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RUSH: Let’s go back to the top of the program where I very cleverly pointed out that Donald Trump had succeeded today in creating this bang-bang marriage between Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Trump has been trying to arrange this marriage for weeks now! He’s been trying to make Ocasio-Cortez the face of the Democrat Party. Pelosi has done her best to keep Ocasio-Cortez over there. She’s been mildly respectful but dismissive at the same time. But because Cortez and her Squad are such a bunch of radicals that want to take the Democrat Party — and you know what?

It might be worth my while to go back and repeat from Monday. I did an analysis of the two political parties and what they have become, and I think it might be fruitful to revisit that. Because, you know, the Democrat Party and the Republican Party are the  two primary political parties in a country. But both of them have different factions within them. The Democrat Party has these wacko, extreme, leftist groups that don’t have much in common with each other except for one thing: Their hatred of us.

The hatred of conservatism is the common uniting factor in all of the different factions of the Democrat Party. Plus, I guess there’s more. The love of and support for an ever-expanding welfare state and government. These groups also are threatened by the concept of individual freedom and liberty because in most cases, individual freedom and liberty… An educated person will not choose to become dependent on Washington. An educated, competent person will not choose to become a victim. The Democrat Party needs as many people joining the Victim Class, the Grievance Class as they can.

Now, what the Democrats are trying to cover up is what the mainstream of their party has become. Socialism has become mainstream in the Democrat Party. To find the extreme of the Democrat Party… See, it used to be the socialists were the extreme. They were the fringe. But they’re not. The socialists are now the identity, and this is what Trump has been seeking to prove and demonstrate. So you have The Squad. They are radical, fringe leftists. Trump wants them seen as the Democrat mainstream.

To do that, he wants Pelosi to acknowledge them.

He keeps promoting them, he keeps talking about them as though they run the party — and he’s done it so successfully that Pelosi today had a meeting with Cortez and raved about her. I characterized it as Trump’s arranged marriage between Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that was consummated today. Now, before we get to those sound bites, let me finish this, I think, really insightful analysis. Socialism has become the mainstream. The extremists in the Democrat Party today are people like Antifa and the people that all of a sudden are reviving Mao Tse-tung.

You know, the violent left, Black Lives Matter and this kind of thing. But the problem is, what makes them extreme is their behavior, not their belief. They believe the same things Ocasio-Cortez and The Squad believe. They believe America is rotten to the core. They believe America needs to be transformed. There’s no difference in the ideology. There’s no difference in the thinking. The difference between Cortez and the extreme wing of the party is behavior.

Cortez and her bunch don’t run around setting off bombs, and they don’t launch missiles and guns and so forth and protests of innocent citizens. Antifa does. But they all think the same thing. So the mainstream of the Democrat Party has gone very, very, very radical, and Trump has been seeking to illustrate this. There used to be, in the Democrat Party, pro-American liberals. FDR was one. JFK was one. Joseph Lieberman was one. Daniel Patrick Moynihan was one. But there aren’t these guys around anymore.

Schumer used to be one. You might say that Biden used to be one. Pro-American liberals. But they are being overrun and overwhelmed. They are nowhere near the mainstream or the majority of the Democrat Party anymore. This is what Trump and all of us, actually, should be trying to illustrate. Now, Nancy Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi. Just a few short years ago, she was the definition of the extreme. Pelosi was the madcap, leftist radical. Pelosi was known as the hard left. But now? Now Pelosi passes for moderate establishment liberalism!

That is how far the left-wing extremists have taken the party. Pelosi is now seen as a moderating influence. Pelosi used to be the defining element of the party, as extreme left — and she is losing her grip, and that’s what her meeting with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez illustrates. Now, the Democrats are trying to cover this up. The Democrats don’t want The Squad to become the face of the party. They don’t want Antifa to be thought of as the face of the party. They don’t want extreme, delusional socialism to become the face of the party.

But it is happening. Now, on our side… It’s just as interesting on our side. Let’s look at the makeup of the Republican Party. The Republican Party is made up of Trump’s base, which loves him no matter what he does. By the way, no comment on any of this. I’m just defining for you how the Republican Party and Democrat Party are constituted today. Now, in addition to Trump’s base, we have traditional conservatives and what I’d call mainstream, center-right Republicans who love a burgeoning economy and they love the stock market, but they don’t really like Trump.

They don’t like his tweets. They don’t like the fact that in their world and in their view he’s not presidential, but they hate the left. They are scared to death of what is happening to the Democrat Party. They probably even… They disagree with Trump on the tariffs, for example. They disagree with him on a number of things. But they realize that the alternative would be disaster. So these are the people on the Republican side that grit their teeth and also support Trump, in addition to his base.

Now, you put these two groups together, and they make up the majority of the Republican Party. Then there are two smaller factions on the Republican side. You have the Never Trumpers. These are the people that try to get you to go on cruises to listen to them speak about how they run the world. These are the people in conservative literary circles who think they did run the world. They think they ran the Republican Party before Bush 41, from 1988, all the way through Bush 43. They believe they were the intellectual engine and energy.

They believe they were the ones defining conservatism for mass appeal for the Republican Party. They believe they were ones that were influencing elected officials toward conservatism. There’s about 30 of them. (laughing) Maybe more than that. Anyway, these people hate Trump. They have been totally rendered irrelevant by Trump! They have been exposed as never have been the definers. They have never been dominant. They have never been the intellectual engine except in their own minds.

Trump has come along and has basically exposed the fact that they’re irrelevant. Here’s Donald Trump — who’s not even a professional politician — who is implementing the very things they’ve always believed in! They’re now opposed to Trump because he’s implementing everything they’ve believed in. They oppose him because he’s able to do it, and they ran the show in their own minds from 1988 to 2008, and they didn’t get hardly any of this done, because they believed it was really hard. “You know, the Democrats are big opponents. It’s hard.”

So now they have been reduced to hating Trump because he tweets and because he’s impolite and because he has low morals and because he’s basically a skunk. Now, in addition to the Never Trumper faction, you have a group of people who are even smaller than the Never Trumpers. These would be Bush 43 neocon types. People like George Will had no use for Bush 43, and they see Trump as a total autocrat. They see him as incompetent.

They see him as corrupt. So that the Republican base is big. It’s the Trump base, and mainstream Republicans who love a great stock market, love American foreign policy but just don’t think Trump is presidential but the alternative is unacceptable. The Never Trumpers think anything would be better than Trump, and they will vote for Democrats if they have to, as they have proudly stated. So here is the game. Here is the game. This is where we are. (9interruptiopn) I just saw the clock. Let me hold that thought on “here’s the game” ’til we get back right after this.


RUSH: No, no, no, no. I devised all this on Sunday. I was chatting with a good friend, and we’re always trying to explain things. “Why is this happening? Why does that not go away? Why…?” For example, Jerry Nadler today. The Democrats are asking this like Mueller gave ’em everything they wanted, that Mueller had the greatest performance he could have. It was exactly what they wanted! He proved Russian collusion. He proved Trump was involved, and now they need the grand jury material.

Mueller was there just to be there. It didn’t matter what he said or how he looked. It didn’t matter a thing. It didn’t matter what he was asked. The fact that he was there, the pictures of Mueller there, was all the Democrats wanted because they already had the narrative written. He was a star. He was great! He confirmed that there was Russian collusion. He confirmed that Trump was involved and that Trump tried to cover it up, and that’s what they’re saying now. You’ve got the little kids!

Your kids are telling lies all over the place, and there are no adults telling them to shut up. There are no adults punishing them. So I got together with people. We try to explain this to ourselves and understand it and explain it in a way that makes sense, and explain the lack of reaction to it or the reaction to it depending. “Okay, what are the Republicans gonna do? How are they gonna react? How can there even be Never Trumpers in the face of all this?” So here’s the… I think we have the conclusion that this is the game.

The media and the Democrats — along with the Never Trumpers in the so-called Republican faction — are attempting to portray Pelosi and Schumer and Biden and the Clinton as though they are the standard, mainstream Democrat. That they’re as mainstream and normal as ever, that there’s nothing extreme; there’s nothing socialist about the Democrat Party. That is the effort. They are trying to cast the Democrat Party as what it’s always been, in their view: “Mainstream! Liberal. It’s not this socialist strain. It’s not gone communist.”

They’re trying to deny people seeing that the squad and Antifa and others are actually becoming the Democrat Party. On the other side… See, Pelosi’s not moderate. Biden is not moderate. The Clintons are not moderate. They are extreme radical leftists, just like Obama was not moderate. But that’s the game, to deny that. On the Republican side, what the media and Democrat complex is doing is entirely different. The media-Democrat complex is trying to portray the Trump base… You know, on the Republican side I left out one group that’s there: The fringe.

The really fringe conspiracy-types and when people talk about ’em they call ’em “the white nationalists” and “the neo-Nazis.” There’s about 10 of these people! The Democrat-media complex is attempting to say, “That’s who the Trump base is! The Trump base is these nativist, nationalist, white supremacists,” and that the Never Trumpers is where the brains and intelligence of the party used to be but Trump has basically swatted them away. So the media and the Democrats and Never Trumpers…

Republican Never Trumpers are joining the media in this effort to portray the fringe Republican lunatics as though they are the mainstream and Trump’s base. And those of us who are Trump’s base… Those of us who really are the mainstream of the, quote-unquote, “conservative movement” in the Republican Party, we are marginalized and dismissed as a bunch of schemers trying to rationalize racism. So that’s the structure here, and it’s exactly 180 degrees wrong. The truth is the Democrat Party has become the home of anti-American extremism.

It has become the proud home of anti-American extremism, and it’s become the home of any movement that facilitates the transformation of America away from our founding. Led by open borders, led by free health care for illegals paid for by the middle class, led by every policy initiative. They are the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party is the exact opposite of how they are being portrayed in the media, and so are we.

The Republican Party is being portrayed as this white nationalist fringe bunch (and it isn’t), you are, and there’s nothing white nationalist or racist or anything about you. But this is the battle that’s ongoing, and it’s all contained in the Democrats winning ongoing effort here for impeachment and to say that Trump cheated and stole the election. Putin is also a white nationalist! I mean, you get the drill. It really is hideous what they do.


RUSH: Real quickly, I meant to add in the brilliant dissertation I just gave you on how the two parties today are constituted and how the media is doing its best to misreport the truth of who is the mainstream in both parties, there’s a piece here by Thomas B. Edsall that ran two days ago in the New York Times.

Now, the name might seem familiar. If it weren’t for me you otherwise wouldn’t know who he is. He’s the guy that wrote a column in November of 2011 announcing that the Obama Democrat National Committee was abandoning the white working class as a voter constituency group and instead switching to a coalition made up of the sum total of as many minority groups as the Democrats could assemble and victimize, including illegal immigrants.

Now, what was fascinating about this to me was that Obama and the Democrats made a calculated political decision that to win elections, they were going to cast aside one of their age-old constituents, and that would be white working class — think blue-collar — voters. In many cases, union employees. And it was an amazing admission.

I think they made this official notification because they realized that the future of the Democrat Party was gonna alienate these people anyway. That it wasn’t gonna be long before every white person was gonna become a bigot, that every white person was gonna become a white supremacist and a white nationalist, you don’t have to be a Republican for this. Now, I’m not talking about white elected Democrats, but in terms of the constituency it was made to order. These people largely became the Trump base. Many of them became part of the Trump base in traditional Democrat states, Rust Belt states, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, you name it. And, as such, I thought it was a fascinating admission.

And you ask, “Why did a columnist –” because there’s a synergy between Obama and the New York Times and the media! It was better to have a newspaper columnist announce it than have it be some official proclamation of the DNC. The DNC held a press conference, “Today we announce that we are abandoning as one of our constituency groups white working class.” That wouldn’t work. But they wanted it out there so they used Edsall to do it.

And the reason I cite that is because he had a piece two days ago, also in the New York Times: “The Democratic Party Is Actually Three Parties.” I must confess when I saw this I wondered if Edsall had heard this program on Monday where I previously explained the makeup of the two parties.

Now, his view is the Democrat Party is split. Its most progressive wing, which is supportive of contentious policies on immigration, health care, and other issues is disproportionately white. So is the party’s middle group of somewhere liberal voters. Its more moderate wing, which is pressing bread and butter concerns like jobs, taxes, and the and less totalizing vision of health care reform, blah, blah, blah, is mostly nonwhite, with almost half of its support coming from African-American and Hispanic voters.

So this is a piece that’s designed to actually camouflage who the Democrat Party really is. This analysis is not the analysis I gave you. This analysis is attempting to bury the fact that the mainstream of the Democrat Party is a bunch of extreme, wacko socialists and communists, and in that group, a significant number of minorities, plus significant number of white liberal elitists who are not white working class. We’re talking about the professorette. We’re talking about academe. We’re talking about Hollywood types, liberal CEOs and that type of thing.

So the effort is on full swing to mask who the Democrat Party really is and to mischaracterize — I know they always have. In the past the Republican Party, it was enough to say, “It’s a bunch of conservatives.” But that’s not bad now. Now, you got white supremacists and racists, white nationalists. None of it’s true.

And it’s… I don’t know. It’s equally frustrating, it’s fascinating to me, too, and they’re making themselves a huge target in all this.

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