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RUSH: So now the Drive-By Media is saying the Democrat Party is fractured over impeachment after the Mueller testimony. Folks, they’ve been fractured over impeachment for a long time. Pelosi has never wanted to impeach. The Squad and Nadler and Pencil Neck have. The Democrats haven’t been united on this in a long time. The Mueller testimony yesterday, there are a lot of questions I want to ask based on some media things that I’ve seen.

For example, CNN was asking all night and all day today if Mueller was the man for the job. Was Robert J. Mueller the man for the job? Has time passed him by? He had all kinds of chances to cream Trump yesterday and didn’t do it! They just can’t abide the fact that Mueller has a philosophy that prosecutors speak in court, and since there’s nothing to take Trump to court over, there wasn’t a whole lot to say.

And then Politico: Democrats heard months ago that Mueller might not be up to testifying. They did? What does all of this mean? Then I got an email, ladies and gentlemen, from a friend today. Like I said yesterday, there are some people feeling sorry for Mueller, and I really don’t think you should be. Nobody made him do that yesterday.

You might want to try to blame the Democrats and you might want to come along and say the Democrats knew that the guy was frail and not all there and they still — of course they did! They’re the Democrats. They are mean people, folks. They are extremists, mean people. They will use anybody. They’ve got no love for Robert Mueller when he ceases being useful to them.

When he’s useful, he’s Mr. Honorable, Mr. Integrity. When he falters and doesn’t give them what they want, then he’s worthless and they cast him overboard.

They’re Democrats. They use people! They spit ’em up and throw ’em out. And that’s exactly what’s happening to Mueller today all over the Drive-By Media. In some places they’re trying to say that Mueller scored even though he didn’t. I mean, there’s some people trying to save face.

I got this email: “Dear Mr. Limbaugh: I could not hate the Democrats any more than I do today. I’ve seen several people including I think like Senator Graham say they have known Mueller has been mentally feeble from the beginning of the investigation. If that is true, every single reporter inside the swamp knew it too. That this was never discussed anywhere by anyone is proof of the lows these people will go to. To embarrass that man so deeply for a political trick, are you kidding me?”

My friends, can we not forget the lives that Robert Mueller destroyed or oversaw being destroyed? Michael Flynn, life ruined. Manafort, charged with things that had nothing to do with any of this, charges that the DOJ refused to bring at the time Manafort was said to be committing the offenses. Carter Page? Carter Page, FISA warrants, spied on for a year, not charged, not mentioned, not referenced. George Papadopoulos. There are a lot of people who have been ruined in this investigation.

Now, you might say, “But, Rush, we know now that Mueller wasn’t doing it.” Okay. Fine and dandy. I’ll sign on to that. We’ve known for a long time the Hillary Clinton-loving lawyers that Mueller hired. Mueller hired them. When Mueller ran the FBI, he let four people who were known to be innocent stay in jail 23 years. Did you know that, Brian?

Robert J. Mueller III, whatever, let four people stay in jail in Boston, differing periods of time — the longest one was 23 years — knowing they were innocent so as not to expose fraudulent behavior by FBI agents. So please spare me the sympathy here. And even if you want to say, “Well, Rush, Mueller, it’s obvious he wasn’t running the investigation, he didn’t go to any –” He hired these people and he oversaw this. You’re gonna have to tell me now that Mueller didn’t know any of this was going on if you’re gonna start making me feel any kind of sympathy.

I’m having a tough time dredging up any sympathy for anybody that had anything to do with the past two and a half years folks, starting with Comey. By the way, where is Comey? Where is Comey, Clapper, Brennan? Where are they today? Why hasn’t CNN trotted them out? Before the hearing yesterday Comey was telling everybody: We are going to see a real patriot today. We’re going to see what patriotism really is today. That was his buildup to Mueller’s testimony. Well, I don’t know whatever else we saw, but it wasn’t that.

Now, the Democrats think it’s beneath anybody’s dignity to think that the Democrats would use somebody like Mueller if everybody knew he was doddering and mentally feeble and incapable. Let me tell you something, folks. The person that sent me the email’s right about something here. If they knew it yesterday, they knew it beforehand. And if Lindsey Graham’s out there saying now that everybody knew this, it means the media knew it. It means that everybody knew it and yet they didn’t report it.

The head honcho of the investigation, Mr. Honorable, Mr. Integrity, the guy leading it, now we’re being told everybody knew the guy wasn’t all there, everybody knew the guy has age and he’s lost it a bit. Well, then what the hell was he doing running this thing? Why isn’t that news? Why wasn’t that reported? Well, we all know the answers to these questions. I’m asking them rhetorically.

This investigation, whoever ran it, whoever the figurehead was, destroyed lives, folks, on something that did not happen. Destroyed lives, process crimes. The only crimes charged here were crimes that were supposedly committed during the investigation: Michael Flynn, Carter Page. And this is a pattern, by the way. This is a pattern for Mueller and so forth.

There are a lot… Like I said, talking about four innocent people that were kept in jail, one of them for 23 years in Boston. So, you know, I’m just having a little bit of a hard time feeling sorry. The human thing may be to feel sorry. Okay, let me do this. I’ll tell you. I’ll go ahead and I’ll feel sorry. But let’s not forget what has gone on here just because it’s over and the bottom-line verdict is “no harm done.” That’s not true. There was all kinds of harm done, not the least of which was to this country, not the least of which was to the whole concept of the rule of law.

There have been so many judicial principles turned upside down, such as this nonexistent judicial principle that somehow defendants get “exonerated.” They don’t. It’s not possible. I went through all of that yesterday. Remember that press conference Mueller had when he took no questions? He walked out there for eight minutes, prepared statement, looked befuddled he was reading from a statement — and even then was having trouble doing it, and now we know why.

He couldn’t have taken questions that day any better than he did yesterday. And then there was the attorney general, Barr. Barr was testifying at a Senate committee where he said that he was surprised to get that letter from Mueller. Remember after the report was submitted and Barr gives his interpretation of it (the president did not collude and there’s not enough here to charge obstruction), supposedly Mueller sent him a letter saying he didn’t quite agree with the characterization, with Barr’s characterization.

So Barr’s testifying before the Senate and he said he was surprised to get that letter from Mueller when Mueller could have just picked up the phone and called him. Barr said he called “Bob.” They’re friends. He doesn’t call him “Robert J. Mueller III, esq., Dean and Mr. Integrity of the Swamp.” He just calls him “Bob.” Barr said he called Bob and said, “What’s with the letter? Why not just call me?” Well, I can tell you right now that Mueller didn’t write the letter.

Weissmann did and Mueller signed it. That’s why. They wanted to have it memorialized rather than have a phone call between friends. Mueller was unfamiliar with so much of this investigation. He’s unfamiliar with so much that’s in the report. How anybody can look at this as anything other than embarrassing is beyond me.


RUSH: Here is Diane in Prescott, Arizona. Welcome. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I’m so – (coughing) excuse me. I am so – (coughing) excuse me again.

RUSH: You gotta cough out there or are you crying in eagerness and happiness?

CALLER: I should be crying for the last two years. I don’t feel sorry for Mueller and I don’t feel sorry for any Democrat, even my own demented Democrat daughter. Okay. They have mentally tortured me for the last two and a half years, and I want some payback. When this finally goes to court and guilty sentences are handed down, I want them penalized for what they have done to me and the people of this nation, ’cause we’ve had it.

RUSH: How old is your demented Democrat daughter?

CALLER: She is nearly 40.

RUSH: Oh, my.

CALLER: Yes. Sad, sad, sad.

RUSH: I hope you don’t feel like a failure as a parent because of that.

CALLER: I have wondered if I gave her too much of a free rein, too much this, not enough that. You wonder —

RUSH: Nah, it doesn’t sound like it was you who corrupted her. It doesn’t sound like that could possibly be the case. It sounds like she got corrupted elsewhere.

CALLER: She works for the school district.

RUSH: Well – (laughing)

CALLER: That says a lot, right?

RUSH: Anyway, she’s 40, she’s on her own, it’s her life, she’s your demented daughter, and there’s nothing you can do about it. You have your own life to live now and control. And you love her and you deal with her as best you can. I understand your desire for payback here. A lot of people feel and are thinking the same way, that there’s gotta be a price paid for what they almost did here.

CALLER: A big price. This is horrible, really, if you think about the whole thing all put together. And the time they’ve taken away from us.

RUSH: Well, that’s another aspect of this. You know, people say, “Hey, Rush, it’s not that big a deal. They didn’t get rid of Trump.” Can you imagine what Trump would have done without this? His approval numbers would have been north of 50% for the entire administration. Half of the tweets that he wrote would not have been written. He would have had far earlier implementation of his agenda. We might have a border wall under construction.

They have succeeded in keeping Trump’s approval number in their own polls under 50, and they have succeeded in slowing down the implementation of his agenda. And they have succeeded in convincing some people that he was a traitor! So to say that they didn’t succeed is erroneous. And it is why they need to pay a price. You’re not alone on that, Diane. There’s a lot of people in your camp on that.

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