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RUSH: Elizabeth Warren. Do you know she used to represent DuPont against women who suffered damages from breast implants? She was a corporate lawyer. Did you know that about her? Anyway, she says that we’re headed for an economic crash. As an Indian, she says she can see the smoke signals.

The “warning lights are flashing,” she says. It might happen this year or next year. But the odds are high.

According to Warren, America’s economy is very fragile, it’s not booming. Manufacturing is in the tank. Household and corporate debt is sky-high. One little economic shock and the whole thing is gonna collapse – worse than 2008. It’s all Trump’s fault because of his trade war with the ChiComs.

But she says that she, Elizabeth Warren, can save us. She says we can cut household debt by forgiving $50,000 of student loans for every family. We can help unions grow. We can raise the minimum wage. We can enact her “green” plan for manufacturing.

Now this, my friends, is what fearmongering looks like. Claim there is a “crisis” when there isn’t one, and sell a fake “solution” of gigantic government growth that would screw everything up.

The economy really is booming. It did not happen with a magic wand or by accident. It’s due to policies from President Trump. And all the lying and all the fearmongering cannot and will not change that.

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