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RUSH: Now, the Drive-By Media is very, very alarmed. The Drive-By Media is worried that Biden cannot emerge from this pack, even though he leads it, if he is as nice as he was during the last debate. They’re telling Biden that he’s gotta pull the gloves off. He’s gotta get down and dirty in there. He’s gotta show some signs of life. He’s gotta show some vim and vigor. Joe Biden has basically got to show that he is alive, in contrast with his previous debate performance.

And Biden is coming through. Plugs is assuring them that the nice guy days are over. Here are the Drive-Bys this morning, a little bit of a montage. Remember, now, after 50 years — that’s how long Plugs has been in politics — after 50 years these people expect Biden to show up and be a new and different person, and after 50 years, they know better than Joe knows about what he has to do to win.

MARY BRUCE: (outdoor/b-roll noise) Joe Biden needs a strong showing here tonight. He has a lot on the line after his lackluster performance at the first debate.

CLAIRE MCCASKILL: (b-roll noise) His delivery is important tonight. If he’s strong enough to hold this nomination, he needs to show it on the stage tonight.

ALISYN CAMEROTA: It’s a high stakes night for Joe Biden. Could another rough debate performance hurt his standing in the polls?

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Joe Biden against the world?

MICHEAL SMERCONISH: Biden better be ready to go the distance.

ROBIN MEADE: Biden better show up strong.

MAJOR GARRETT: If I’m Joe Biden watching last night, you’d better have better game than you brought the first time. Much better.

RUSH: You know, I listen to this stuff, and I do, as a broadcast professional, highly trained, highly talented broadcast professional, I ask myself, why do all these people want to all sound alike? Why do all of them want to essentially say the same things? Well, there’s an answer to that. It’s how you stay in the club. It’s how you maintain your accreditation. It’s how you maintain your status.

Remember, the Drive-By Media, more than anything else, is doing their job to be noticed by other Drive-By Media people. That’s who their audience is. Not you, me. I mean, we’re there. We’re incidental, though. They’re trying to impress everybody else. That’s why they all say the same stuff. For me, what would be the point? “Mr. Limbaugh, we’d like you to come on CNN Tonight to analyze the Democrat debate.”

“Well, I’ll be happy to, but I’m not gonna say what the other people say.”

“Well, then we’re not interested. We want uniform analysis and agreement.” Seriously, folks, in no other business like this does plagiarism seem to be the order. If it’s not plagiarism, sameness. But I literally cannot understand why every one of these people want to sound identical. They all have a single talking point no matter what the event, issue, or person is, they all have it, and they all repeat it.

They might embellish it a little bit with a couple of words, maybe an example, but when you strip it all away, they’re all saying the same thing. That’s what our montages demonstrate, as much as anything else.

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