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RUSH: You may have seen that President Trump has tweeted that this essentially means the end of the witch hunt. Now, I don’t know about that, but it is in many ways a pretty big deal.

The headline of the story: “Judge Dismisses DNC Hacking Lawsuit Against Trump Team, Says Claims ‘Entirely Divorced From the Facts.’” And the judge is a Clinton appointee. A federal judge in very stark terms has dismissed, has thrown out, has kicked it away, “a lawsuit by the Democratic National Committee against key members of the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks.” This is about these hacked DNC documents.

The judge said that they “’did not participate in any wrongdoing in obtaining the materials in the first place’ and therefore bore no legal liability for disseminating the information.” This has always been the case. There was nothing illegal about getting the information. There was nothing illegal about getting what WikiLeaks was gonna publish. It was all in the public domain. The DNC tried to sue Trump and his campaign for essentially hacking the DNC and getting private documents and then disseminating them, in addition to giving them to WikiLeaks, and the judge just slapped them down.

This is a quote: They “’did not participate in any wrongdoing in obtaining the materials in the first place’ and therefore bore no legal liability for disseminating the information. The ruling came as Democrats increasingly have sought to tie the Trump team to illegal activity in Russia, in spite” of Robert Mueller’s findings that there wasn’t any.

Now, in this lawsuit, the Democrat National Committee “asserted in court filings that the Trump team’s meetings ‘with persons connected to the Russian government during the time that the Russian GRU agents were stealing the DNC’s information’” was a sign “that they were conspiring with the Russians to ‘steal and disseminate the DNC’s materials.’

“The suit did not allege that the stolen materials were false or defamatory but rather sought to hold the Trump team and other defendants liable for the theft of the DNC’s information.” The judge, John Koeltl, a Bill Clinton appointee sitting in the Southern District of New York — this is a judge in the SDNY! – “wrote in his 81-page opinion Tuesday that the DNC’s argument was ‘entirely divorced’ from the factual record in the case. … ‘In short, the DNC raises a number of connections and communications between the defendants and with people loosely connected to the Russian Federation, but at no point does the DNC allege any facts … to show that any of the defendants — other than the Russian Federation — participated in the theft of the DNC’s information,’ Koeltl said.”

This was a big lawsuit. This was one of the first Democrat efforts to tie Trump to hacking to benefit himself and working with the Russians to get it done. And a judge just threw it out yesterday, claiming there’s no factual basis for any reason of these assertions. Not a single fact was present in the Democrat lawsuit.

The Democrats thought they were gonna get a friendly judge, a friendly Obama or Clinton judge would bestow victory on them and they would be able to further point at Trump as guilty. And this judge just threw it out on the merits, as in there aren’t any.

So Trump is ecstatic. He’s tweeting today that this signifies the end of the witch hunt. And it is a big part of it. Not just throwing it out, but the way the judge did. That the Democrat lawsuit was entirely devoid and divorced from the facts. Which every Democrat allegation that you see in the New York Times or CNN or the Washington Post or anywhere in the media for the past three years, every one of those allegations has been devoid of facts.

Those New York Times stories early on for the first year withe all these anonymous sources from the American intelligence community, current and former U.S. government officials, and every one of them anonymously was assuring the New York Times readers and the reporters that there was evidence out there that Trump had colluded, just hadn’t found it yet, but they were getting close. And it was reported as almost a fait accompli that it was gonna happen.

There were never, never any facts because there was never any evidence. Pardon me for getting riled up about this. But every time I think about what happened with this silent coup business, I do get really mad. It’s one of the most outrageous things that has happened. It had happened wide open, there was never any truth to it, there was never any substance to it, there was never any evidence for it, and yet it went on and on and on and everybody involved in it knew they had no evidence. Everybody involved in it knew they had no facts.

It was a flat-out attempt at ramrodding a president out of office because he legitimately won an election they thought he was gonna lose. And it’s worse than that.

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