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RUSH: President Trump and the president of Guatemala have  made a deal to slow the flow of immigrants seeking asylum in America — and liberals are furious about it.

Under the deal’s terms, immigrants would have their asylum cases heard in Guatemala, instead of passing all the way through Guatemala to seek asylum in America.

Now, open-border liberals claim the deal will unleash a political crisis in Guatemala.

They say that Guatemalan president Jimmy Morales is bypassing Guatemala’s congress. They worry he might call the deal “an agreement” instead of a treaty, to get around it. Which is right out of the Obama playbook, by the way! That’s how he got us into the Paris accords and the Iran deal and all that.

Liberals also say Guatemala’s economy can’t handle the thousands of poor immigrants flowing over their borders, seeking asylum.

These open-borders liberals don’t care a whit about our laws, but they’re worried about the rule of law in Guatemala. They don’t care about what millions of poor, skill-less immigrants pouring over our southern border does to our economy, but they’re really weeping about Guatemala’s economy.

You see, President Trump has made a good deal for America here, and that is what bugs them most! They still can’t find a way to outsmart this guy, and they think he’s the biggest idiot on earth!

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