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RUSH: I don’t know how many of you people noticed this, but this is another great opportunity to illustrate how the weather has become so corrupt politicized in order to push this silly man-made global warming narrative.

This is Tuesday. On Sunday, we started getting warnings here in south Florida. “Major tropical depression developing off the coast of Florida.” I started getting alerts on my phone from all of my weather apps. I said, “What the hell is this?” So I went and looked at it. And, sure enough, it was a thunderstorm with 30-mile-an-hour winds. And the National Weather Service had plotted it as a developing tropical system.

It had an “L” with a circle around it. You know what that means? Low-pressure area. There were thunderstorms that went to the Midwest yesterday that were worse than what we faced off the coast of Florida the past two days. It was an absolute joke!

So last night the cone for this thing had this tropical storm going right by my house. I mean, skirting my beach, upsetting the turtles and anything that might have been out there. So I made it a point to look. There was enough rain to fill a thimble. There was about a 10-minute lightning storm. It was never even completely fully overcast.

I went to the radar. I went to the cloud satellite. There was nothing there. It was a passing — it wasn’t even a solid block of green on the radar, and green is the lightest rain. When you get into the yellows and reds, that’s when it gets heavy. There wasn’t any red. There wasn’t any yellow. It was just green, and it was spotty. There was no tropical depression. There was no developing tropical depression.

Now, there might have been a low-pressure area, and in any low-pressure area, the wind circulation is the same direction as in a hurricane. A hurricane is just a massive low-pressure area. They want to be able to say that there were all of these numbers of systems this year, these numbers of tropical depressions, tropical storms, hurricanes, because the numbers add up, and then they can more easily claim man-made climate change is responsible.

The National Hurricane Center even had a cone graphic track map for this thunderstorm. And by now, it was going to be “threatening,” quote, unquote, the Georgia, South Carolina coast. Well, I looked at it today, and it’s died. They’ve got an “X” off the coast of Cape Canaveral. They’ve got an “X” in a white circle and 11 a.m. Tuesday. They’re putting a date and a marker on something that isn’t!

It’s an “X.” You look here for “X” current information, “X,” what does “X” mean? Can’t find what “X” means. What’s the wind? Maximum sustained winds 35 miles an hour. That’s what the winds were at the golf tournament in Ireland on Sunday. We got a tropical storm — they didn’t issue official warnings, but the Drive-By Media people went nuts with this.

Folks, I’m telling you, I went out there and looked at it last night. It was zooing right by the house. It skirted the ocean, this forecast map. There weren’t any waves. There was nothing out there. The lightning was way offshore. It was a great lightning show for 10 minutes, but it was never even fully overcast. And I remember I had to get the dogs out. You don’t want to take the dogs out when it’s raining. I take ’em out at 11 o’clock, so I looked at this thing, “Okay, I’m gonna get them out there at 10:45.” The rain never even happened, nothing happened.

Now, I don’t think a whole lot of people were revved up for it anyway. I don’t think that the efforts here to promote this thing got to the point where there were mad dashes on grocery stores picking up all the bottled water and all the batteries, you know, people hoarding things, the things that usually happen, because this thing was actually undersold.

I think they just created a nothing out of a thunderstorm system that was over the ocean so they can add it as a stat so they can say that we’ve had two tropical storms to date or three, because the more, the better, the more, the easier it is to say that the man-made climate change circumstances are creating more of these storms. But they have to manufacture the storm.

This was a joke. I’m gonna hold this up. We coulda shot a screenshot of this baby. No, no, I don’t know where — I can’t zoom in. I don’t have the zoom control in here. I wasn’t thinking. I should have taken a screenshot of this ’cause it’s funny, this little “X” off the coast of Cape Canaveral.


RUSH: This is Malcolm, Southport, North Carolina. Great to have you on the program, sir.

CALLER: Rush, it’s great to talk to you. You know, you are so right about this weather. I saw the same “L” on my phone yesterday about this ridiculous storm.

RUSH: Oh, yeah. It was aimed right at you.

CALLER: That’s right. And we have officially gone to from fake news to fake forecasts. This is absolutely ridiculous. I mean, we got hit by Matthew in ’16, we got a direct hit from Florence last year. We know what the real deal is. And every time they do this kind of nonsense, fewer and fewer people are going to believe what they have to say, and eventually they’re gonna cry wolf one too many times.

RUSH: Maybe. You know, I don’t think the day is ever gonna come when they start forecasting a hurricane that people are not gonna believe it. I think it’s the exact opposite. I that’s what they know. Now, the theory is that after so many false alarms, people would say, “Come on. You haven’t been right yet.” But with these people can’t take a chance. This was just something I’ve never seen before. And I have been a resident in the so-called Hurricane Alley for 12 years now – 22! — gee, 1997. That’s incredible, 22 years. So I know this stuff. And I saw something I’ve never seen.

A thunderstorm, a very loosely attached thunderstorm. You couldn’t find a squall line. You couldn’t find a front. You couldn’t find anything that looked like any tropical organization, was declared a tropical low. And on the map it was a red “L” with the hurricane circular icon showing wind direction around it.

And then they put out a forecast cone. And the forecast cone started southeast of where we are here in Palm Beach, West Palm Beach area, and the cone went all the up to South Carolina with the L being plotted to show different dates and times it was gonna get there. And the winds, the maximum winds were 30 miles an hour. What is this? Thirty mile-an-hour wind gusts happen when a squall line goes through for 10 minutes or so.

So they portrayed this thing, then they chart it, they make a forecast cone out of it showing the South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia area threatened by Wednesday or Thursday. But it never became more than a circled “L.” It was never gonna be more than a thunderstorm. It was a thunderstorm that they plotted and said constituted a tropical low. And I couldn’t believe when I saw the cone with this, with the “L” in it.

You don’t see a cone until there’s a genuine — a definite tropical storm when you’ve got winds up around 60 to just below 74, which is Category 1 hurricane. But this… Well, anyway that cone is gone, the “L” is gone, and now there is an “X” where the cone was just offshore of Cape Canaveral. It was never anything. I went out and looked at it last night ’cause it was due to go by my house sometime last night. I said, cool. I want to go look at it. There was some lightning out there. There was not any rain. Whatever it was stayed offshore.

I got the radar out and looked at it, and it was just green. There was no red or yellow showing intense rain. It was nothing. It was worse than just a little passing shower. But what they got out of it, they plot this thing and so now this is statistically on the record for hurricane season 2019. And what these people are interested in is making it look like more and more tropical disturbances and tropical storms and hurricanes are happening because of climate change, man-made climate change.

But this is getting desperate now. I mean, to try to create a tropical storm out of a really weak, difficult to find on radar thunderstorm. It wasn’t even a thunderstorm. I didn’t even hear any thunder. It was a rain shower. It was all offshore.

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