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RUSH: A woman named Kim Trent, used to work for former governor Jennifer Granholm, wrote a piece in the Detroit Free Press op-ed about this week’s Democrat debates. She wants Democrats to vet their candidates vigorously, but not “viciously.”

Ms. Trent says she winces whenever Democrats bash their own candidates. She claims an intra-party hate-fest hurt Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and she doesn’t want anyone going scorched-earth this time. Democrats’ only goal should be getting rid of Trump, she says, and any of the 20 Democrat candidates would be better than Trump.

Ms. Trent, let me give you some bad news. No matter how much you beg your fellow Democrats to play nice, it’s not going to happen because they aren’t nice. Your candidates are already trying to rip each other’s hearts out, politically speaking. They’re gonna go for the jugular at every opportunity. Do you really think Democrats critiquing them from the outside will be any nicer?

Face it, Ms. Trent. Your fellow Democrats don’t know how to play nice. They’re not nice people. They’re mean.  They’re extremists. They’re radicals. They’re not nice to themselves. They’re not nice to Republicans. They’re not even nice to the country.  Being vicious is who they are. It’s what makes them Democrats. You better get used to this because it’s only going to get “worser.”

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