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RUSH: Andy, Kalamazoo, Michigan, you’re next. It’s great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Hello. (giggling) Sorry.

RUSH: Is this Andy?


RUSH: Great! Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Thank you. I just wanted to say thank you for starting so many years ago. I really appreciate it, ’cause I’m a 20-year student, and it’s because of you that I started voting Republican when I was young and stupid. (giggling) So thank you for that. Also, I called in because of the racism being thrown around so much. I feel like it’s getting too watered down to the point where it’s not as important. So anybody who actually is facing bigotry or something, it’s come to the point where it’s hard to prove now.

RUSH: Well, you know, I —

CALLER: People don’t care.

RUSH: I hear people say this in other regards. For example, people will say, “You know, you can’t just say every guy is a sexual abuser or rapist, because, after a while, if every man is, then no man is. If you falsely accuse somebody — if you do that over and over — then one of these days, real sexual abuse is gonna be ignored. Nobody’s gonna believe it.” I’ve heard this theory projected a lot about a lot of different things, and, under normal circumstances, yeah. Basically, what you’re saying is that you think people’s emotional reservoir for being upset with racism is expired, that the Democrats have called everybody racist for so long that it no longer has any impact.

And I beg to disagree. They throw the race card as often as they can, and I’ll tell you where it has the impact. It gins up the African-American vote for Democrats. It’s no different than years ago, one of the standard greatest hits of the Democrat Party was, “The Republicans want to take away your Social Security, senior citizens. Republicans want to kick you out of your homes!” It was patently ridiculous. There never are any cuts in Social Security, and seasoned citizens don’t ever get kicked out of their homes. I remember talking to some seasoned citizens. I was incredulous.

“Why do you still fall for this? There’s not a single cut in Social Security ever. Nobody ever has proposed one. Nobody ever will propose a serious one, and nobody’s been kicked out of their house.” They’d all say, “I know, but I can’t take the chance.” “What do you mean, you can’t take a chance?” “Well, what if they try it next year! I need the Democrats to stop ’em.” So, even though the likelihood is nil, the Democrats have created so much fear over this over the years that it still works with certain seasoned citizen populations to the point they can’t take the risk.

“What if some Republicans come along and do try it? The Democrats will stop ’em.” It’s foolish! And it’s the same thing with this racist charge. The fact of the matter is (you can use the 2-1/2 years under on Trump), African-Americans, economically, are doing better than they ever have in the last 50 years under Democrats. I’m talking about nationwide, on balance, on average. African-American unemployment, African-American wages, African-American upward mobility, has never been higher. Never, folks. It’s never been higher since records like this have been kept. So why doesn’t it matter?

Why do the Democrats still throw the race card? ‘Cause they’ve got 50 years of conditioning under their belt, 50 or more of convincing African-Americans that Republicans don’t want them to prosper. So the racism charge workers. It still works. It’s why so many Republicans kowtow to it. It’s why they slink away. They disappear into the background when the charge is made. They don’t want to do anything that would even elicit the charge. This is where Trump is, again, so valuable. He doesn’t put up with it, and he fires back.

I knew this was gonna happen.

The comments on Elijah Cummings happened on Saturday or Sunday, and then you have predictable media outrage with tears on the air at CNN. And then you get the next stage which is that Trump… Well, if you know Trump, you know he’s gonna double down. Which he did. But a lot of people think, “Oh, no, Trump stepped in it. He’s gonna have to apologize. Trump’s gonna have to walk this back.” There are still people who think that Trump is gonna walk things back. No, he’s gonna double down — and if he has to, he’s gonna triple down.

Folks, this was not random. This series of tweets on Elijah Cummings was not random. It wasn’t something that happened in the heat of the moment when Trump was angry over the things Elijah Cummings said. This is a strategy. There is a political objective behind this and this administration, which is what Trump’s opponents still are unable to comprehend. Because of their arrogance and superiority, they don’t think Trump is capable of political strategy.

They think everything Trump does is random and one-off, uncontrolled, undisciplined. You watch what follows this. There will be something that follows this, and this has followed The Squad. This has followed the beatdown on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar and so forth. This is all part of a strategy here that is going to be keep building as this week and the months continue to unfold.

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