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RUSH: The debate last night — and we’re gonna have running commentary on it all day — as I said yesterday, if you watched this, and I did, folks, because it was my humble responsibility. When it was over, even Gloria Borger on CNN finally said, “Where was the inspiration?” And what she meant was, where was anybody talking about anything good? Where was anybody predicting anything good?

This was a collection last night, as I said yesterday, of pure misery and dystopianism. These people have a view of this country that they have targeted people that they’ve created as America’s hapless, helpless victims. It is clear that the Democrat Party is not interested in attracting votes from people who want to make something of themselves or who just want to live their lives and try things out, you know, just live and be happy. That’s not the Democrat Party’s chosen constituency.

The Democrat Party, they’ve spent a lot of years creating victims in every realm they can think of, and that’s who they’re playing to. And it is just misery listening to it. It really is, folks. It’s comical. It is miserable. It is amazing the view of America that they have, the view of life in this country that they have, that they are attempting to relate to people with. And there was no aspirational talk last night at all.

There was no mention of being better. There was no mention of improving. All there was was a litany of grievances and promised punishments. Listen to how Mark Penn described it. He’s a former pollster for the Clintons. He runs the Harvard polling unit, writes a column at TheHill.com. He said, “By the end of this endless debate, spooned out in one-minute dollops –” And, by the way, that is so true. CNN was acting like a bunch of schoolmasters, and the Democrat candidates were the equivalent of renegade, out-of-control students who needed to be reined in and punished.

I mean, here are these clowns at CNN, one of them who once asked somebody if the missing Malaysian airliner was swallowed up by a black hole, is actually moderating the debate, and is lording it all over these candidates. These candidates are running for the job of most powerful person in the world, and these moderators treated them like a bunch of juvenile delinquents.

The power structure — and it was done on purpose. “Your time is up. Your time is up. I’m sorry. Shut up. Your time is up.” And Biden was, of course, the one that when they said, “Your time is up,” he just stopped. If he was in the middle of sucking his thumb, he stopped. None of the others at any point told the moderates to cram it, “I’m in the middle of a point here. You should not even be noticed in this debate. Who the hell are you?”

But no, they all acted like they were out-of-control, renegade juvenile delinquents. It was an amazing, amazing thing to watch. And it does illustrate my humble opinion that the media is running the American left today, either indirectly or directly.

But back to Mark Penn. “By the end of this endless debate, spooned out in one-minute dollops, I walked out with a $1,000-a-month check –” Thank you, Andrew Yang. Did you hear what this guy said? They’re talking about climate change. The one look-back we’re gonna do is me on Charlie Rose in 1992 warning everybody that this today is where we were headed on climate change. And he was, of course, not believing me, was incredulous. “You can’t possibly believe what you’re saying.” I said, “Yes, I do, Charlie.” You’ll hear it. It’s gonna work wonderfully with what happened in this debate last night.

Andrew Yang — who wants to give everybody a thousand dollars to revolutionize America and take care of the fact that everybody’s job is gonna be replaced by a robot. By the way, I have a story in the Stack. Do you know there’s racism in robots? What happens if you don’t buy a black robot? What happens if the robot you buy is white? I am not kidding you! Racism now extends to robots that you would buy in your home or put in your business.

Andrew Yang last night told everybody on climate change, “It’s too late. It’s too late. We’ve missed it. It’s time…” Did you hear this? “It’s time to move everybody to higher ground.” (laughing) I put it on pause to make sure I made the note, and then I rewound it five times. Did I really hear this? (laughing) “It’s time to move everybody to higher ground.” Let me tell you, you people in California, if these people do that, hang on.

If you live in the Central Valley — if you live in Bakersfield, Fresno — hang on, because you’re gonna be able to get property in Santa Cruz and in the Bay Area for nothing if those people all follow Yang’s advice and vacate because of rising sea levels, of course, and move inland to … higher ground? The guy was dead serious. And there wasn’t one person in who reacted to it. There wasn’t one person who thought it was simply idiotic. “It’s too late.”

I watched this and throughout the debate, not just this, I asked myself, “How are Democrat voters hearing this? How is this impacting them?” That fascinates me. I keep waiting for the moment when more and more Democrat voters wake up and say, “What? Move to higher ground?” At some point somebody in this climate change movement has got to say something that’s gonna convince the rest of them that this is all a bogus bunch of political nut sell. But I guess it hasn’t happened yet.

Anyway, back to Mark Penn. “By the end of this endless debate, spooned out in one-minute dollops, I walked out with a $1,000-a-month check, an extra grand if I’m a female, untold reparations dollars if I am African American, Medicare from birth covering everything I’ll ever need until death, and the right to cross the border without any real penalty if I’m from another country. Prosecuting criminals of any kind generally got a thumbs-down, while white privilege made me immune from racist police who were painted as villains.

“And there will be no more pointless wars, carbon emissions will be zero by 2030, and it may take 10 years, but the government will run almost all health care.” It was so bad… Folks, it was so pessimistic, it was so forlorn, that even Gloria Borger (and you’ll hear it in the audio sound bites coming up) was asking, “Where was the inspiration?” I’m glad she asked. There isn’t any. The Democrat Party has nothing for aspirational people. If you aspire to greatness, if you aspire to success, if you aspire to be more than you are, you don’t have a home in the Democrat Party.

They’re not interested in you. You, in fact, are the enemy. You’re a beneficiary of something. If you are able to make yourself something more than you are now, it won’t be because of your efforts. It’ll be because the America sucks, America’s unfair, you’ve gamed the system, you’re white or male, what have you. They can’t possibly win an election with this stuff. They just can’t! Even Rahm Emanuel’s on Fox Business today saying, “This stuff’s gotta stop. This stuff’s gonna kill us.” I’m paraphrasing, but he’s right. You notice how they talk about jobs.

They talk about jobs as though every job is a minimum wage job, and they’re gonna make sure that your minimum wage goes up. You’re not gonna have a career with the Democrats in charge. “Careers? What are careers? Careers are for us, not you.” They talk about labor and jobs as though you’ve got one job and it’s miserable and your boss is a mean-spirited, racist pig or sexist abuser or something. The Democrats are gonna protect you. And they talk to people as though that is life.

This is what it’s like to get up in America every day — to get up to be abused, to be disrespected, to be in poverty, to be unhappy, to be miserable, and the Democrats are gonna help you manage it. They’re not gonna help you out of it. They might punish the people who have done it to you, but your life isn’t gonna get any better. And whatever things you can’t take care of your yourself, the government’s gonna come in and do it. We all know how that doesn’t work.


RUSH: Let’s go to audio sound bite number 4. This is from the Democrat debate last night. This is the governor of the state of Washington.

Dana Bash is talking to Jay Inslee. “The United Nations says that all carbon issues need to be cut by 2050. Many of your fellow Democrat candidates say climate change is the biggest existential threat facing the country. You, though, Governor Inslee, are calling it the number one priority. What do you know that the others don’t?”

INSLEE: Look, climate change is not a singular issue. It is all the issues that we Democrats care about. It is health. It is national security. It is our economy. And we know this. Middle ground solutions, like the vice president has proposed — or sort of middling, uh, average-size things — are not gonna save us. Too little, too late is too dangerous, and we have to have a bold plan, and mine has been called the gold standard. Now, we also need to embed environmental justice.

RUSH: I have been making the point since the get-go that climate change is the perfect issue because within it is everything liberals want. Going for climate change allows them to blame America, to blame corporations. It allows them to go on with their racist rants. Everything, everything they believe in is contained in this one issue. Now here comes Inslee! I’ve been saying this for 30 years, and here comes Inslee admitting it. “Climate change is not a singular issue. It’s all the issues we Democrats care about,” and stand by for Andrew Yang telling everybody it’s too late.


RUSH: Hi. Welcome back. Great to have you. Rush Limbaugh. And starting the 32nd year the Excellence in Broadcasting Network. So night two of the Democrat debate last night. Here is businessman, entrepreneur, and tech wizard Andrew Yang weighing in on climate change.

YANG: Even if we were to curb our emissions dramatically, the earth is still going to get warmer. And we can see it around us this summer. The last four years have been the four warmest years in recorded history. This is going to be a tough truth, but we are too late. We are 10 years too late. We need to do everything we can to start moving the climate in the right direction, but we also need to start moving our people to higher ground. And the best way to do that is to put economic resources into your hands so you can protect yourself and your families.

RUSH: I mean, it’s time to move everybody to higher ground! It’s too late. We’ve missed it by 10 years. We need to do everything we can to start moving the climate in the right direction. Are these people so far gone they really believe they can determine the high and low temperature 10 years from now or 50 years from now?

Why can’t they do it tomorrow? If it’s getting too hot and we can control it, why wait? The idea that these people can control the weather or the climate — the climate’s even more complex than the weather. The weather is part of the climate. The delusional nature that these people have built for themselves is breathtaking to behold.


RUSH: Here’s Rahm Emanuel. Grab sound bite number 25. He was on the Fox Business Channel moments ago. Gerald Seib was Fill-In Host and said, “Hey, in the debate, shots were taken at Obama.” By the way, this was true. I don’t blame you if you didn’t watch this thing last night, folks. I don’t blame you at all. It was a four-cigar debate for me. (Snort!) That thing was 2-1/2 hours. Four cigars. I mean, it just painful. But these people were attacking Obama far more than they attacked Trump.

I mean, they were getting on Obama for his deporting three million innocent illegals. They were getting on Obama for blowing Obamacare sky-high, blowing the opportunity they had. When the debate was over, a lot of post-debate analysts were scratching their heads. “Why the hell go after Obama here?” Well, they had to go after Biden. They had to go after Biden, and Biden has linked himself to Obama like they’re Siamese twins. So if you go after Biden, you’ve gotta go after Obama, and they’ve gotta go after Biden, because Biden is leading in the polls.

So they have to go after Obama, and they all did! Now, I’m gonna… (interruption) Yes. Yes. I’m gonna explain. He said, “Go to Joe 30330.” He didn’t know what he was talking about. He thought he was giving people a website. He didn’t know what he was talking about. He had to memorize it and he almost forgot the five-digit number. I’ll explain that. But anyway, here’s Rahm Emanuel reacting to the perception that it was Obama under assault last night instead of Trump.

EMANUEL: The guy’s at 90-some-odd percent among Democrats. He is the most successful progressive, prolific president — who had an incredible chief of staff, let me just say that —

SEIB: (chucking)

EMANUEL: — since the Great Society! What are they doing? Every element of progressivity — from literally, uh, Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt to Franklin Roosevelt to the Great Society and forward — builds on the progress of generations before, for generations to come. This. Is. Nuts.

RUSH: This is nuts! That’s exactly right. It’s nuts. He thinks it’s nuts for different reasons than I think it’s nuts. I think it’s nuts because I think these people are comical and deranged, and this night was even funnier than the night before which made it even scarier than the night before. But they had to go after Obama because they had to go after Biden, and Biden didn’t do anything! He was a stand-in vice president that ran around and told people in wheelchairs to stand up. Biden had nothing to do.

Biden’s job was to second Obama at the conventions and give a great speech about what a great guy Obama was. He had nothing to do with policy, and yet he’s trying to make it look like, “Me and Barack did this,” and, “Barack and me were out there.” So they’ve got to go after what happened during the (chuckling) Obama-Biden administration, and none of ’em tried to finesse it. They didn’t even try to insulate Obama. They just went after him, and it left people’s mouth’s wide open.


RUSH: Joe Biden is being pilloried for something that happened last night that, believe me — if you’re old enough to know generational changes, trends, and the differences — is entirely harmless and, in fact, may have even been flattering. But Biden is being pilloried for the way he spoke to Kamala Harris when she came on stage, when they were being introduced. In fact, I’ve got a story here from PJ Media, “Did Joe Biden Lose the Debate During the Introductions?”

I don’t… As boring as these debates are… This is not the Republican debate which was a must-watch. If Trump was in the debate, you had to watch. People that weren’t gonna vote Republican were gonna watch. The Trump Republican debates’ ratings were through the roof. They were compelling. They had every ingredient necessary to acquire and hold a large audience, no matter what the subject. Be it a comedy show, be it politics, a serious discussion of issues, it had all of those ingredients. But Trump is what made it compelling TV.

Democrats don’t have anybody. There’s nobody on that stage the last two nights. There is nobody — and do not doubt me. There’s nobody that can come close to sharing the stage with Donald Trump. There’s not a one of these Democrats that can come close. So the media and others are going to have to acknowledge that by claiming that the reason for this is (impression), “These are serious issues. This is not entertainment. This is not slapstick. This is not reality TV.

“These are very serious issues and very serious things,” and they’re gonna try to reinforce the idea that serious discussion of these kinds of issues must be boring. It must be studious. It must be serious, not fun. Because that’s the only way they’re going to be able to accommodate whichever one of these Democrats ends up getting the nomination. Just in terms of stage presence, folks — just in terms of charisma and owning the room — there isn’t a single one of these people that can hold a stage, commandeer the stage, or even share it with Donald Trump.

Now, the question here: “Did Joe Biden Lose the Debate During the Introductions?” I don’t think these… My point is, I don’t think the Democrat debates are going to be that big a factor because nobody’s gonna stand out from debate to debate to debate. What’s gonna happen next is this field is gonna get winnowed down, and there will be fewer and fewer people on stage as time goes on.

The ratings for these debates are chump change. There was 10 million that watched the one two nights ago. I don’t know about last night yet. I haven’t seen the overnights. But these debates have no comparison whatsoever in interest factor/audience size, with the Republican debates in 2016. Just as crowd, there were 16 Republicans. There are 20, 22 Democrats here. So none of these people stand out over each other. There’s not a one. I mean, a lot of these people are flat-out dead dryballs.

And the ones who aren’t dead dryballs are raving lunatics with histrionics, like Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris. But none of them have what I consider to be an infectious personality or charisma that welcomes you to them. So the idea that Biden could have lost the debate last night, I think, is way, way overblown because I don’t think anybody could have won it last night. I don’t think anybody won the nomination the night before; I don’t think anybody won the nomination last night.

I don’t think anybody lost it. Most of the people don’t have a prayer. Most of them in that field don’t even intend to win. They know they can’t. A lot of people in the field cannot even speak coherently for a minute. Many of them don’t know what they’re trying to say. Most of them don’t have the discipline to say a lot in a cogent way in the one-minute little dollops that CNN granted them all. So I dispute the notion that Biden lost anything. I think Biden’s expectations are not all that high anyway.

Everybody knows he’s an old guy, that he’s starting to mumble and fumble his words, and so everything is measured against expectations. But what he did that generated this headline: “Did Joe Biden Lose the Debate During the Introductions?” Well, here it is. It goes by fast. It’s 17 seconds, and let’s see… Biden and Kamala Harris are introduced, and the microphones are live, and they picked up Biden speaking to Harris as they’re introductions are taking place.

LEMON: Please welcome from Delaware, former Vice President Joe Biden.

AUDIENCE: (cheers)

LEMON: From California, Senator Kamala Harris.

BIDEN: Go easy on me, Kid.

RUSH: Were you able to hear that? (interruption) You weren’t. Okay, I was afraid of that. So they introduce Harris, and Biden says, “Go easy on me, Kid.” Now, in modern-day America this is considered a gigantic sexist insult. He called a 54-year old woman who is trying to pass herself off as African-American… She’s not African-American, by the way. Her father’s Jamaican, and her father admits the family was involved in the slave trade (take that for what it’s worth), and her mother was Indian. She’s not African-American. She’s not down for the struggle.

She doesn’t have Selma “slave blood.” But she’s trying to pass herself off as such. So Biden comes out and says, “Take it easy on me, Kid. Go easy on me.” In modern-day America, this, as I say, is a misogynist, racist insult. He called a 54-year-old accomplished senator a kid. Now, in Biden’s world — and Biden is, what, 77? In Biden’s generation, that was not an insult. When you say that to a young person as Biden did…

The context, by the way, is she kicked his ass last debate. You can’t take that out of the equation. Biden is actually engaging in some lighthearted banter here. (interruption) He’s 76, 76 years old. Biden is engaging in lighthearted banter. He’s trying to be nice. He’s acknowledging that she kicked his ass in the last debate. It’s just a polite thing to say, “Go easy on me, Kid.” Nothing provocative was intended. Nothing demeaning was intended. There’s no insult here. There is no racism or misogyny here at all. This is the kind of thing…

This is the way people used to be able to talk to each other before the politically correct police force existed and before the left-wing progressives began the process of becoming speech Nazis. It was actually… I won’t say it was a bit of flattery, but it was… In Biden’s world, this is how he was practicing humility. He was admitting, “Hey, you kicked my ass last time. Give me a break.” He was trying to lighten the mood. He was breaking the tension with this. Anybody over 30 is gonna understand.

Well, I anybody over 50 — certainly 45 — is gonna understand it. But now Biden may have lost the nomination with this comment? A, that isn’t gonna be why. If he loses the nomination, this is not gonna be why. I don’t think Biden is gonna lose the nomination. Biden is the 2019 version of Walter F. Mondull. The Democrats threw Mondull to the wolves in 1984. Reagan was gonna win in a 49-state landslide. Everybody knew it. Mondale had been a loyal soldier. He had been Carter’s vice president.

He had basically been an old warhorse, and whatever the Democrats needed of him, he went and did it. If they had to send him down to Nicaragua to tell Daniel Ortega to shape up, he’d go. If they had to send him out to fundraise, he’d do it. So it was it his turn. You could also say that he might be the 2020 version of Bob Dole in 1996. The Republicans nominated Dole because it was his turn. He’d been a loyal foot soldier. Clinton was gonna win reelection no matter what, everybody thought. So throw Dole up there. Honor Dole.

Let him get on his resume that he ran for president. He’d had a rivalry with George H. W. Bush that had kept him from reaching his full potential in the Republican Party, so this was sort of, “We’ll let Bob Dole have it.” I think Biden — you could say he’s the Howard Dean of 2004.

Remember what happened in 2004? Howard Dean was running away with the Democrat nomination and then had a meltdown after the Hawkeye Cauci. Before there were any votes cast, Howard Dean was running away with it. Then the Hawkeye Cauci came, and Howard Dean finished worse than last. And everybody was panicking. Dean had a meltdown, started screaming and slashing all over the microphone.

So they went and got Lurch, they went and got John Kerry, who was too old and too worn out and also not inspiring, they got him to run against George W. Bush. So there are a lot of parallels here. But if Biden doesn’t get the nomination it’s not gonna be because he said, “Go easy on me, kid” to Kamala Harris.

Let me run a little test. It’s not fair to ask now. Dawn, when you heard that, was your first instinct to be insulted by it? Course not. But the woke police out there, the Twitterati, the speech Nazis, “Oh, my God. He called Kamala Harris a kid.” Do you know that in Biden’s era women were called broads to their face as a compliment?

Remember Blake Edwards, the famous Hollywood director who directed all of the Peter Sellers Pink Panther movies? You know who he was married to? Julie Andrews. (singing) “The hills are alive with the sound of liberalism.” Remember that? He won an award, best director or something, and he went out there and he’s issuing his thanks, and he said, “I need to thank the best broad that has ever been on this planet, my wife, Julie.” And the crowd applauded.

Now, this is back in the eighties. Now “broad” when the feminazis got going it became an insult because broad, if you look it up in the dictionary, is a pregnant cow, one of the definitions of broad is a pregnant cow. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So that’s why it became taboo. But calling his wife a broad, he was not insulting her. He was complimenting her. But these things are all past now. They’re all gone.

So Joe Biden, who’s 76, “Go easy on me, kid,” if it had been Cory Booker who had handed himself to him in the previous debate, he would have said the same thing to Cory Booker. If Andrew Yang had taken him to the cleaners in the previous debate, he’d have said that to Andrew, “Go easy on me, kid.” It’s just the way Biden talks. He’d probably say the same thing to Obama. But now, “Biden may have lost the debate by calling Kamala Harris a kid.”

Last night at the debate, leftist protesters disrupted their own debate. It’s about racism. Leftist protesters who want the New York City cop who choked Eric Garner fired, they’re chanting, “Fire Pantaleo” here in this sound bite.

BOOKER: Last week the president of the United States attacked an American city, calling it a disgusting rat-infested, rodent mess. We need a nation that understands that these tired, old language be — (crowd chanting “Fire Pantaleo.”)

LEMON: Please stand by.

RUSH: That was Cory Booker. See, Cory Booker did not have the stage presence or the charisma to overcome the protesters. He had to let Don Lemon come in there say, “Please stand by.” And Cory Booker said, “I will stand by. I will let the protesters have the stage.”

That’s not how Trump deals with protesters, is it? How does Trump deal with protesters? He tells the cops to kick ’em out. “Go get ’em, kick ’em outta here. They’re not wanted in here. Get ’em out, kick ’em out!” The audience goes nuts.

Cory Booker: “I’ll stand by. I’ll stand by.” And then after Cory Booker, it was Joe Biden’s turn to get protested. This is Don Lemon. “Would higher deportations resume if you are president?”

BIDEN: Absolutely not, number one. Number two, everything landed on the president’s desk but locusts. I found that Julian — excuse me — the secretary, we sat together in many meetings, I never heard him talk about any of this when he was the secretary.

PROTESTER: Three million deportations!

LEMON: Please be respectful.

PROTESTER: Three million deportations!

LEMON: Please be respectful in the crowd.

PROTESTER: Three million deportations!

LEMON: Please continue, Mr. Vice President.

RUSH: Now, I’ll tell you what this is about. They were all on Biden because he is Obama’s vice president, and they’re upset that Biden sat by idly while Obama deported three million illegal aliens. And the nature of question, “Would higher deportations resume if you’re president?” Biden: “Absolutely not. Absolutely not. I wouldn’t make the mistakes Barack did.” He didn’t say that, but that’s what was implied. “I would not make the mistakes Barack did.”

And so here come the protesters. So the Democrat debate was stopped, interrupted, and called out by the usual gang of left-wing malcontents. And none of these people know how to deal with this because it never happens to them. They don’t get this kind of pushback. They certainly never get it from the media. And they don’t know what to do when the people they think are in love with them start protesting, expressing anger and so forth.


RUSH: To central Washington state. This is Matt, and it’s great to have you, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Mr. Limbaugh, it is a pleasure to speak to you.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir.

CALLER: Of course! I’m calling from the red two-thirds of an unwillingly blue state. Circling back to the first hour of the program when you had the sound bite from Governor Inslee, after having the brain cells that exploded after hearing him speak —

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: He’s hard to listen to. It’s a power grab and a money grab, and I can’t tell you which actually comes first. Now, this state —

RUSH: Wait. You mean his positions on climate are not really honestly held about the climate and the danger posed, that this is just a front for amassing power and money?

CALLER: Correct. Correct! Now, the state… We all know California is in trouble financially. Washington state is half a step behind and it’s evident when you go to the gas pump. We enjoy the second highest gas tax in the nation.

RUSH: You know, I heard the guy promise if he’s president, X-number of high-speed charges stations for electric cars at the same time saying they gotta get rid of coal. How the hell they gonna power the charging stations!

CALLER: (chuckling) Wind and solar, I’m guessing.

RUSH: Well, BS to that.

CALLER: (chuckling)

RUSH: There’s no way!


RUSH: If the wind doesn’t blow, you’re SOL!

CALLER: That’s true. I don’t think they’ve put up a wind turbine yet that actually covered the cost of production.

RUSH: Look, you’re probably… I know you’re right about it. But nevertheless, there’s a part of this… These people literally believe some of this environmental crap as well. That’s what makes it dangerous.


RUSH: Ah, I’m the looking at this chyron graphic up on CNN right now. Yang wants every American to get $1000 a month. How would it work? How would it work? They’d cut a check and send it for everybody. What do you mean, how would it work? You send everybody a thousand dollars! How does it work?

What it ought to say up there, “Yang wants to everybody to move to higher ground now because of climate change.” That was the bombshell from Yang last night. I was rolling on the floor, folks. I had to make sure my cigar was in the ashtray and not with me on the floor so that I didn’t put a burn hole in the rug. “We need to move our people to higher ground. It is too late. We have missed it by 10 years.”

I agree with our last caller that all of this is about a power grab and money. There’s no question, all of liberalism is. And Inslee admitted last night that climate change contains every progressive issue, but I’m telling you what, these people, go talk to young people, they have totally sold ’em on the idea that humanity will not exist in 30 or 40 years, they’ve totally sold a lot young people on this. It’s scary. Whether they believe it themselves or not, they have convinced other people.

It’s what liberals do. They so overexaggerate everything to try to make a point that they are — well, I was gonna they’re unaware of how people are signing on, but they’re not unaware. They know full well what they’re doing to people.


RUSH: But back to the phones we go to Michael in Naples, Florida. Great to have you with us on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Mega dittos. Stand Up for Betsy Ross.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir. I appreciate that.

CALLER: Okay. So my question is, I’ve been listening to you for many years, and you typically always said that the Democrats are hiding their true agenda. But, you know, they seem to have gone off the rails and now pretty much are promulgating, you know, naked socialism, free everything, open borders, infanticide. I don’t know how much further you can go. But do you think their mask of sanity has totally slipped and is off and we’re seeing what they truly are —

RUSH: Yeah. I think it happened after Trump won the election. I think they became — I use the word discombobulated, disoriented. They were turned upside down and inside out. They still have not gotten over it. And that was a rejection. Remember, Hillary Clinton, who everybody on that side thought was gonna be president, we’re gonna get Obama’s third term, whatever all it meant, she was rejected, they were rejected.

When Democrats get rejected, when anybody gets rejected, you normally react to the rejection by asking, “Do I need to change anything? I was rejected here.” Not them. When they get rejected, they get mad, and they double down. They say, “Okay. You don’t like that. Well, try this.” Then they shove everything they believe down your throat. Which is what is happening now.

The far-left radicals have taken over the Democrat Party. The moderates — and there aren’t any moderates. Be very wary when you hear the media talking about the moderates like Joe Biden. There aren’t any moderates in the Democrat Party. There aren’t any. They’re all left wing. Some are radical left wing. Some are just standard, everyday liberals. But they’re all uber-left wing.

The radical left is getting fed up with what they think is the tired, worn-out, old people who they think are not angry enough, they don’t fight enough. And so they are slowly taking over the party, and they don’t care to mask and hide who they are. They’re tired of having had to do that all these years.

They’re mad at Obama for not coming out. They’re mad at Obama for trying to play like he was a down the road centrist and not really the community organizer, radical leader. They think he could have done so much more to transform the country. They’re just frustrated at every turn here. And Trump winning sent ’em over the edge.


RUSH: I mentioned at the beginning of the program that Gloria Borger was frustrated after the debate last night. She used to be at Newsweek when they were in business. She has been all over the Drive-By Media. You know, Gloria Borger’s been there since I was a kid (well, teenager), and to me she doesn’t look a day older than the first time I ever saw her. I’m not kidding. She’s gotten more radical leftist as the years have gone on. But, anyway, she was frustrated that there was no aspiration.

She was frustrated there was no inspiration. Sometimes… Do you know what “aspirational” is? When you aspire to be better, to have something new, to have something better. That’s aspirational. Inspirational is inspiring people to aspire, if you will. So she’s really talking about there wasn’t any inspiration last night. They’re all angry, and they’re all depressing. I think these media people, they live in a bubble, too, and they think the Democrats are the creme de la creme. They think the Democrats are the best thing walking the earth.

They think the Democrats are all great. Then they watch the debates and they’re let down. “Is this it?” they say to themselves. “This is it?” There’s not a one of them up there that’s impressing anybody. Crazy Bernie’s days have come and gone. Biden’s letting everybody down. Kamala Harris? Nah. There’s nobody. Bill de Blasio. (laughing) Are you kidding? Am I wrong, or does Kirsten Gillibrand look like she stepped out of a bag of flour every time I see her on TV? She went on some rant last night, “You want white privilege? I’ll tell you what white privilege is!

“White privilege is when your son’s walking down the street with a hoodie and M&Ms in his pocket and he’s white. He’s protected! That’s what white privilege is.” (interruption) You didn’t hear that? Somebody tell that to Trayvon Martin. The “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman was attacked by the guy. At any rate, here’s the bite. They’re talking with former governor Jennifer Granholm about the debate and how disappointing it was….

BORGER: Where is the inspiration?


BORGER: You’re a Democratic voter —

GRANHOLM: It’s a really good point.

BORGER: — and you’re sitting out there and you’ve seen these 20 candidates after two nights —


BORGER: — and you’re thinking, “Which is one of these people that I’m gonna go out and knock on doors for? I’m gonna go out and work my heart out for these people?” Which is the candidate?

RUSH: She didn’t see anybody. They’re sitting there; they’re scared. “Oh, my God! Trump looks like a seasoned professional compared to these people.” I guarantee you, Gloria Borger’s out there saying, “Where’s the inspiration? Where’s the person with charisma that makes you want to join their team?”

Jim in Kissimmee, Florida, as we head back to the phones. Great to have you, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hello Rush. I was watching as much of the debate as I could last night, and something was said that I thought Fox News would eat up but nobody’s mentioned it. That is one of the candidates said that John Kennedy was so inspirational and challenged us to beat the Russians in the space race to the Moon and that our great race of today should be to beat the Chinese and the climate change war. I cracked up and I said, “Wait a minute. They haven’t entered the race. So we won. Give it up!” But then I realize when you’ve got a religion like climate change, you don’t give that up easily.

RUSH: Well, let me tell, there was one word… This is, by the way, a very brilliant and shrewd observation of yours, because that’s exactly right. Somebody — I forget who it was — did say we need to do like Kennedy and get in a race with the ChiComs to clean up the planet. Of course, the truth is ChiComs don’t care! (chuckling) The ChiComs… This is where somebody… I wish I could remember who it was that said it. It might have been Julian Castro, who can barely be seen over the podium, by the way. If he played third base, he might not be able to make the throw to first. The pitching mound’s too tall. The pitcher’s mound is too high.

But somebody on that stage made the point that even if we did get rid of all fossil fuels in America and get down to zero emissions, it wouldn’t matter, because are not the primary culprit. The rest of the world is: India, the ChiComs, the Russians. Of course, this is factually correct! It is our freedom examine liberty and technological advancements that allow us to clean up the messes that we make. Nobody’s denying that we pollute, but we clean it up better than anywhere. Well, they don’t in San Francisco, and they don’t in Los Angeles — and they don’t where liberals are, like China or Russia. But somebody made the point, and it just went by. Nobody said a word, nobody reacted to, ’cause it was one brief moment of truth that nobody — including CNN moderators — wanted to acknowledge.

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