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RUSH: Usually, a summertime block party would not make news, but these are not usual times. A  neighborhood in Chicago had a block party, sponsored by the local chamber of commerce. It featured a pinata designed to look like an ICE agent. Little kids took turns smashing the ICE-agent pinata. (That’s what you do with a pinata: You smash ’em.)

Now, the adults behind this are part of Los Brown Berets, a “pro-Chicano” activist group. Anthony Martinez, a member, said having kids smash the pinata depicting a white ICE agent? Why, that’s not intended to be a negative message about law enforcement! No, no, no. It was supposed to be a statement against Trump’s immigration policies.

There was also a painted image of President Trump. Little kids threw balls at it. All this was sponsored by the East Side Chamber of Commerce, which said they were unaware there would be anti-Trump, anti-ICE activities at the event.

These leftists are so fueled by hate they cannot restrain themselves, even at a block party for little kids! There is such disrespect for law enforcement by some liberals, they think encouraging kids to act like this is okay.

As I said. These are not normal times. Actually, they are normal times if you’re a liberal. It’s exactly what liberals do!

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