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Aug 6, 2019


FOXBusiness: Trump Administration Designates China a Currency Manipulator
CNN: Dow Trading Higher After China Blinks
CNBC: Nomura: A Second Market Sell-Off Could be ‘Lehman-Like’
New York Post: Dayton shooter Connor Betts was in a ‘pornogrind’ metal band: report
Breitbart: Cory Booker Campaign Demands Trump Cancel All Campaign Rallies; ‘Inspire White Nationalist Attacks’
Daily Caller: Obama Calls For Tougher Gun Laws After Mass Shootings
The Hill: Trump Responds to Obama Over Statement on Mass Shootings
Baltimore Sun: After Trump’s Tweets, Conservative Activist Leads Neighborhood Cleanup in West Baltimore
GatewayPundit: Trump Supporters Go to Baltimore to Clean Up Rep. Cummings’ Ravaged District — Find 20-Year-Old Pieces of Trash
Breitbart: President Trump Calls for Red Flag Laws Following Texas, Ohio Shootings
Politico: Trump Explores Executive Action on Guns
Daily Wire: Democrats Blast NYT After ‘Outrageous’ Trump Speech Headline; Times Makes Changes
Washington Free Beacon: Dem Candidates Call For More Than $200 Trillion in Spending
CNN: Dayton Mayor Takes Jab at Trump over Toledo Gaffe
Daily Caller: Trump Condemns Racism, Liberals Condemn Trump
NewsBusters: CNN Journalists Repeatedly Downplay Own Report on Shooter’s Leftist Politics
Breitbart: ‘New York Times’ Changes Trump Headline to Appease Far-Left Extremists
Daily Caller: Some On The Left Are Hitting Back At The NYT Over A Headline About Trump
Breitbart: CNN Confirms: Dayton Shooter Had ‘Extreme’ Left-Wing Views; Backed Warren, Sanders
Breitbart: Dayton, OH Mayor Whaley Encourages Protests of Trump Visit — His Rhetoric Is ‘Painful’


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