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RUSH: AP went out and did a story, “Suburban Women Recoil as Trump Dives into Racial Politics.” And what this was, is 36 women who were interviewed. They all said they were not voting for Trump, but only one of them had.

Only one of the 36 had!

Yet AP wants you to believe that 36 suburban women they found have had it with Trump. They voted for him in ’16, but they just can’t do it again.  That’s not what the story says.  What PBS has here, the The NewsHour, is a report from a correspondent named Amna Nawaz, and she went out and found a mixed political couple, Lisa and Jimmy.  Jimmy loves me, supports Trump.  His wife hates Trump, cries about it.  But this lughead will not change his mind.  PBS actually has done a story on this mixed couple.  It’s only about a minute, our little blurb here, and here it is…

RUSH ARCHIVE:  At any rate, he had the bond back then with voters that Trump has.

NAWAZ: Jimmy, a retired Marine, likes to listen to conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh on his hour-long drive to work.  Lisa, a waitress, listens to NPR.

NPR:  It’s important to step back as we enter this, uh, action-reaction cycle.

NAWAZ:  Jimmy voted for President Trump, and though he doesn’t agree with everything the president says or tweets, he likes what the president’s been doing.  Lisa was a Hillary Clinton voter in 2016.  She says President Trump does not represent her or the country.

LISA:  I am so dead against (choking up) our president. (laugh-crying) I don’t feel like he is someone that we can respect, and I don’t think Jimmy really grasps (choking up) how much it upsets me. (breaks down) But there are a lot of issues.

NAWAZ:  Jimmy, what’s it like for you to see her get that upset about the person you voted for?

JIMMY:  She’s gotta flow, roll with her emotions.  I mean, it is just… It’s a way of getting it out, whatever it is.  I can’t… I don’t have any control over that.

NAWAZ:  And, Jimmy, you’re dead set? You know you’re gonna vote for President Trump again?

JIMMY:  Yes!

RUSH:  Now, isn’t this a fascinating thing?  This is a mixed couple, and the woman breaks down in tears thinking about Trump being president, thinking about Trump winning, thinking about her husband supporting Trump. So they go ask him, “What do you think, Jimmy?  What’s it like for you to see your wife get that upset?”  “Hey.  Hey.  It’s up to her.  She’s gotta roll with the flow.  Hey, I got nothing to do with it.  It’s not my problem she’s out there crying over it.  Nothing I can do about it.”

(laughing) You know what?  Jimmy’s exactly right.

But it’s so controversial to say that.  It’s her emotions; it’s not his.  What’s he supposed to do?  Is Jimmy supposed to change…? (interruption) What about empathy for Jimmy? (interruption) What do you mean, empathy…? (interruption) What do you mean about empathy for Jimmy’s wife? (interruption) Jimmy is not crying because things are going his way.  Is Jimmy, in order to make his wife happy, supposed to denounce Trump and denounce me and is he supposed to apologize? (interruption) Well, he may have given her a hug, but look at it.

I mean, I don’t think NPR or PBS just caught the first day of this.  This has obviously been going on for 2-1/2 years.  Do you think maybe Jimmy may be a little tired of putting up with the tears?  You know, we hear these things, we watch these things, and we think, “Oh, this is day one of problems in paradise.”  This couple obviously has had to endure this problem ever since Trump became a candidate and won.  So it’s 2-1/2 years.

So Lisa here has been very upset for 2-1/2 years, and when Jimmy says, “Hey, she’s got to flow and roll with her emotions. I mean, it’s just a way of getting it out.  Whatever it is, I don’t have any control over it,” Jimmy is smarter than you all think he is.  There’s nothing he can do about it.  She’s gotta roll with it.  She’s gotta flow with it.  She’s gotta get it out.  But Jimmy doesn’t think that it’s up to him to change his allegiances or his mind in order to help her roll with the flow.

But look, I’ll bet you the conventional wisdom is, “What a mean guy.  God! Can’t the guy just…? Can’t he just dial it back for a television show?  Why does he have to go…? Couldn’t he at least say he’s got some problems with Trump to make it easier for her?  Why does he have to do this on national TV?”  You notice how the onus is on Jimmy here.  Lisa is the one with the problem!  She’s the one having trouble dealing with Trump. But it’s Jimmy’s problem, and what Jimmy is saying is that it isn’t.

She’s gotta have a way of letting her emotions roll here.  She’s gotta get ’em out.  If crying is how it happens, then so be it.  Now, what am I missing? (interruption) Snerdley’s in there laughing himself silly, which means, folks, he thinks I’ve stepped in it.  Snerdley loves it when I step in it.  Snerdley loves it when Twitter blows up over me.  So you obviously think I have Twitter blown up here? (interruption) Yeah.  “When women cry, as a man you’re supposed to offer comfort.”  Jimmy probably has.

You think…? It’s been 2-1/2 years.  I’m trying to point out… (interruption) You don’t think Jimmy’s probably tried a lot of things here, and now Jimmy’s gotta deal with it on national TV?  You try that! Here comes PBS (laughing) finding a mixed couple… The new definition of a “mixed couple” is Rush Limbaugh/Trump fan on one hand and hate Trump on the other.  It’s a new political phenomenon. (interruption) Uh, “Most women can disagree, but…”? (interruption) She not… (interruption) Her tears are not because she disagrees with her husband.  Her tears are literally over Trump.

Or am I wrong?  Is she crying because her husband will not cave? (interruption)  You think she’s crying because her husband won’t cave?  Well, let’s see. (reading transcript) “I’m so dead against our president.  I don’t feel like he’s someone we can respect.  I don’t think Jimmy grasps how much it upsets…”  Oh, you may be right! “I don’t think Jimmy grasps…” (interruption) You’re right.  Jimmy is an insensitive lughead.  You’re right.  She’s crying ’cause Jimmy doesn’t get it. Oh, wow. Okay.

Well, that’s that.  I just… That’s what passes for news on The The NewsHour that used to be with Jim Lehrer.  Moving on.  Last night on CNN Situation Room, the show’s hosted by Wolf Blitzer, senior political correspondent Nia-Malika Henderson was on, and Wolf Blitzer said (summarized), “You think this is going to continue between now and November of 2020, this kind of assault,” Trump insulting people left and right? You think that’s gonna keep on?”

HENDERSON: I think he thinks it works, as you said, it comes to him instinctually, this is who he has been for many, many decades. If you go back to his history even in New York, I mean, this is who he is, this is where he lives. He gets feedback and sort of support from the chattering classes of conservatives, whether it’s on Fox or Rush Limbaugh or Breitbart. And it also goes back to something Steve Bannon talked about as well: The idea that if you get Democrats having to talk about race and racism, they feel like they’re on good ground.

RUSH: What? The idea if you get Democrats having to talk about race and racism, they feel like they’re on — yeah. So how’s Trump — I don’t understand that. Her point is that Trump goes out and does this stuff, he goes out there and race baits because he knows that he’s gonna be supported by me and Hannity and Fox News and Breitbart, and that’s why he does it. That’s the only reason he does it ’cause he knows he’s gonna get — And it’s been the way Trump has lived his life in New York.

No, it isn’t. Do you know that Trump and Al Sharpton used to be best buds? Before Trump got into politics. I mean, they’d go to the fights together. They’d go up and kick interlopers out of Harlem together. They’d do anything Sharpton wanted to do. And Donald Trump was right there with him. Donald Trump made friends with everybody in New York.

Now all of a sudden — Al Sharpton hasn’t changed a bit — Donald Trump gets elected president and all of a sudden he becomes things nobody ever accused him of being. He becomes a racist, becomes a bigot, becomes stupid and dumb. Prior to this, the New York glitterati, the population of New York that strives to get mentioned in Page Six New York Post, they love Trump because standing next to him was guaranteed coverage. They loved him. They sucked up to Trump.

They did everything they could to be in Trump’s orbit, to be close. They invited Trump to accompany them places. They wanted to go with Trump when he had a big fight scheduled at one of his casinos in Atlantic City. Now all of a sudden Donald Trump is this reprobate, this heathen, and everybody’s always known it?

And why — I keep going back, you know, even for Lisa here of Lisa and Jimmy, PBS, clearly Donald Trump’s not the only guy out there saying controversial or opinionated things. The Democrat Party thrives on it. They live on it. Why does none of that ever upset any of these people? The Democrat Party insults their political enemies personally. They set out to destroy them. Why does that not bother people?

In fact, in this AP story, one of these 36 women, this is a woman in Denver, Kathy Barnes, while shopping in the Denver suburb of conservative-leaning Lone Tree, Colorado, said. “I did not think it was going to be as bad as it is — definitely narcissism and sexism, but I did not think it was going to be as bad as it is. I am just ashamed to be an American right now.”

Come on. Just ashamed to be an American. Most people are afraid of losing America right now. Ashamed of being American? Does the Democrat Party’s never-ending assaults on this country not bother these people? These people are attacking the Constitution, they’re attacking the founders, they’re painting over the murals of George Washington. They’re doing everything they can to transform this country away from how it was founded, and none of these people are worried about it or affected by it or bothered? I just don’t buy this.

Donald Trump wouldn’t have won the election if people weren’t fed up with Democrats, if people weren’t fed up with Hillary Clinton, if people weren’t fed up with the current standards of the Democrat Party, Trump would not have won! And yet we’re supposed to believe that now that Trump is president, “It’s so embarrassing to be an American. I don’t know how I can do it anymore.” I just don’t buy it, folks.

I don’t deny that there are maladjusted people out there. I don’t deny that there are people going through various stages of instability and so forth. But I don’t think Donald Trump’s the reason. I think he’s a convenient excuse. But I’m also not buying into this idea that it’s only a one-way street. This is what an out-of-balance, biased, and disjointed media gives you: a totally, totally corrupted version and vision of our country.

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