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RUSH: Famous environmentalist wacko billionaire Tom Steyer was Democrats’ best friend when he was handing out money to Democrat politicians and wacko environmentalist wacko causes.

But now, Steyer has thrown his own hat into the Democrat presidential ring. Politico says Democrats are perplexed that “another white guy” has joined the race. Democrats say Steyer will complicate the primary lineup. They complain that Steyer should be spending his millions on critical congressional races (i.e. on them) instead of on his own campaign.

Then there’s impeachment. Steyer is mad that after he gave so many donations to Democrat party flunkies, that they haven’t moved to impeach President Trump yet. He’s going to make that the central issue of his campaign. That’s making a whole lot of Democrats nervous.

But the biggest problem for a lot of Democrats is that Tom Steyer is “another white guy,” and that he’s insane. It doesn’t matter how many billions he has, or what he thinks about impeachment, or global warming or any of that. He’s a guy, and he’s white — and for today’s Democrat Party, that cannot be permitted. That is not a winning formula.

(They just haven’t gotten around to telling Biden this yet.)

It oughta tell you just how screwed up this party is — and we welcome it!

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