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RUSH: Let’s go back to the phones to Shawano, Wisconsin. This is Vickie. I’m glad you waited. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. You made my birthday by taking my call. I just want to let you know —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait. This is your birthday week?

CALLER: Yes. I’m trying to forget about it, but, yes, sir. (giggling) Yes, it is. I’ve been trying for a week to call you up, but thank God I got on today, and I’m so grateful to hear your voice. I take a knee every day and I thank God for Trump, and I take the second knee and thank God for you for being the voice out there, ’cause who else do we have? (giggles) I just thank you for everything you do. The reason I called was I was telling your screener that I wholeheartedly agree with you that Trump should go to California. He should scorch earth in California for two reasons.

A few weeks ago, I had my ultraliberal nephew and his wife visiting from (unintelligible), California, and I cannot believe how they subtly try to say things about Trump and the lies about Trump. You know, “I don’t like him,” quote, unquote. “Trump is about Trump and his administration, and they’re putting kids in cage.” You know, I countered. I try to talk to them. But, you know what, Rush? It’s like talking to a potted plant. I’d rather talk to a potted plant! They don’t respond in such stupid ways. But that’s that.

And then last week I went to a family reunion in California, Stockton, California — high crime, bankrupt Stockton. California. I went there because I have a lot of wonderful relatives and I heard my cousins complaining about how their registration fees for cars have gone up, taxes have gone up. So even before I had heard you say this, I agreed with you, and I said, “I’m gonna email Trump!” I said, “Go to California, because if they don’t go to California,” for anything! (unintelligible)

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait. Hold it a minute. Hold it. I think… I think that I may have been misunderstood as to why I think Trump should go to California, and my thinking is not to change the minds of Democrat Californians. That’s not the point. It’s not really to highlight Democrat-sponsored problems — say, homelessness in Los Angeles. There’s a different reason to go to California. I will attempt to explain it when we come back.


RUSH: Okay. Let me see if I can explain the California thing. I don’t mean it to be specifically to go to try to get California in the Republican column. That can’t be done. California is gonna go Democrat in the Electoral College in 2020 no matter what. The reason to go to California is also… I don’t think it would. If the express purpose was just to go and, say, point out the dire consequences in San Francisco and downtown Los Angeles with homeless and so forth, you could do that — and I’m gonna say “Trump could do that” — but that wouldn’t be the objective.

The objective would be to go because it’s said to be a lost cause. Just going to California to make a serious campaign speech sends the signal that we are going for every vote, that Trump is president of the whole country, that we don’t consider California lost, that we want to make an effort there. Certainly, within that broad concept, you could point out — Trump could point out — the inherent problems you get with one-party Democrat rule. Now, again, the purpose of this is key, because the purpose will define the attitude with which California voters hear it.

If you simply go to California to trash ’em, if you go to California and say, “You people are nuts. Look at your cities,” that won’t work. That’s not it. You go out there and you say how unfortunate it is and how unbelievable it is, how unacceptable. “We Americans do not like hearing about this. We don’t want to see San Francisco have this happen, Los Angeles have this happen. It’s too beautiful a place.” Point out why it’s happening. It’s a political campaign. It’s Trump versus the Democrats. Point out some of the things that happen with Democrat one-party rule.

Signal that California is being contended for. Now, it’s more an image thing, although there’s a lot of substance inherent in doing this, and I think it could have a surprising, beneficial result. But you have to make a stand in California at some point. I mean, they’re trying to take over Texas — and if that happens, then we’re up the proverbial creek, folks. There’s no reason that Donald Trump can’t compete in every state, because Donald Trump is a benefit to every citizen in this country.

If you look at Trump’s policies and how they have manifested, people affected by them are seeing their circumstances and opportunities dramatically improve. There’s no reason California should have this denied. There’s no reason New Yorkers should have it denied. But more than that, it’s precisely because California’s considered lost that I think Trump going to California to make a campaign speech as though California’s in play — and that would be the attitude to do it with. “We think we can win! California’s in play.”

That would shake ’em up like you can’t believe. Plus, that puts Trump on offense like you can’t believe. “Trump’s going to California?” Why, can you hear what the media experts would say and the political experts? “Why is he wasting time and money in California? They got no chance. They need to be spending money in these districts in the Midwest where he narrowly won.” You know, that’s conventional political consultant wisdom that Trump has always stood upside down, stood on its head.

Go out to California as though it’s in play. Go out as the president of the United States desperately hoping to bring everything good happening in America to everybody. California’s… You talk about Elijah Cummings’ district? You start dividing California up economically, and it’s gonna look just the same. California knows the depths of Third World poverty, and right next door is the wealth of the world, and they coexist. It’s all up and down the coast. You go inland, and you’ll find a California that nobody think exists.

You’ll find Third World-type living conditions for some.

You’ll find overwhelming poverty.

You find environmentalist wacko policies are destroying family farms.

There are any number of illustrations like that, and this is what happens with liberalism. One of the things that really needs to be illustrated and people really need to learn is that far from being the party of the poor and far from being the party of the downtrodden, the Democrat Party has become the party of massive, obscene wealth. That’s who bankrolls the Democrat Party! The idea of the Republicans, rich Republicans, like-minded CEOs and so forth? Hell, they’re all Democrats now. The Democrats have a bigger claim on wealthy donors and so forth the Republicans can shake a stick at.

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