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RUSH: Last Sunday, Mount Sinai Hospital in Chicago went “on bypass.” That means they stopped accepting patients. Ambulances carrying patients with medical emergencies were diverted elsewhere.

Here’s why: The trauma center at Mount Sinai was full. The medical staff was overwhelmed with shooting victims.

Now, we got no news reports on whether the shooters provided manifestos explaining why they did what they did. We don’t know what weapons were used or whether they were purchased legally. We also don’t know the conditions of the 59 victims, except for the seven who died.

But we do know there were no candlelight protest vigils. We also know that Fauxcahontas (Elizabeth Warren) and Kamala Harris didn’t send out fundraising appeals, as they did in the aftermath of other shootings over the weekend. We also know that Robert Francis O’Rouke didn’t accuse Chicago’s mayor of being part of the Third Reich.

Most of all, we know that one political party — the Democrats — and their Drive-By-Media allies don’t give a rip how many are killed or injured in blue cities, because there’s no political advantage in caring about it or reporting on it.

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