re gone.

They’ve got nothing positive to campaign on. This is so crucial! You’re running for president of the United States, and there’s not one of these 20-some-odd candidates who can say, “I can do it better. Give me a shot.” Trump did. Trump said to African-Americans, “Give me a shot. Whatta got to lose after 50 years of stagnation voting for the Democrats?” Now look at African-American unemployment! This is a gold mine waiting to be mined in the hands of adept political advertising creators and campaign strategerists.


RUSH: All these people out there on the left, some are Never Trumpers, “Man, Trump’s words are poison!” Trump’s words are poison? Trump’s words are poison? You know what’s poisoning this culture is the left! What is it about people on our side where they’re simply unable to see this? Why is it permissible for the left to run around and call all of us white nationalists or white supremacists?

What the hell has Trump ever said that comes close to categorizing, misjudging, misrepresenting an entire segment of the population of this country? And yet the left can seemingly do it with impunity. “Donald Trump’s words are poison. Donald Trump’s words are poisoning our culture. Donald Trump’s words are impolite. Donald Trump’s words are rude. Donald Trump’s words are embarrassing.”

What about the people on the left? I dispute the contention anyway. I’m not saying two wrongs make a right. I’m not even accepting the premise that Trump’s words poison anybody. These are people that have just never spoken like real people speak to each other. Trump happens to.

But for God’s sake, folks, they get away with calling us white supremacists every other sentence, every other word we’re racist, we’re sexist, we’re bigots, we’re homophobes, and these people concerned with the way Trump talks, never condemn the accusatory, slanderous, and libelous language coming our way from the American the Democrat Party and the American left? Hitler, concentration camps? Some of stuff these people on the left utter is sheer, pure bile. And I don’t hear any condemnation of it.

I don’t hear any condemnation or even criticism of it from people like John Kasich or the Never Trumpers out there who seem to be obsessed with what they think are Trump’s mannerism transgressions. And this has always been the puzzling thing. They’ve always said we need an executive with character, an executive with cultures mannerisms, sophistication and a wide academic understanding of the world arrayed around us.

Fine and dandy. Where the hell do we have that on the left, for crying out loud? Barack Obama just ’cause he spoke well, no matter how much he lied, no matter how much he insulted us, same thing with Bill Clinton, same thing with John Horse Face Kerry. The fact that these people are forever insulated against the same allegations.

They get to insult us, they get to lie about us, they get to impugn our integrity without anybody calling them out, somehow we’re just supposed to understand that’s who they are. When Joe Biden does one of his regular gaffes or commits one of his regular acts of plagiarism, “Well, you know, that’s just old Joe.” Not supposed to think anything of it.

Now white men are serial rapists, abusers and all this. Yet it seems to me most of the people charged with that have been famous, big time rich Democrats lately. It’s a two-way street. You know, I want to give you some more examples, by the way, of how I think the Democrat Party has zilch, zero, nada just to explain everything they believe has been taken away from them. All of their promises except now to give everybody everything. That’s how bankrupt these people have become. Just give everybody everything.

Let’s stop playing the game. Let’s just go for everything. Everybody, you get what you want if I’m president. I’ll see to it. The reason I think they have descended to this position is because they are bankrupt. They are bankrupt morally. They are bankrupt on policy. They don’t have anybody — and this so important — they don’t have anybody running for the presidency who can dare say, “I can do it better. I can make things better.” Because they’re too busy trying to make everybody believe that we all live in Elijah Cummings’ district!

They’re trying to make it look like everybody lives in a sewer, like we’re in the apocalypse, we are in the post-nuclear era, and there’s nothing to go around. We have an unfair distribution of resources, that everybody’s in misery, everybody’s suffering, the picture these people paint is one of utter desolation, which is where their political fortunes are right now.

So what have I covered? Okay. So they’ve been promising a minimum wage 15 bucks an hour. It’s irrelevant with the job opportunities that exist now. It’s irrelevant. It’s not supposed to, never was to support a family of four, but it’s an issue that they don’t have anymore. There’s too much economic opportunity out there. People don’t have to settle for $15 an hour, is the point.

Savings rate is up. Consumer confidence is sky-high. People are investing in the stock market and benefiting from it because it’s been on a tear. And they’re all invested — anybody with a 401(k), anybody who has any kind of an IRA is invested in the stock market. That’s most Americans. And yet the Democrat Party’s out there ripping the Wall Street crowd to shreds.

Here’s another one. The Democrat Party for the longest time has been whining and moaning about prison reform, unfair sentencing. The black incarceration rate, much higher percentage of African-Americans in prison. Why? Because of racist America, because America’s still a slave state.

Well, guess what? It was Plugs and Clinton and Obama who instituted those laws that made all that happen! It was Clinton who gave us the Crime Bill of 1994 that Joe Biden actively supported and signed on to and into law, containing the unfair sentencing guidelines and all this stuff. This all came from the Democrat — you remember what drove it?

Back in the nineties the Democrat image was they were soft on crime. The Democrats were soft on the military. That’s what they were dealing with back then. So they come across with this crime bill, “We’re gonna get really tough, we’re gonna show people we’re not soft on crime. We’re gonna show people our number one constituents are not the criminal element.” So they gave us the very stuff that the Democrat candidates are complaining about today.

But who is it that has taken the issue away from them? Who is it that spearheaded, engineered, and signed prison reform? Why, my friends, it was none other than D.J. Trump, Donald J. Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner moved the issue forward.

And so now we’ve got prison reform and we’ve got the stabilization of these African-American incarceration rates. I mean, some people are being let out of jail as you well know, which you may disagree with. I don’t care. The point is it’s another issue taken away from ’em.

They’re complaining about something that’s already been done! They’re complaining about something that’s been done that was necessary to do because of their first support back in the nineties for supposedly getting tough on crime. Look. They know all of this. Even if I’m not doing a good job of making this clear, they know. They’ve got nothing to run on here. They’ve got really no complaints other than Trump is an ogre.

They tried Trump is a traitor. They tried Trump stole the election. They tried Trump colluded with Russia. That blew up in their face like Wile E. Coyote. Everything has blown up in their face. And this stuff is gonna blow up in their face, this white nationalist stuff, that Trump’s rallies are inspiring all this, is gonna blow up in their face like everything has blown up in their face since election night of 2016.

What’s another thing the Democrat candidates are promising to do? Medicare for All. What does that mean? 160 million Americans get their health insurance at work. Guess who’s gonna take it away from you? The Democrat Party. The Democrat candidates are promising as part of health care reform to make Medicare for All, meaning government-run health care, meaning no private health insurance, meaning no health insurance at work, no employer provided. Do you think 160 million people are just gonna sit there and let that happen once they find out this is what the Democrats want to do?

And guess who’s exposing this? Other Democrats who don’t agree with this! There are some so-called moderates like this Delaney guy and Bob Bennet, the Senator, Bill Bennet, whatever his name is — not Bill — and they’re all running around in these debates telling these Democrats, “If you do this, you are guaranteed to reelect Donald Trump.” And so they’re all jumping on these two moderates so-called for not being on the same train here.

But these candidates are all talking about taking away employer based health insurance! As I say, 160 million people have it, 160 million people, if they don’t like it, they’re at least satisfied with it. It’s something they don’t have to worry about. I mean, it’s there. They may not like the premiums, the prescription costs, there may be some things about it. But it’s there. It may not be there until the Democrat Party gets finished with ’em.

What kind of lamebrains are these people talking about this? When you promise to give everybody everything, well, you gotta take some stuff away from ’em first. If people are getting health insurance at work but you want to give health insurance to ’em, you have to take it away from ’em first, and then reprovide it. But it’s the taking it away from ’em that I don’t think a whole lot of people are gonna sign on to. Most people have the benefit of employer health insurance. Talking about taking that away and replacing it with some government-run bureaucracy in the image of Obamacare or the Post Office or the DMV, I’m telling you, folks, people are not going to vote for that.

The unions don’t have much to bitch about anymore. Trump has worked on manufacturing jobs coming back. Trump alone is defending the coal industry. The Democrat Party is promising everybody again? When will they learn? Hillary promised to get rid of coal. I guess they think they can do it ’cause Obama got away with it. Obama got away with everything because nobody dared criticize the first African-American president.

But it didn’t help Hillary. And it’s not gonna help Biden or any of these other people. Biden’s being very loud about it (imitating Biden), “Damn right I’m gonna get rid of coal, damn right.” One guy says, “No, we’re not.” Donald Trump. The unions, what are they gonna do? The unions are gonna sign on with a guy that’s gonna put their industry out of business? Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO head honcho, is out there warning the Democrats, “You guys, you’re making yourselves unnecessary to us.” The list goes on.

And the more people are working, the more dues that the union leaders get to abscond, uh, collect. Everybody is happy right now. They just have to go through the motions of hating Trump, but all this adds up to the Democrats don’t have an issue. So the only avenue the Democrats have, you talk about threading a needle, Sean Hannity told me the other night, “Rush, it’s so difficult, it’s so difficult for Republicans to get elected. They really gotta thread the needle, gotta get enough electoral votes in these traditional Democrat states.”

I understand all that, but I think it’s the Democrats’ needle that is narrow. Well, the Democrat path is narrow. The road is narrow. And the only road open to them is what? Venezuela, socialism, communism, that’s it! Give everybody everything. It’s a very small and narrow road because this is not a socialist country.

The majority of people don’t want it to become a socialist country. The majority of people don’t want to give up the right to be the best they can be. They don’t want to squander that opportunity and have it replaced by a government mandating what everybody will be and become. We’re not there yet.

Here are the outliers: immigration and abortion. Those are the outliers. Immigration, I’m gonna hit you point-blank. Immigration would have been solved in the first Trump year had it not been for all of the Obama judges and leftist tools around the world shutting down every effort Trump made to build the wall, to ban travel, to do all the things Trump was trying to do to keep his campaign promise to make sure the only people that got into this country got in here legally through our existing immigration system.

The one thing everybody continues to miss, they’re trying now to portray opposition to illegal immigration as evidence of white supremacy. It has nothing to do with race! Illegal immigration has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with culture and the rule of law. We all know that if our laws end up meaning nothing, they’re all gonna end up meaning nothing. If you can selectively apply ’em we may as well just write it up and say sayonara because we now have a different country, if the rule of law is that flexible.

This isn’t about race. It’s not about wanting people of color in the country. It’s quite the opposite. You give me a country run by Clarence Thomas, Shelby Steele, throw a couple others in this list, and I would sign up for it tomorrow. This idea that opposition to illegal immigration is about race and white supremacy is one of the most insulting things. It’s the exact opposite. It’s about the preservation of the American ideal, the preservation of the distinct American culture. And anybody who wants to come here and be a part of that, I don’t care if they got horns on their head, it doesn’t matter!

But if we’re just bringing people in here to become essential slaves of the Democrat Party that never learn to speak English, that never learn to take care of themselves ’cause the Democrats don’t want ’em to, if their own purpose is gonna be to show up every four years and vote Democrat, well, that’s not the deal! Even if it was all white people coming in to do that, the opposition would still be the same. It has nothing to do with race.

And abortion. I’m gonna tell you, the Democrat Party, who would have ever thought, in order to hold on to abortion they now have to support it after birth? They’ve been on the verge of losing abortion so bad, it’s like they’re gonna give everything away and now abortion you can have one after you giving birth if you want or right up to the day. Folks, I’m telling you these are not winning issues.


RUSH: Manassas, Virginia. This is Olivia. Thank you, Olivia, for calling. What’s shaking? What’s happening? What’s up?

CALLER: Okay, I want to get straight to the point. I’m a little nervous. I just don’t understand the campaign strategy of the Democrats accusing President Trump of being a racist. The black community largely do not vote for the president. They don’t like the president based on believing what the Democrats have told them.

Secondly, the guns, the shootings that happen, we all should be outraged. But the very communities that they say they care about, those type of shootings of so many people dying, I think Baltimore is going to hit another record, they say nothing. They’re very silent on those issues. So I’m not understanding their strategy of what they’re campaigning on —

RUSH: Well, I’ll tell you exactly what it is. Your point about why are they calling Trump a racist when the black vote goes Democrat. Because they want to keep it there. And they know the African-American unemployment rate is at an all-time low. The Democratic Party knows that Donald Trump has performed economic advances or enabled them for African-Americans more so than the Democrat Party has in 50 years. They are scared to death.

When the Democrat Party has run out of things, which is most of the time, that’s all they’ve ever had, Olivia, is everybody else is a racist. That’s why we’re sick and tired of it. They’ve said it so often, it’s lost its impact. So now they’ve had to replace it with white supremacist and white nationalist.

So now every white in America led by Trump is not just a racist, why, it’s even worse. And it’s because they’re trying to convince African-Americans not to abandon them. And all the violence in these Democrat cities, of course they’re going to ignore that until they can find a way to blame Trump for that, too, which is what they’re trying to do with all of this.

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